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This guide is a must read for lifelong baseball fans, or for everyone with a strong sense of yankee historical past. The history of football itself is inexorably created in the fabric of American culture, and this book is worthy of being considered a historical work. Not that the experience of reading it is like absorbing some boring textbook. " Babe; The Legend Involves Life" reads very much like a totally honest and straightforward biography. And than that, the book is filled with rich detail about the state of football itself, It's inner functions, it's role in culture, and the state of the country as a whole, during the life and times of Ruth. Instead than engage in a purely sentimentalist canonization of the man who is the ultimate baseball icon, the author allows you to meet the real " Babe", also to experience his real life idiosyncrasies, mannerisms, tribulations, joys, victories, defeats, the bright side of his character, along with his undeniable shortcomings. This particular book will make you feel just like you have fulfilled the Babe, and followed his career firsthand., Well, this is a really good story. The Babe had a complicated life and was able to rise above it all because of his football talent. Not just a great hitter, but also a great pitcher. His private life was, as you might have heard, relatively calamitous. During his relatively short life, he do it all with sports activities, money, women, alcohol, cars and happy times. He wanted to be loved and for the most part, he was. It was sad at the ending of his career, when he wanted to handle but none of the major league teams would trust him to run a club because of his past shenanigans.

Highly recommended. Great job by Robert Creamer. You can also see him on the Ken Burns movie of Baseball in which he speaks extensively about the Babe., I know that Babe Ruth is a football legend as a batter but wasn't aware of his capabilities as a pitcher. nor did I actually know much about the person or his life, on and off the field.
Robert Creamer does credible research and presents Ruth as a human being system his shortcomings. Ruth, too, was no mental huge yet there is a humanity about him, an innocence and non-sophistication that endears him to visitors who only know of title but not the person. I also had not realized how short his life and career were and that his best days ended in the early 30'.
If you wish to k now more about this simple man who had devastating power as a baseball icon, you may not be disappointed., I love good biographies even if I you do not have much sympathy for the game, the time or the man/woman. They could bring a person to our lives and a era unlike a novel or any other medium. This is a good one, if not a great one in regards to a legend. Baseball people dwell on statistics and this biography has plenty of those, nevertheless they are woven into and around the life of a man that stands as the Everest of baseball legends. I am not necessarily a base ball " freak" or should be, but I sometimes read a topical book in and around an event or place. I chosen this book since it is a baseball book in the " Fall Classic" time frame of the 12 months and I don't watch football. This guide made me serious. The bio part of the Ruth story is described in a way that makes the statistics from the ball enjoying really come to life just as the title says! How good was Ruth? Was he the best ever? How did he or she compare to the modern player? These are the questions I had once i commenced the book. This guide helped me arrive at the answers to my own questions. Great was Ruth? So good even the finest of the great were stunned by his football abilities. Was he the best ever? I think therefore , but you can decide. I can just be amazed that if it were not for his corridor of fame hitting statistics, he might have become a hall of popularity pitcher. Was he the best ever? Well, steroids have clouded the reaching stats and confused the comparisons, but overall I actually can think of no player to compare your pet to in all aspects of the game, so my answer is " yes" he was the best ever. What kind of a person was he? Well, that is really what the book is around and I'll let other readers draw their own conclusions.

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