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Just like so many others, I actually am an enormous fan of the " My Struggle" series, and recommend it to just about everyone I know who likes books. Nevertheless, quite a few of my reading friends avoid get precisely what is so great about a middle-aged man writing about his life for thousands of webpages in extraordinary detail. I actually guess either you really feel the hypnotic pull of these thousands of pages, or you don't, but it is really hard to clarify why the pull is there.

In " Autumn", you can feel precisely what is so hypnotic about Knausgaard in just a few pages. This book, written to his uncreated, unbegotten, unconceived daughter, is a series of Knausgaard's thoughts on several dozen topics, varying from badgers to pain to tin cans to toilet bowls (and many other things). Each one is just a few pages, and ever single one of them will make you think " Ahhh, that's so true! I know just what he could be saying, but I never thought about saying it that way! ". It really is quite remarkable.

This may be a good book for someone who is considering about tackling the " My Struggle" series, but just wants to get a little taste of what makes Knausgaard's writing so great. If you avoid have a few " ahhh" moments, I will personally come to your house and prepare for you a cheese sandwich., I absolutely enjoyed these bite-sized works, reading a couple every night before bed. Subject matter really have huge variations. Knausgaard makes observations every day life, then makes an association with heavy insight. " Autumn Leaves" was a particular favorite.

After enjoying the NYT magazine story about Knausgaard searching for Vikings in North America, I purchased this book immediately. Knausgaard's style might not suit everyone, but I find it poetic. Kudos to the translator., MANY METAPHORS OFFERED IN POOR AND NO -ESTHETIC FASHION. GOOD WITH REGARD TO YOUNG AND NOVICE., Great quick read. Deep considering by Knausgaard, mixed in with a trite observations. Nevertheless that is steady with his other work. Overall a worthwhile read., Although KOK is always interesting, this is a very slight piece of content., Little explodes of lucidity and information over the course of an individual season., Great book, but I missed the youngest Karl Ove, This particular is an extraordinary book about extraordinarily ordinary things. In a series of letters written to his unborn daughter this gifted Norwegian author, Karl Ove Knausgaard, insightfully chronicles an inventory of life’s most ordinary events and things, from buttons and chewing gum, to vomit and oil slicks.

He writes, “That is why We are writing this book for you. I want to show you the world, as it is, all around us all, all the time. Just by doing this will I myself be able to view it. ” He notes, “These astounding things, which you will soon come across and see for yourself, are so easy to lose look of, and there are almost as many ways of doing that as there are people. ”

One typically astounding but ordinary now the common housefly. He notes that it has compound eyes and its taste cells are distributed over its body system. “Taken with each other, these two faculties must fragment their world immensely, for if the expression of a room is picked up by their whole head, then their attention must be focused outwards so much that to flies there can barely be any difference between themselves and the room they are in…”

What exactly is perhaps most extraordinary is the fact that he describes it all with only the tools of the ordinary. The language is simple and functional, carefully avoiding the typical jargon and buzzwords of contemporary philosophy, spirituality, and introspection.

The introspection, in fact, is highly extrospective. The words are not mere descriptions. They are launching pads for greater evaluation. This is why the book demands to not be read, but savored. And why, I actually suspect, it is a book that will never quite close despite having showed up at the last passage.

The content is, in a way, minimalistic, but in its minimalism there is the suggestion of so much more. He paints a delightful gallery of images without frames, where one picture moves freely on to the next, creating a total impact so much greater than the sum of the parts.

I don’t suggest to make the book sound poetic. It isn’t. It provides the reader, yet , with the same sense I actually suspect the most hardcore fan of poetry must feel after discovering an unimagined and unanticipated treasure.

This book, I feel, will impact me for a long time in the future because it is that rare work of artistic interpretation that connects you with individuals you have never noticed, those things you see ever day but never really considered, and the ordinary self that looks for to find meaning in life but which itself is often taken for granted.

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