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I’ve read dozens of self-help books on time management, goal setting and behavior forming but this one takes the cake.

The particular author is hilarious in her delivery but very, very practical. Who would’ve thought you could program your life? This is essentially how that author tackles, wasting time, decision fatigue and willpower.

Ms Jones uses the concepts of computer programming in an effort to develop step by step strategies that allow you to take charge of your life. Instead of taking twenty-eight days to formulate a habit, you can “automate” all your daily routines in just matter of days! It’s a very easy, very enjoyable read and really makes lots of sense.

I anticipate availing myself of the author’s additional tools to automate and simplify place to place of my life., Habits are something that are very important to me. I have tried many different tactics and strategies to fortify my habits in a way that benefits my life. I'm someone who moves and moves a lot, every time I find myself in a new place for a long period my routine will get destroyed.

Kathryn's book has made a big impact in how I manage my habits and has used a lot of the struggle out of the process for me. This specific book if filled up with simple ways people can make managing good habits easier. This is incredibly valuable because each habit develops on another and produces a snowball effect., Love this guide! I zipped through it the very first time to understand the basic principles and possess eliminated through it a second time, going through the exercises and creating my own automated routines. Although what Kathryn shares isn't ground-breaking, it's laid out in an easy-to-understand way which makes applying a piece of wedding cake. While I've always been a big believer in creating processes, I've never approached my daily routines in the same way, but I can start to see the value in doing just that., Kathryn Jones is an entertaining writer with a style that is fresh and fun. You'll love reading this book and also utilizing what she gets learned to automate your own routines. She provides a listing of tools/resources that can help you so you too can free upward your thinking capacity to work on those things that are more important to you personally! She also reveals issues when you are performing this and We know I have fell into some of those the girl mentions. Kathryn also includes a free workbook to help you through your trip. I will be following it to automate my very own routines ASAP.

If you're serious about automating the 'mundane' out of your life, this book is for you!, And by more I imply increased productivity, reduced stress more enhanced health?

Kathryn, in her fun-loving style, lies out a step by step process for taking boring, stressful or difficult tasks in your life and creating routines that deliver steady results. The girl vulnerability and ability to laugh at herself helps expose the genius right behind focusing less on behavior forming and more on process automation. Clearly a student of human behavior, Kathryn outlines a simple method to remove our self-sabotaging reliance on willpower and impulsive decision making., This specific book was a quick read, and entertaining read, and was without a doubt worth the time to do so. I have never thought of trying to automate routines, and found the discussion of the method to be very thoughtful, especially when it comes to adjusting said programs to set yourself up for success. I've spent the last week automating my morning routine, and the process presented here proved helpful well. It was a respectable amount of work to get ready the routine (it took almost all of a Sunday), but the week that implemented was one of the most productive and centered that I've had in a good long time. Routine automation has become a great way to ensure which i start my day on the right foot, and Kathryn Jones was a great instructor., I got a hard time placing this book down. Carefully engaging, this book was very thought-provoking and provided some great insights into achieving greater productivity. We love reading books about goal-setting, motivation, etc., but you may be wondering what I felt was unique about this book was the attention to detail. The particular simple step-by-step guide provided me motivation to give this a try. Just what do I have to lose? I love the idea of automating my morning and evening programs. There is a portion that discusses automating eating routines. Although I do think I'll continue to consume a variety of foods in a week, We do think there are valuable principles in this section that can be applied to my life (getting rid of foods that I don't want to be eating, making the foods I should be eating more accessible, etc. ). Overall, this guide is a fantastic read for anyone who wants to increase productivity!, Most self-help books give you tricks and tips how to improve your life through new activities, this book informs you how to change your normal daily habits to help them to become your positive routines. It's simple, straight-forward and filled up with humor and real, practical advice. We wish more of these self-help books would help us humanize the author instead of showing us what anyone who has perfected their daily schedule looks like. We am able to better understand how to improve my life through brief and easy adjustments in my own personal behavior through the teachings of this book and i also look forwards to implementing the concepts within my entire family.

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