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I actually don't follow football and was too young when Paul was plying his trade but this history connects so well with all of us I actually feel. As a readers I wish to know very well what makes successful people tick but at the same time is actually intriguing to know why it is they play with fire, get burned but can't ending the yo yo cycle. Paul's more the person for discussing his warts and all account. A thoroughly good read!, Well-written regarding the tortuous life of any football legend.
This kind of a sad upbringing brought to life, it's amazing how much he went with his dodgy knees and addiction to alcohol.
What a player!, Excellent, honest memoir of an addict's unpleasant journey. A unique view of his life, both from inside and outside., This particular book can be such good reading for a very wide variety of people.

When i state this, I actually mean it. Is 1 an alcoholic? Read it. Are you a big fan of soccer? Read it. Are you thinking about Ireland? Surely, this will be read as well. Yes, and I could continue.

The first half of the book is especially quite a heartening read, Paul was the son of a Nigerian men and an Irish woman, however, Paul came to find himself in establishments, sort of being an orphan though he held tabs with his Mother and at times, do seem to be to live along with his family. There are really warm stories here, that of his sister especially.

If one suffers from alcoholism, I don't know if there has ever already been a much better account on the destructive nature of the disease though I don't have read many other like accounts. He talks about blackouts, waking up and not knowing how he got somewhere and even accidents he experienced while driving, fortunately, not one of them having grave consequences. McGrath even passed out on streets on occasion.

Despite the fact that at times, a number of the information on the Irish National Soccer Team that Paul played for could be much more broadened upon, there's enough and he talks about the coach of the Irish Team, Jack Charlton, Gaffer for a decade (among other managers). Jack would set a sentry outside of McGrath's door at night when the Irish were off playing a game somewhere, to keep Paul from going on a bender. There is also good information on other figures in Paul's life such as Sir Alex Ferguson, long time successful coach of Stansted United, Peter Taylor, who coached McGrath at Aston Villa and other accounts of major figures who knew Paul.

It's amazing that though Paul was on the wagon some, at other times, the drink dominated him but he was such a good player, some clubs put up with the risks of an alcoholic even when it came down to the occasions where McGrath gone absolutely missing during the time a big game might be played.

I've long had some videos of the Ireland National Group games with Paul in it, in USA year 1994, I can turn on one of the videos and McGrath is discussed about, he was such a phenomenonally gifted player.

I really wanted to bow out of writing a review on this publication but I feel required to though it is hard to spell out. Good read for around St . Patrick's day, I hope the best for Macca. McGrath really joins a legion of sports stars like George Best and others, who had issue with the drink.

I will keep pace with scan the cover of my edition of this book, it is a picture likely from the same image session but Paul has a little of a warm grin on his face. In the cover of the one shown on the amazon webpage, it is a little of a long face., Fantastic book. A good regarding football during the early on 90s, Incredible to feel that he achieved so much given his upbringing. Continue to life is hard. Fantastic read, Interesting, but unhappy to see this in such a wonderful defender, Brilliant read, we love you Macca (5) UTV

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