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Allow me to be crystal clear and extremely frank in this review. The Autobiography of Malcolm X is my FAVORITE book and, I believe, one of the main publications written in the twentieth Century. There have already been many printings of this book and they have had slight alterations all through their publishing. The original 1965 edition came with photos. There have always been three missing chapters that remain held by a private owner. On the other hand, Penguin Modern Classics has reprinted this essential item of literature anew-WITHOUT THE ORIGINAL EPILOGUE or Ossie Davis' contributions to the work. This means, essentially, THAT THE PARTICULAR ASSASSINATION CONTINUES TO BE REMOVED THROUGH THE BOOK! Reading this version of the book will leave the reader asking yourself how Malcolm was assassinated, who was responsible and so forth. Additionally , the first page of the book is a generalizing synopsis that has the audacity to say that Malcolm advocated change through the vehicle of violence. Any person who has read the complete Malcolm X Autobiography in depth knows fully well that this is untrue, an absolute falsity and misrepresentation that can lead to dangerous miscalculations. Omitting the Epilogue, for a topic this serious, is not only censorship, but one must determine that it was done intentionally. If it was done intentionally, the only real motive would be to deceived a new generation of folks trying to learn THE PARTICULAR TRUTH about Malcolm. That is a shame that they is just not have the ability to find all of it in his own book!, Of course to say it's well written is redundant when you see that the author is Alex Haley who wrote, " Roots! " I'm on a quest to understand dark history and am finding that the search isn't directly forward as in Us History which is pretty much just white historical past. I had preconceived ideas of Malcolm X before having read the book but once I see the guide I had a much better gratitude for the soul searching that he came to understand the more educated and well traveled that he became. Great Read!, A single of my top 5 all-time favorite books!!!! No matter what race you are or faith based you do or don't fit in with.... you must read this book! You'll never believe the myths propagated by the state again should you choose. Fantastic collaboration between Alex Haley and Malcolm X to get this book on the web. I'm haunted by the stories of X's youth where his father was killed for essentially being a Marcus Garvey supporter wonderful mother struggled to keep your family together with little to no assistance. The heartbreaking childhood would normally lead to a bothered youth. However, the transformation from chaos and crime to disciplined humanitarian is remarkable!!!!! It is indeed true that whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger. I understand, after reading this book, why M. Edgar Hoover wished to destroy Malcolm X. Evil always wants to destroy truth.

TOP 5 favorite guide!!! Must read!, To begin, I am an Asian American, so I have hot through some adversities as a minority. My familiarity with civil rights was of course poor before I experienced check out this book (and still fairly poor now I actually would say), and I actually feel I have learned so much.

The guide is very well written and you feel like you are there in the moment with Malcolm By himself. I strongly encourage this book for anyone and everybody, I read this book once i was in high school and I actually made a decision to repurchase it and read it again after two decades and I'm glad Used to do. There are many misconceptions about Brother Malcolm, but this will give people true perspective on the struggles and triumphs he experienced life. I avoid care what race or religion you are I actually believe everyone should check out this book, it will change the way you like at your life and the people around you., It is a very interesting read, a real webpage turner. Highly recommended for mature adults, especially non-Americans like me, who only heard rumors about the allegedly violent Malcolm By. He was an stalwart and intelligent human-rights soldier, not afraid to change his policy when learning new facts., This is one of the most influential, legendary books I possess ever read! in truth, once i bought it, I did not read, but just felt the necessity to have it because I've read it at least 3 x but always as a library give. When I saw the offer on it digitally, I actually knew I had to add it to my series. Nevertheless , because the guide is so profound, I actually will probably conclusion upwards ordering a hardcover version., Love the story of this mans life. I really had ordered one before to ordering this guide, but that had writing, scribbles, oil stains, drawings you name it, it was all over & throughout the whole book. I contacted Amazon . com, who contacted the vendor, and they were gracious enough to give me a refund and I actually ordered this one from the new seller. This guide was clean, crisp, came fast and was more affordable, and it was the last one so I actually was very happy about that.

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