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I am an experienced graphic artist with a large amount of knowledge on branding/marketing, but this specific book really took branding to another level. Pia Silva's candid advice plus kick-ass knowledge have delivered me new insights into the world of marketing plus what branding really means. " Badass" branding will be an understatement! This will be a must-read for anybody establishing their business, wanting to take their enterprise to the next degree, or for any web designer or marketing guru of which " thinks" they know it all. It sure provides opened my eyes. Thanks Pia! You are a new true badass!!!!, This book will be fantastic. It has great examples and a get-to-the-point approach that I found very refreshing. I adore this definition on page fifteen " We define Badass Brands as those that order a premium price plus attract ideal clients. They can do this because these people are noticeable, memorable, plus shareable. " Then she goes into the method in making that happen inside a 1-3 person services business.

And he or she manages her own brand the same way. Study the book then view how she both teaches and demonstrates the method in addition she positions her business and how she markets her business. Beautifully done. A must read (and a must follow)., Together with 10 years of strong reputation under our devices we knew we needed a special branding organization to aid our firm, Yeh IDeology, in our revolves to launch our brand new services. We thoroughly interviewed numerous agencies old plus new, big and founded to start up. Pia & Steve rose in order to the top. Pia contains a innate fresh perspective that may be thorough, practical and primary. She has a enterprise strategy approach that's basically to understanding your company before any branding provides to take place. The clarity and direction we all found working with Pia was amazing and immediately implementable. Pia's book Badass Your Brand shares very much of Pia's concepts inside an easily understandable vocabulary. If you want a new clear perspective on how to company and market your business, a person need to read Pia's book., I discovered Pia and Worstofall through a new webinar a few months back. As a solitary web consultant that is an expert in branding small services businesses, building their websites and online presence - I found her advice totally fresh and especially on point with exactly what I'm doing. Ive continuing to follow her blog posts on Forbes plus waited for the book to end up. I just plowed through it during the period of 1 weekend and ended up highlighting just about every sentence for my notes hahaha. That's one way in order to tell a book will be bursting with value: their all yellow with almost no gaps... pure gold. If you think a person 'get' branding be well prepared to twist your brain around and see this from a brand brand new much more badass point of view., Pia Silva contains a gift for cutting through almost all the clutter of branding and giving you actionable, original advice I got not seen anytime more. It is the sort of book you commence reading thinking you will search through a chapter after which realize you are blasting from the whole thing out of excitement. I am currently implementing her ideas, specially about narrowing my specialized niche and forgetting about seeking to please everyone. If you want to start succeeding like a person not have before as a new solo or small enterprise entrepreneur/infopreneur, this is typically the secret sauce., Badass Your own Brand is an actionable, game changing book of which will produce a mind-shifting change in your lifestyle and business. This will be the red pill. You will not be able to comfortably come back to your previous lifestyle once you read this. Badassery is the very clear lifestyle alternative to enterprise as always. The beautiful component of this journey will be that two seemingly similar " commodity" service companies could read this book and apply the knowledge as prescribed and create two unique businesses, focusing on two very different target markets. This is what you need to do to create your own path in even typically the most competitive industry. We have been now applying these principles in our own enterprise for instance and helping our clients to perform the similar. The decision to badass my brand got me clear enough to close up my first deal just before I even wrote our plan or updated our website. I am a lot more excited now--eight years into my business than I actually was on 1. Give thanks to you, Pia!, Incomparably outstanding! This isn’t just a new book about branding. This particular is a love story, authored by an unashamed, shameless entrepreneur about her quest to “commercial self-awareness” with her partner in business plus in life. Tips plus tactics, provocative lessons, easy-to-implement directives, inspiring case studies—“Badass Your Brand” is like their own free consultation! Switching between personal anecdote plus rigorous analysis, Pia Silva shatters the myths plus misguided practices that establish every business school programs on marketing and entrepreneurship. Her message is easy, yet revolutionary: that you will be your own own competitive advantage, that this value of your knowledge is never compromised, and of which your business will either be a new labor of love or the obstacle in your pursuit of happiness. Flippant however charming, irreverent yet authoritative, this book is quite regarding all FUN to go through. Readers will either be totally inspired or utterly befuddled. And clearly, that’s what Pia wants… in order to separate the “badass brands” from the “business-as-usual”. Give thanks to You, Pia (and Steve)!

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