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We said five stars reason behind the great story telling, great character growth. Specifically Aang and Toph since their both very various characters. Yet they find out from each other, they will still remaining friends plus not enemies. It teaches the reader that people want all types of types folks things activities and so out. This story also makes it clear to typically the reader why they manufactured The Promise plus the research! When I look back again at those stories We feelt The Promise involved certain change and seeking toward New things within the future with various race living together. The Search was about certain things staying the exact same and excepting it. Like Zuko staying firelord plus Ozai still being Zuko's biological father. It help to make sense why they keep mentioning the past plus the future with this publication! Genius!!! All I can state is that we want more fight scenes plus maybe better villains within the next story regarding Last Airbender but some other then that keep upwards the favorable work., Zuko provides always been my personal favorite personality and I love how this continues his arc. The difficulty of working the Fire Nation in its present state is actually explored and handled well. A person can see the mistakes Zuko is making, but you also understand why he is making those mistakes. We would believe he had the biggest character arc in the whole series and it is nice to see that the development didn't cease at the finish regarding Sozin's Comet, but proceeds on through his youthful adulthood.

There is a sub-plot involving Ursa plus the emotional baggage she actually is been carrying around together with her. The moments usually are scattered in throughout the tale and are handled very well. It's not simply Zuko's tale, but it's one concerning the whole royal family. There is certainly one scene, where the key character's finish up within a sacred place with regard to the Fir Nation. It is eerie, but nonetheless strangely filled with hope and also a great utilization of visual meaning.

Without a doubt, a must have for any ATLA fan., If a person don't want to go through my long raving more than this part, here's a quick summary. I love this book. Not just performed it give me almost everything I needed to see, just like Ursa confronting Ozai, nevertheless it gave me things I didn't even know I wanted to notice. The political circumstances usually are intense, the artwork brilliant, and every line used by the characters sounds like them. Even the love triangle (which I performed not like) was dealt with well enough. It's a very satisfying conclusion upon almost every level.

Now with regard to the lengthy part:

Inside The Promise, we found Avatar trying to part out from the experience storytelling and move in to a more political setting, which sort of proved helpful, nonetheless it kind of lost typically the fun adventure which manufactured Avatar Avatar. In The Search they returned to their traditional story telling. It was a great tale, nonetheless it didn't really progress the entire world because it had been so much like observing the original series.

Inside Smoke and Shadow, they will finally got it proper. This course delves into typically the struggles of restoring typically the world order while also keeping the spirit in the original tale. When We finished the second publication, I felt very iffy about it. I needed to see them cope with Ursa's fear of Ozai... they will didn't. I wanted to see the Fire Country unraveling before Zuko's eyes... it sort of performed. I needed them to keep Azula out of it so that the lady could have an entire three set devoted to her... typically the didn't. So, a whole lot was riding on this particular book convincing me that everything the did or perhaps didn't do in Part a couple of was a good option.

Since indicated in my 5 stars, they were extremely successful.

Azula was dealt with brilliantly. I dare not hand out what happens together with her, but with the finish I was actually joyful that they brought the girl back. Her motivations are very diverse from what they were before, and exactly what they do furthers both her personality and changes the size of the girl relationship with Zuko, plus I'm really looking towards seeing how that develops within subsequent stories. Enter upon her in particular is flawless. Every look the lady gives, every line the lady claims is just so, Azula.

I additionally like seeing typically the political situation escalates. It moves from mild unrest to full out riots, as well as the way Zuko deals with the situation is very interesting. I like seeing this particular series challenge it's figures with real problems to be in power and trying for top level way to solve them and struggle to do what is proper. It's a great way to evolve the tale from the simple experience we saw in typically the Tv series to young older people wanting to rebuild a broken world.

Ursa was also handled very well. In Component 2 she was put to the background plus mostly a worrying mom, that i didn't like. On the other hand, the transition between the girl considering Kiyi to going through her greatest fear : Ozai - is thus good that it actual makes me glad she received so little focus within Part 2. Again. this particular story did a excellent job of not giving me what I wanted, nevertheless instead showing me what I didn't know I needed.

I do have a couple of complaints it would become that Ursa's confrontation together with Ozai feels rushed. It played out the way it should, but it had been only a few sections long. I felt just like that actually deserved an extra page or two. Even thus, it's satisfying, as well as the ending, which focuses on Ursa, still feels very attained.

The second has to do with the love triangle. Let's just state, I pretty much hate them on principle. We actually like Kei-Lo plus Mai together and consider Zuko should just conquer her, however they have to keep throwing this pushed drama within my face. We mean, it's not awful. It doesn't ever feel like Mai is top Kei-Lo or Zuko upon, it does appear that she is legitimately puzzled, so it doesn't destroy her character for me personally, and the proven fact that Kei-Lo is useful beyond as being a plot device is great. I recently wish they could move beyond this stupid cliche and quit trying to force us to care about characters all of us already care about.

Inside spite of those a couple of complaints, I think this is a wonderful conclusion for typically the story. It evolves Character universe, gives fantastic personality development (Ukano is completed very well, too), plus still has a good amount of humor. If Component 2 left you upon the fence, but this particular, because it certainly makes everything in Part a couple of worthwhile., If you were hoping that series would certainly have you loving Zuko's dear mother much more as compared to you already loved the girl from the show, put together to be disappointed. I'll try not to spoil it too much, (though with that in mind, spoiler warning anyway) nevertheless I will say that despite the fact that in the TV series the lady appeared to make a few kind of completely selfless sacrifice to save Zuko, that wasn't *quite* the circumstance. In fact , in the 3-part series "The Search", Ursa is pretty a cowardly, spiteful, and almost all of all selfish woman. Her self-centered activities resulted in her own children's suffering while she gone off and lived the girl lifelong "dream". Many of the Open fire Nation's royal family problems were actually almost since much her fault since they were Ozai's. This is a little of a disappointment since she was supposed to be the 1 member of the family who really loved young Zuko, but following looking over this it seems the lady didn't really care concerning him *that* much. (End spoiler content)

The even more I read about Ursa's past, the more plus more I came to dislike her. I recently sensed like the story had been trying way too tough to get the viewers to feel sympathy towards the girl, but as much since I wanted to, I recently couldn't.

Well, I know one thing now. Zuko did not inherit his ability to be kind even to those who would kill him from his mommy. That being said, I did enjoy the story. It wasn't really what I anticipated, which is a great thing.

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