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I had been a neurosurgeon and do a lot of spine surgery for 20 years and then managed long-term pain and managed opiate dependency with Suboxone; We found Suboxone to be a safe and effective pain relieving medication. We did this for about 12 years. I say these things to qualify personally and add strength to my opinion about Back Control by Dr. Hanscom. I have read 100s of chronic pain books and 1000s of scientific articles. I also have have disabling chronic pain fro severe peripheral neuropathy of unknown cause.
I purchased this unique book and read it in 2 days. I can say without reservation that is the best long-term pain book that We have ever read and recommend that every person with chronic pain get this book and read it repeatedly. Dr. Hanscom advises most of us to become our own healers. A few of the chapter that make clear what chronic pain is will be challenging to read nevertheless the therapeutic chapters are well organized and make a lot of sense. I advocated all my patients to learn pain reduction techniques but do not have the information to institute my treatment plans in such a fairly easy to do format. We started the expressive writing about a week back and can report good results! I'm very thrilled about this book and plan to incorporate all of it around me. The hope is to cure personally of my chronic pain!
Many thanks Dr. Hanscom for your valuable contribution to all the legions of folks with long-term pain., This book is generally for chronic pain patients. Although it is good that someone, especially a surgeon, is addressing this issue (especially for post-op patients) with remedies other than drugs, there is a danger that patients, who really need surgery, might think they can do without it. The dangers of not getting surgery when needed is serious or long term nerve damage being done to the myelon of the nerve or worse the nerve roots in the neuroforamen. We would also recommend Action Preservation Surgery of the Spine for surgical options or an examination by one of its co-author and the world's leading practitioner of these techniques, Prof. Doctor Rudolf Bertagnoli., This book has some wonderful insights to chronic pain. Even if you are not facing surgery, he or she explains how anger pertains to huge floods of adrenaline and cortisol and can take a localized pain and spread it to every cell in your body. He's a great suggestion on making new pathways to the brain and his pains in terrible pain have been able to avoid again surgery AND NO EXTENDED HAVE CHRONIC PAIN. o, Almost finished and was totally fascinated. It's interesting how this guide has come into my life at just the right time! We am ready to try the ideas to help control my emotional pain and anxiety and have a fuller life with less drama and more joy! Thanks, David Hanscom., So far, so good, I use only read a couple of chapter, but what I have read has me thinking of chronic pain in a new way., This publication provides a totally different point of view on back, and more specifically chronic, pain. This is a must read for anyone falling into either category, and definitely anyone considering surgery due to said pain., It was a gift for a buddy of mine. he loved it., good book, Many thanks

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