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Cumbersome Moments uses humor being an important educational tool, challenging believers and non-believers as well to really think about the Bible's contents and historical context. The publication encourages readers to dig deeper into their Cryptogramme while simultaneously making them wish they hadn't. This specific is a lot more than an irreverent gag present - it tackles the age-old problem of Biblical lack of knowledge in a surprisingly powerful way!

- David G. McAfee, author of "Mom, Dad, I'm an Atheist: The Explained Coming Away as a Non-believer" and "Disproving Christianity and other Secular Writings", After being brought up in chapel from the first open public place I was used, to finally deciding to stop doing what failed to make sense what and i also no longer believed in. I can tell all of you that children's bibles, and Sunday school stories are nothing but glossed over types of the horrors and hate and slaughtering that really takes place. If children do hear anything like that then of course it is fully validated, but GOD did it for a very good reason because he likes YOU, but JESUS would never do any terrible thought or deed. Why? Because he LOVES you. What would happen to the mega-bucks religious machines if most of us finally advised our children the truth? But then we would have to start out with ourselves, wouldn't we?, Irreverent. Funny. Heretical. Thought provoking. Terrifying. Created. Bloody. Minimizing. Clever. Appropriate. Interesting. Tricky.
I'm still not sure. But We are going to my Bible and doing some research, this is a good book for multiple reasons, 1) it truly is funny. 2) it brings to light many of the over looked passages in the bible that a lot of everyday believers don't know about and that many sincere believers actively ignore. 3) this is the way to broach the topic of biblical illiteracy and many of the inconsistencies and toned out horrible things in the bible with your religious loved ones (provided they have a sense of humor) 4) because all the illistrations site the actual chapter and passage when your super religious uncle says " that is not in there! " you can direct him right to it in his personal bible. if i have any complaints it's that i wish it were lengthier

this book is called a parody quite often and i don't believe that is correct since parody involves changing the source material to be able to funny. this just exposes the real source material as the joke that it already is.... is there a word for that? satire i guess would be a little more accurate., Hysterical!!! I LOVED this book! The stories are hysterically funny and the illustrations are perfect! I enjoy that this book points out the stories in the Bible that religious people typically like to cover up and ignore/pretend that these things failed to happen. I would recommend this book to everyone who is open-minded and wants a great laugh!, This is the perfect book to learn scriptures in the bible with an unbiased or cherry picked form! Yes, they are taken from REAL scriptures from the bible that individuals aren't aware of or fail to look at critically. This publication doesn't constitute anything and for those overly sensitive and coginitively ignorant " Christians", this book will likely offend you because you won't be able to handle the TRUTH of how disgusting and disgusting the bible really is. This publication is wonderfully illustrated to give you a visual interpretation of the atrocities committed in the bible. Zero longer will people glance at the bible as a publication of cute fairy reports and " moral scriptures". Only when people would learn to browse the bible as it really is, then Horus Gilgamesh would have never had to create this book. Sadly, we all know that individuals may even read their bibles let alone know what's in it.

I highly recommend this to Anyone who wishes to learn about the unsaid and overlooked scriptures. Zero " warning label" needed. That's what the reviews are for. Thank you, Amazon for sharing this book in your catalogue!: ) I can't hold out for Volume 2 to come out!, This publication experience it all -- homicide, romance, trials and tribulations, anger, jealousy -- it's such as a microcosm of humanity all rolled up into some rather clever pictures and quotes. Some may argue that this book requires bible quotes out of context, although, it seems like most (if not all) bible discussion does the same (i. e., concentrate on the things we like, disregard the things we don't). I shared this with a friend who calls herself a Christian. She was so disturbed by it, she gave it back again after reading only half of it. If it made her think, then that is a win for everyone. In all seriousness, this is an excellent book for sparking conversations and thinking about how exactly we built a culture around a stone-age tribal worldview.

I cherished this book, and am waiting around impatiently for Volume 2., Five stars, and more if more were available. Love the concept of showcasing those, not so well publicized, scriptures of the Bible will go a long way in beginning up the eyes of several, with little actual knowledge as to what they're signing onto. Love how it was put in "Children's Bible Story", form as it highlights the trend how the Scriptures is marketed to children with very cherry selected scriptures, and extremely watered down to not quite so horrific as these tales really are, magnifying the question, "do I really want these ideas/beliefs and practices passed on to my children,... really"? Guru idea, well genius shipping, and the illustrations fit perfectly. Looking forward to more from this author. Well done!

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