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Refreshing perspective on the way humans are supposed to live life, backed by science and the personal encounters of Mr Pradas and his time coping with Amazonian tribes., Loved this book - participating, funny, so that as you get to the end, very, very deep.

For those who already practice meditation it's a great introduction into what we can study from the lives and habits of hunter-gatherer communities, who from most ethnographic evidence we have seem to have lived much more relaxing, happy and satisfying lives than we do. Plus for many who have only dabbled in meditation and are curious what exactly is possible at the heavy conclusion of the pool: this books points away the probabilities that go much beyond what 10 minutes a day on the headspace application might give you.

For those already into paleo-everything, this is a great summary of the possibilities of deep meditation practice., Thus book combines wisdom of Buddhism and science in a simple, readable, accessible manner. As opposed to a number of other similar books it doesn't pay much attention to Buddhist règle or precise scientific findings, but centered on delivering you the gist than it and motivating you to take action. But I also learned greatly new things from it, especially regarding paleo, it is not simply a rehash of many science and meditation books away there. It is usually very energetic, filled with colourful stories. I would very much recommend it to everyone., The book had some insightful points, different ways at taking a look at things. I am not going to say it changed my life but it was a good read. Chapter 2 " Happy Tribes" was very interesting., I enjoy this book. A few enhancing errors which is something I always find distracting, but truly one of those life changing books actually seem to find as you prepare for it., Amazing book! I'm already looking forward to reading it a second time!, Great little book. I loved the chapter on positivity. Simple, but profound (nothing innovative, simply another perspective), Residing by going to a job daily is not living. It is existing. It’s time I live. You should too.

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