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BLW is a great concept. This book has great ideas, however, is dry out and repetitive.
Once I got my hands on the BLW Cookbook, I was genuinely upset regarding the amount associated with time I wasted reading this article book.
Do yourself a favor and skip to the Baby-Led Weaning Cookbook.
The ENTIRE Baby-Led Weaning guide is summarized in the particular first chapter of the particular cookbook., I say the next from many years associated with misery which I would just like to spare other families from going through. When your baby is gagging and/or vomiting on several different foods, or usually on a specific consistency of food, this is usually not *because* of the particular baby-led weaning method. Children with no feeding or swallowing issues don't gag over and over again. One of the many common - but sadly commonly undiagnosed - causes of gagging and throwing up solids is subtle, undiagnosed posterior tongue tie. These types of tongue ties make coordinating swallowing difficult, in order that a new baby always feels they might be about to choke, plus then gag protectively... AND they cause high palates, which results in a new hyperactive gag reflex because the palate doesn't obtain normal stimulation. A double-whammy.

Gill Rapley says gagging is normal, but the girl doesn't get into detail, and therein lies a new fault of this guide. Occasional gagging - indeed, normal. Not repeated gagging. Baby-Led Weaning both doomed us (by making us all think gagging was typical and not trying to find assist for far too long) and saved us (our baby gagged even even worse on purees and may have developed a whole meals aversion instead of an 80% food aversion if we had pushed purees instead).

Babies with swallowing issues can sometimes handle purees better than adult textures (or sometimes handle them a lot worse). But switching in order to purees is not the particular answer, because unremedied ingesting issues can lead in order to years and years of food aversions along with a miserable eating experience for child and mother and father. If you are in a city where there is usually no real expert on posterior tongue tie, plus everyone tells you your son or daughter is fine... keep searching for somebody who knows a new little more. It can be another swallowing issue, but it's unlikely in order to be " nothing" plus " normal. " Finish of rant. Good luck in order to all of you., BLW is such a diverse concept for most of us. It's aided me solidify and clarify my reasons for doing it. Also, it's scary to give your babies real meals, when all you understand is purees. This guide helped me to unwind plus have confidence in my children's ability to eat real food. I'm thrilled to watch them develop and learn how in order to manipulate things. It's great to avoid the disappointment (for both of us) of spoon feeding. I actually read to skip this specific and get the make book, I agree together with a lot of additional reviewers that it is usually redundant and may pretty very easily be a lot smaller. Also, the writer will not distinguish clearly between evidence-based information and anecdotes (while it is obvious at times, at others it seems to get an afterthought). While the concept is usually appealing, if you are in order to write a book concerning an important developmental milestone with regard to a baby, I'd choose the writer to get both done a more comprehensive lit review, or not really write the book until the particular research is more reliable., Love blw!!! Figured out great for our son who such an eager curiosity in eating from the particular start! We started purees (I made my own) at 6 months plus I couldn't get it into his mouth quickly enough!! He has usually had a love with regard to meal time. It was scary in the first place because it can not the " norm" but it has shown to work so well!! This individual loves to explore the particular different textures and tastes and loves the independence of feeding himself!! And i also actually get to eat hot food because I actually don't have to feed my child he feeds himself!!! The particular cookbook goes along thus well with this particular book as well! There aren't that several great blw starter quality recipes out there but this guide and the cookbook possess been huge resources with regard to me!!!, I really wished to do this and the particular theory sounds.... well, noise. I just couldn't stay through dinners on high alert waiting for my son to gag on a piece of whatever plus try to stay relaxed.. as this was part of the learning process. You know what? I actually was raised on pureed meals as a baby... i eat a wide selection of foods right now... so clearly this is not your child's only method to not being a new picky eater. Save your self a heart attack plus go with whatever performs.. but do not worry your kid is usually missing out if you fail to deal with this program. They'll be all right not gnawing on a t bone from age 9 months..., I actually really enjoyed this guide. It was very informative plus well-written. I was/am anxious about just giving my baby whole foods, but this guide eased those concerns a bit. My little one will be starting BLW in a couple weeks (as soon as the girl can sit up unassisted, as the book mentions). I would highly advise this guide to anyone interested in BLW., Good articles, but it's at minimum three times as lengthy as it requires to be. Reiterates the same information / points over plus over. The concept and method of blw are basic plus don't need hundreds associated with pages to explain completely.

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