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Toph struggles with her metalbending students (and a achievable hostile takeover), and Sokka pitches into help them out. Meanwhile, Aang plus Katara go to see the planet earth King to speak about the uneasy connections between the Earth Empire and the Fire Region, looking to come to the resolution. And, of course , Zuko struggles with the elevated pressures of being typically the Fire Lord, continuing in order to consult his imprisoned father for advice on the way to cope.

First, I obviously love Toph--how she occasionally seems like such the stubborn jerk but has all these layers below, and how she has an actual calling for training (and yelling at people), and how she arrives to realize she might be trying to groom the girl metalbending students into something they really aren't... merely like her parents performed to her. And am liked that she asked Sokka to evaluate her capability to roll her eyes appropriately so she could spin her eyes at your pet. And her students had been kind of hilarious, even though they were every pretty one-dimensional--the fearful doomsayer, the shoe-obsessed spoiled brat, and the goth-type youngster who hates everything due to the fact someone gave him a bad name. It was great that they wanted to end up being more, but they... kind of weren't, at least not in the story.

Katara plus Aang make a extremely cute couple, and I liked that Katara obtained so jealous from the Avatar fangirls. (I didn't adore how they were stereotyped, though--as vacuous, predatory women who threaten Katara's partnership. ) I did just like that Aang was fairly oblivious to everything, enamored instead with the sensation that someone tried in order to recreate his home simply by modeling the fanclub hq following your Air Temple he'd matured in.

And typically the complexity of Zuko carries on to impress me. His / her father insists that a Fireplace Lord doesn't choose elaborate right; he MAKES items become right THROUGH typically the act of his picking. (Wow, we've got a few theory of knowledge philosophy lessons taking place here! They will were talking about of which back in Ancient Greece! ) Zuko rejects this idea of goodness being defined by HIS choices; he or she believes that good is usually bigger than everyone, plus that Aang can assist him find it. Nevertheless the Earth King--determined in order to force peace, even if it means war--is about in order to ruin the tentatively forged balance that the Avatar worked extremely hard to set up., I got these for my grandson who loves Avatar: The last airbender. Having been especiallly pleased in order to find out these textbooks took up where typically the DVDs left off. They will answered some of their questions., As if it had not been enough that this TV series was awesome - typically the books are also wonderful. This one picks upward where the previous a single (The Promise: Part 1) left off: Toph is usually with Aang, Katara, plus Sokka in the Planet kingdom to resolve typically the issue of Yu-Dao and the Harmony Restoration Movement, while Zuko is seeking assist from his father, Ozai about the pressures regarding being the Fire Lord. Presently there is a subplot together with Toph trying to teach Metalbending to her college students, and Sokka helping the girl with it - Sokka's wit is something becoming greatly missed in Korra, but the book experience it spot on.

There is usually an Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Promise: Part a few that will release in September/October that will consider this story arc (possibly resulting in Republic City! ) - I'm eagerly waiting for it., I adore having these comics for the series, I merely wish they were longer. The stories they provide are so great -- and this was the wonderful continuation from component one, The amount is in very good condition, despite the fact that it's a little little for my tastes. Typically the pages are beautiful colored and the art, like in book 1, is amazing.

Firstly, Legend of Korra fans, do not get overexcited -- the only real reference to Korra's time that all of us have with this story therefore far is that there exists precedent for a family members like Mako and Bolin (mixed element families), which often there honestly SHOULD end up being, all things considered... And that we're building up in order to when they start breaking ground for the creation of Republic City.

Is volume two worth buying? If you're an "Avatar: The Last Airbender" and/or "Avatar: Typically the Legend of Korra" lover, then you should no less than get volume 2. The whole series is at the very least worth checking out at your local library. In case you're not a lover, I don't think this series is the finest location to get an introduction into the franchise, but it certainly features the amount of narrative elements regarding the series, so if you like it, simply by all means, keep reading! In addition to then go watch both TV shows!

For enthusiasts, there are a quantity of interesting developments in these volumes for a person to read about, thinking of the business of becoming Fire Lord, what Avatar Aang is supposed in order to do now that typically the world is, well, "saved", what Sokka gets upward to, how Toph obtained on with metalbending, and so on., My daughter and I watched the show for a few seasons plus then it was eliminated. Once i found these textbooks That i knew of that they would fill in some of the absent pieces. We have purchased some of them plus are catching up, typically the only thing is, I read them fast plus am then left together with nothing. Need to buy typically the next one. Not sure exactly how many were written but I will be searching around for sure., You will find no plot-giveaways in this review.

While I honestly enjoyed reading this article graphic story, I must admit of which it covers my the very least favorite part of typically the Promise Series. It practically feels like an attempt by the author (Gene Yang) to elongate the history. It seems by doing this due to the fact most of this publication involved the subplots of which revolved around the main story. Due to the fact this series is already a subplot and is a product to the Television show, I thought this was the stupidity. This novel focuses on Aang and Katara's relationship and Toph's steel bending academy. It hardly ever illustrates any confrontation in between Zuko and Ozai. Hence, the cliff-hangers that had been released at the finish of The Promise: Component I will go unanswered.

The story in it self was good but it was not meant for this book. As I said before, I consider the series was pointed, that too, for monetary reasons. Nevertheless, if a person feel like collecting just about all the Avatar books, this is a good acquire., Love the story. I hope they continue generating more comics following typically the original crew.

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