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Being an instructor of world religions, I have long enjoyed and learned from reading the fantastic Indian spiritual authors, whether their commentaries on Vedic literature or their own autobiographies. Paramahansa Yogananda's autobiography is a splendid work sure to hold the interested reader in rapt attention.

One feature of this work that I especially appreciate is the humor. The yogi is self-effacing and wry, and he approaches profoundly spiritual and meaningful subjects and encounters with a lightness of heart that retains his narrative on the earthly plane even while motivating the reader to transcend mundane realities. The textual content presents the timeless teachings of ancient India in a way that is accessible and attractive to a modern Western reader.

Paramahansa Yogananda was truly an enlightened soul who wanted guidance from truth-tellers, whether his own mentors or the divine. In his commentary on the New Testament, he wrote that the teachings of Jesus Christ " reveal the perfect unity that is present among the revelations of the Christian Bible, the Bhagavad Gita of Of india, and all other proven true scriptures. " In his trademark gentle way, Paramahansa Yogananda reverenced the teachings of all who spoke truth and educated love.

Through this autobiography, we learn not only about lifespan and training of Paramahansa Yogananda but also of yogis and others who directly mentored or otherwise inspired him -- Nagendra Nath Bhaduri (" The Levitating Saint" ), J. C. Bose, Ram Gopal Muzumdar (" The Sleepless Saint" ), Babaji (The " Yogi-Christ of recent India" ), Therese Neumann (" The Catholic Stigmatist" ) and many others. And through the many characters introduced to us in these pages, we the wisdom of the Indian ages.

This specific book (and other deserving titles) comes from the Self-Realization Fellowship, which the author founded in 1920s. This specific edition is the one to buy, because it includes the author's additions to the original 1946 edition and other elements not in the first edition.

This publication is to my soul what a cool go swimming is on a hot summer day. I indulge in its refreshment and revivification., A dynamic & inspirational story about the life of yogis authored by a yogi. There is no way to do justice to this autobiography, an e book written for the , the burkha leading us into the depths of a spiritual & super natural view of existence. Above five hundred pages take us deep into the Hindu mind and center. A journey through a life that touched every subject relating to man's spiritualism versus materialism. A life changing recount of this yogi's life, where laughter, sound judgment, and bright motivating stories take us alongside with him. Coming to the USA in the 1920's, Paramhansa Yogananda brought his spiritual teachings to a very different world than the one he or she originated from. He traveled the country finding large keen audiences receptive to his spiritual lessons. One would have to write an e book to review this story and then it didn't want to begin of talking of it's impact and effect., It's hard to give this book less than 5 stars because I highly recommend it and it can completely change your life. I actually read the version with the blue cover which I found out later is apparently the one which had not been edited after Yogananda's dying. Many years later I repurchased this red cover version because it emerged with the free CD and I figured.. how different can it be? Well, it is quite different. The pictures are different. It has more recent pictures of what exactly is apparently the newer leaders of SRF after Yogananda's death. Some of the amazing older photos from the original publication were removed which is just heartbreaking for me. I can tell it merely requires isn't very the same vibration. I wasn't getting the same feel. So a couple of days into it, I put the book down and just bit the bullet, got over my penny pinching self, and re-ordered the blue version. I would say, if you are interested more in the SRF organization, buy that one. If you want the more original version that Yogananda himself wrote, get the blue one. The blue version is also free online, I saved it, but nothing like having a book in your hands. Especially one which has a healing vibrational quality to it., In case you are on a spiritual path and meditation is of interest to you, drop almost every book on meditation and read this one. While there are numerous modern good writers about the topic of meditation, few offer glimpses into states of bliss that are attainable. Yogananda informs us that bliss is achievable by everybody through techniques of concentration. The subjects were rare company accounts of Hindu saints achieved personally by Yogananda. His description of his spiritual journeys, those of his master, his master's learn and other Hindu spiritual prodigies will make you see life in a completely different manner. While you might not have had these spiritual experiences, to have a thorough account of their lives, their teachings, and their ecstatic experiences, is profound and are rare accounts seldom heard of. There is wisdom in every page. West fulfills East. Happiness is definitely an inside job; it can not be found externally. Here is Yogananda's summary of the Bengali " Joy-Permeated Mother": " Casting aside every inferior attachment, Ananda Moyi Mum offers her sole allegiance to the Lord. Not necessarily by the hair-splitting variations of students but by the sure logic of trust, the child-like saint has solved the only real problem in human life--establishment of unity with God". Do not have my eyes feasted on such beautiful prose about challenging to understand, rare experiences. I believe forever changed by the expertise of reading this book, and I consider myself well-read. This book is becoming my new bible and may guide me forward is obviously. When Steve Jobs died, he or she had one book on his ipad, and this was it. George Harrison claims without this book he or she wouldn't want to live. Now I know why.

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