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Beautifully drawn, a great story and character development consistent with the show. 'The Rift' is the best of the Avatar comics so far, in my opinion; Gene Luen Yang gets more and more comfortable with writing these characters with each new installment. If you are a enthusiast of Toph especially and want to see more of how her life develops after the show, you should check out this comic. But the best surprise in here is a fantastic and interesting back story featuring an avatar that has previously been something of the enigma: Character Yangchen. Yangchen's story only (and the absolutely beautiful artwork that goes with it) makes this amusing worth checking out. The particular hard cover edition is very beautiful, with large webpages to show off the artwork to its full advantage. Admittedly, anyone who's not already familiar with the show and their lore probably won't be able to jump in here without being quite confused, and nearly all of the best parts of the plot rely on knowing back story and characterization from the show, so I wouldn't recommend it to anyone just starting to get in to the universe or only familiar with it from " Legend of Korra. " But for big dedicated Avatar nerds, We would highly recommend it., As a huge enthusiast with this series, though of course not until after the series had nearly ended on TV, I would like to love every bit of supplementary Avatar: The Last Airbender fiction. I got so hyped for the live action movie, and was so disappointed. I needed mote Avatar, more GREAT Avatar, and eventually proceeded to go searching for news from the creators of the cartoon. That's when We stumbled on the existence of the comics, and I knew I had to get them. So I gathered upward old Amazon present cards to alleviate the strain on my wallet, and acquired The Promise and the first two parts of The Search (part about three had not been published yet) all at once, and I feel so glad which i do. The art is beautiful, and the story so immediately captures the tone and pace of the cartoon that before long it was like watching the show again, which was in turn like revisiting an old good friend.

Regarding this particular sequel, it is a fantastic beginning to a story that, as an Avatar enthusiast, I felt genuinely REQUIRED to be told. Your decision to include the antagonistic Azula in the party with this adventure was a stroke of genius (she's my favorite character) as this is the best that the protagonists and she have ever come to having common goals. All in all, We could not get happier that I own this, and re-read it as regularly as I re-watch episodes of the show., We was a late-comer to the animated show and its sequel series, but quickly grew to enjoy both. Having the comics act as a bridge is a great idea. The fine art and writing match the series well. It's merely a shame that these stories didn't want to have been made into OVAs as well. They do borrow a couple occasions from the last show

This review is for the kindle version of the single comic. I plan to obtain the collected business book at some time in the near future., Avatar the Last Airbender-The Promise is a great book and a very natural sequel to the original series, in addition even than the Tale of Korra. It starts out not 5 minutes after the conclusion of the original series and earnings to tell a entire new story that seems like an extremely natural continuation of the first. Where the original series was about closing the hundred years conflict this is a story by what happens to the people of the nations afterwards. Over the years the fireplace nation colonized multiple parts of the earth kingdom. Some of the groupe are as old because the war meaning that many people have lived on these " stolen" lands all their lives. What do you do about that? Although the answer seems simple at first The particular Promise does what the series is known to do best. Demonstrate reality of the situation and it's really difficulties in a thoughtful and entertaining yet general way that anyone old enough to enjoy the series will understand.

The fine art work for the story is superb and appears similar to the art of the show. The story is excellently told and We was surprised to learn that the creators had meant for this as a movie but nickeldeon flipped it down for some reason. The characters remain as interesting as they were in the first series and even show a few new surprises. About top of that you can see a quantity of precursors to the Legend of Korra here.

The book isn't perfect, however. Without giving away any spoilers I must comment that I found it a little odd how often Aang goes Avatar function and what sends your pet in it. Zuko and Cependant relationship isn't given any attention which results in a few twists which, while understandable, felt bad.

People might also find issue with the size of this book. Is actually big. With a spinal column a foot in size, meaning it wont likely fit too well on the average bookshelf. About top of that the actual comic pages don't cover the entire page. There is a noticable white boundary around all of them. Over a number of the pages within that room is commentary on the scenes. They are interesting to read but I made it a point to ignore them until after I browse the whole thing. It's kinda like the book equivalent of any movie commentary track.

Everything apart I still highly recommend this book to anyone who's a fan of the original series. I still very much enjoyed it and a week after having read it still find myself pulling it from the shelf.

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