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wow, my old fave, enemies-to-lovers trope. i think is actually my fave because all that animosity is so combustible. bad judgment is a new adult separate that follows justine and ryker, and their tempestuous relationship during their third year of law college.

like so many enemies-to-lovers justine and ryker come from opposite sides of the track. ryker was born with a metallic spoon, the son of any state supreme court justice and high profile legal professional who comes from money. justine is the girl of two con artists who destroyed her credit by stealing her personality while she was still being in diapers. her grandfather elevated her, and what little income she has from his estate was depleted when it came to pay for law college.

when the school decides to cut their value scholarship program, justine is desperate. and when ryker's father offers to pay her tuition in return for her help in getting ryker to refocus on his studies, she has no choice but take his offer. the partnership that grows between justine and ryker as they spend time together is packed with sexy chemistry but also they are flawlessly matched. for all their variations they both are really smart. ryker may be unsure of his future in law, but justine knows exactly how she wants to make a difference.

of course both justine and ryker are keeping some secrets from each other, and like secrets tend to chouse romance novels, things explode in time for the third act. luckily, nothing keeps them apart for a long time, though some of the twists involving the secrets ryker was keeping were both telegraphed and didn't exactly work with me personally.

at one point when they are on the outs, ryker gets into a car accident, the poker site seizures that happen before sort of make sense, but then what happens afterwards made me wonder at certain points whether or not he had been heavy or if something more sinister was happening. and then the fallout from that didn't seem severe enough. it's not like i wanted ryker to be caught with a driving under the influence and ruining his life, but why even start down that road? was it supposed to help justine understand some of ryker's other choices? if it was, it did not do that everything well.

but since things get resolved and a sweet epilogue ties things up nicely, and i just loved ryker the finish result is the fact that i have mostly good feelings about this story., Meghan 03 continues to write a brilliant story with Poor Judgment. Her ability to create memorable characters, unforeseen story line as well as captivate her audience from the start never ceases to amaze me personally. I was drawn in from the start and Meghan would not let me go. I completely devoured this book.

In this history you meet Justine and Ryker. Both are in law school though taking very different approaches to how they get through it. Justine is there on a scholarship. She works hard for each and every cent she makes and it has little time for anything besides work or to study. Whenever her funding for college or university is taken away, Justine goes to great plans to make certain her time has not been wasted.

Ryker has wanted Justine's attention from the moment this individual met her. He is decided on get her to pay attention to your pet, even if he has to visit great lengths to do so. He is fatigued of doing what is expected of him and he wants to make a life for himself on his own conditions, even if if means no longer in legislation school.

Meghan March has written a book filled with amazing chemistry between these characters. I loved watching them grown and develop as the plot continuing. I couldn't not get enough of the book and can't wait to read more from the gifted Meghan March!, This was a great read and I really enjoyed it and am i able to say (and this isn't a spoiler since it claims in the blurb) but I am SUPER happy the writer did not go the stripper route with this book. I see that storyline everywhere which means this was just so refreshing! This publication also felt so real too. Their banter was fantastic. I almost did not want it to end!

This guide had chemistry in spades. Ryker and Justine were so sexy. Their own chemistry was combustible and man can he unclean talk. And that initial bar scene? LORD. I also loved his determination and persistence in putting on Justine down. So perfect.

One thing, and this was merely a personal thing. Without giving away any spoilers, pesonally I just HATE when there are secrets that you know are gonna rock their world when they come out. (I'm the opposite of an angst slut. I am an worry wuss. ) So you already know I had been biting my nails because I knewww trouble was likely to hit the fan. In this case there were SOOO many secrets (some we knew the complete time [causing the angst] and others which were later revealed. ) At time, it kind of felt like we were bombarded by a landslide of secrets.

Just about all in all a great read. I hope to read more from this author with these figures again (Merica maybe??? ), No cliffhanger
Advised from both POVs
No major enhancing issues

Meghan March is quickly becoming one of my new favorite creators. I have read almost every book she has published and I aren't think of one I did not love. She gets a way of developing characters that you can't help but love and root for.

Justine Porter is a hard working law student who can't catch a break. Ryker is an eligible law student who aren't catch a break with Justine.

After years of hoping to get her to go out with him this individual finally thinks he has her where he wants her but then he does something to ruin it.

Justine sees Ryker as an entitles d-bag who wouldn't know commitment if it bit him. She thinks he just wants the chase and if this individual ever catches her this individual will move on quickly. Little does she know she couldn't be more wrong.

Ryker turns away to be a quite stand up guy and goes above and past to prove he truly likes you Justine. The problem is they are both keeping some pretty considerable secrets from each other. Secrets that may destroy the relationship they are building together. The question is, can the feelings they have for each other maintain when all their is situated turn out?

The chemistry between these two is off the charts and the amazed in this guide will keep you sucked in. I couldn't put this publication down.

Great Character! Great read! Great Author!

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