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I had been searching for a book that would give me some new ideas or helpful hints for my daughter's shower and this was not even near! A 10 yr old knows as much about planning a party as the author. Lacks new or creative ideas or ideas but then mentions things that cost. more money than a do-it-yourself hostess wouldn't have in the budget. Details were sorely lacking. Mentioned designs & games but failed to elaborate with ideas or any kind of instructions. Not really even worth the or mine time and energy to read the book or write down thier review but if it saves a mother-to-be or grandma planning a shower for their first grandchild like myself the disappointment from buying this it will be the only good thing that originated in my purchase. I always browse the reviews..... this is the last book We will buy without reviews!, A very useful book for throwing baby baths. I got it for my wife, she has to prepare one, and with each other we found some great ideas here. It is not a long book, but it has enough to be worthy of buying. I like the part that targets mom-to-be, speaking to her and finding out what she desires. That can save you a ton of money, time and effort. Good book, check it out., It appears that all my friends are having babies these days, and i'm one planning the baby showers to them. We really enjoyed reading this book since it's quick, however really informative, easy to read, and contains numerous games for the child baths which I really need. I didnt have to waste my time looking up games on the internet or how to organize a shower, the information was right there., ok, Having a infant is one of life’s most precious celebrations for almost any parent. This book not only contains every fine detail you need to know regarding a baby shower, but it also consists of a fairly easy to follow register that reduces the stress of preparing a infant shower dramatically! The ideas presented in this book are extremely unique that you will not find online. It is extremely original and it is the perfect book if you ever plan on hosting a baby shower!, Bought this book for my cousin recently that will be helping to host an infant Shower soon. She enjoyed the tips and ideas offered and while some of them were common sense tips, others were pretty cool ideas. I skimmed through it myself and while I know nothing of planning a baby, it certainly seemed helpful if We were to ever have to plan one., Extremely to-the-point guide book on everything you need to know on planning a simple stress free baby shower. Talks decorations, specifics on whether boy or girl, game ideas, food, identifying what the mom-to-be wants, plus more., The family member of mine has a baby shower coming up so I desired to find as much info as possible about how to make is a blast. This little treasure of a book has helped a lot to come up with some very smart and cost effective ideas.

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