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'He knew her.
His heart knew the girl.
His body craved her, and his mind called for the girl.
He did not have it bad. This individual had it good. '

I wanted to get started on writing this review the MOMENT I finished reading The particular Bachelors by E. T. Carter, except I realized I should wait. I needed to wait to get my fangirl under control, so I could be as coherent and convincing as possible.

Because, you guys, you must read this guide.

A twist on Jane Austen’s classic, Take great pride in and Prejudice, The Bachelor is merely wonderful. An instant classic, IMHO. It’s smart and witty, and takes the refined feel of Austen and melds it perfectly with modern sensibilities, delightful humor and trimming commentary.

There exists so, so much to recommend this book, and not a single page failed completely and utterly charm myself. The way this creator changed and twisted and molded the foundational story—the classic love of At the Bennett and Mr. Darcy—into something new yet familiar, unique but comforting is just...

... it’s awe-worthy.

For myself, it’s hard to say just what I loved most. Maybe the biting badinage, persiflage of Eliza and Darcy. Or the wicked online games of Lydia and Pull away. But probably—almost certainly—the wondrous connection shared by Jane and Bing. Oh my god, the feels.

The particular F. E. E. D. S. I’m one corset away from swooning and simpering and making want to you all. ← That could be an ill-remembered quote from some BBC version of Austen or another, but whatever. You know very well what I actually mean, right?

If you don’t, then there’s a remedy. Get The Bachelors. Whether or not you love Austen or not—or are actually completely indifferent—there is something so incandescent about this book, it would not matter. Because, as I’ve been struggling in vain to relate, this book is a must read.

“It’s an exquisite ache, a lovely sort of dé jà vu. We chatted, and I was overwhelmed by the sensation that we’d been here before. ”

~ SIX STARS ~, Like all publications by ES Carter, it is so easy to fall in love with the characters, and The particular Bachelors follows.
In this modern-day romance we meet 3 absolutely contrary Austen brothers who meet their matches with the Bennett sisters. From the flirtatious, troublesome youngest cousin Lydia, to the middle, quiet Jane ending with the powerful yet snark Elizabeth we can see a beautiful story unfold before our eyes. What many authors would need three full books to get us all to see the tale, ES Carter grabs the reader, throws us into the mayhem between Austen/Bennett famity drama, yet still ends with a sense of closure. We would want to continue seeing thsee siblings bc their interactions are hilarious and makes one realize all family have quarks whether wealthy or poor, and just makes these 6 that much more believable.
" In fact, the lady continued, with wickedness dancing in her eyes. " I'd say the Austen boys, including the one about to make our beloved sister his better half, are so poor that if their dear old dad hadn't cut holes in their trouser pockets at Christmas they wouldn't have experienced anything to play with. "
I actually have read the LBN series, the New Purchase series and now this and each one just makes me a deeper fan for this creator and her ability to make me wish I was there in the book watching as life unfolds.
"... disregard the days, several hours and minutes, reside in the minute, and love every second. ", Think Jane Austin for a fresh era. One with designer clothes and accessories, the perfect Administrative Assistant, and endless amounts of money. This time around the Bennet sisters have the money, the power, the cousin rivalry, and the memories.
Elie Peterson has given her visitors a special laugh-out-loud read. This specific is definately not the Jane Austin novel you read in Senior high school with stilted conversations and laborious information. Picture your favorite Darcy professional with a wicked sense of humor, of course extraordinarily handsome to men and women00 despite the thread bare clothes. Add the willful and glamorous baby cousin without a sense of decorum, the highly focused and beautiful eldest sister, and of course the nice blond middle sister who wants everyone to be happy. Did I happen to mention the almost unbelievable wealth and energy to make all the Bennett sisters even more desirable? You will recognize titles with fresh personalities giving a definite 21st hundred years sensibility. From the stunning cover the pages movement beautifully with beautiful device. The story unfolds from an elegant fund raiser in London, boarding a private jet, touching down in Las Vegas and jetting back to Greater london for a very special flash mob. The dialogue and details make this a happy read. You will find yourself drawn back to re-read this joy of words and laughter many times. Perhaps even dust off that vintage copy of “Pride and Prejudice”?, Darcy, Bingham, and Wick Austen are three brothers wanting to keep from losing the family bookstore. Eliza, Jane, and Lydia Bennet are filthy-rich sisters that may just be the answer to the Austen siblings business issues. The tale is inspired by Jane Austen’s Pride and Bias with some naughtiness and modern day twists. This specific reader has never read, or watched the movie Pride and Prejudice so, I didn't have any expectations.
The particular story was a quick and easy read, which I feel told is not at all like the Take great pride in and Prejudice story. The idea of three brothers finding hope for00 their financial issues by meeting three sisters is a great one. It was interesting with great characters and the author’s storytelling is perfectly put together.
This story is told in 3 rd person, which this reader is so not really a fan of, for this reason it felt like too much was attempting to be covered in the one book and then it just sort of ended and this reader was left curious about a little more. Even though I actually struggled with the book and would have preferred first person point of view, it was a great tale and that is why I’m able to give it the 4 star score. It was a great way to spend the day getting lost in the the Austen and Bennet families.

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