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Certainly completely with David from Laramie on this one. It is hard to get grip for whom this book was really intended. The political points are largely poorly reasoned standard wisdoms, unquestioned and presented in a very assumptive and somewhat condescending style. Many of the pop postulates contained have already passed their sell by dates. The descriptive details of the environment and cities are flimsy, often making one dusty Bad Land appear as physically uninteresting as the next. Travel details and advice do not really exist at all. The book is of little value to an superior traveler who might be considering similar forays and searching for guidance.

Bad Countries is a mostly chain of personal anecdotes, which isn't a bad thing for this kind of book, however the author is so detatched from his audience that it is challenging to appreciate many of those stories. The notion here is a great one, but I suspect the author sacrifices quality thought and writing for the sake of completing the set of countries covered. That completely puts me off of trying out another of his books., Wheeler has a great idea for a book, and there is no doubt that his adventures are extremely exciting. However, his writing is dry and dull. Is actually interesting to see where he goes and what he does, but there is not as much of that as there is mounds of dry foreign political history. Although some is needed, Wheeler could have held back a bit, and added more detail of the culture, activities, and people. It's good, but it's definitely no page-turner., I had high hopes when I first opened the book. After all, with the exclusion of Burma, they are places I am not likely to want to visit at any time soon. The book tries to be a little of everything, a shallow "political" background as well as information of the local people and a few places to visit, none of which done too well. What a pity, a good idea gone bad., Exactly what a great book! Tony Wheeler transforms his practiced travelogue eye to some nasty nations around the world you definitely want to think twice about visiting., This book is inspirational and it in deed has inspired me to start my own bad lands travel which has already began., This was a very easy read while still delving significantly into the politics and problems of the countries about which he writes., His / her skewed perspective (Mother Teresa and George Bush are terrorists just like Rubbish bin Laden) sinks this book right away.

Instead of sticking to facts about dangerous countries, he uses tired political BS and wrongheaded perspectives in his screed.

Laughable and outdated, not an author to take significantly., This is one of the most honest publications on travel i have ever seen. It gives one a lot of reality and bang for the buck....

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