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The particular Autobiography of Charles Darwin was initially published in 1887. Darwin started writing it in 1876, although the final chapter was not completed until 1881. He or she explains that he started writing this sketch of his life to fulfill a German editor who requested information on his perceptive development, but his son Francis Darwin, who modified the published version, says that the job was intended as a memento from the great scientist to his children. You will find brief parenthetical notes by Francis throughout the text, but they are few and much between and don’t intervene with his father’s narrative voice. The reader can easily imagine himself in a lamplit room of some 19th-century London academic golf club, filled up with wingback armchairs and pipe smoke, as Darwin regales a select few listeners along with his tales of yore.

This is a very brief work, comprising only about 64 pages. For that reason, serious scholars of Darwin’s life and works will likely be let down by the lack of detail, but for the general reader with a fascination for the man, the brevity of the part works to its advantage. Darwin’s concise encapsulation of his life provides surprising insight into his brain and personality. Judging by the short length of the work and its table of contents, We was worried that it would be simply a programs vitae of his research accomplishments, but there are plenty of personal stories here that make for a lively read, especially in the passages where he’s discussing his child years and youth. This life will be most pleasurable and accessible to those who already have some knowledge of Darwin’s works. It helps to have see the Voyage of the Beagle first, because Darwin pretty quickly glosses over that period—having already written and whole book about it—but he does allude to some of his findings from that journey, such as his theory of the formation of coral reefs. The latter helpings of the book are less personal and much more career-focused, discussing the work that went into his various scientific publications, yet still for Darwin enthusiasts its quite entertaining to listen to accounts of his research methodology related straight from the horse’s mouth. The sole dull moments in the guide are when he’s talking about a few of his scientific co-workers. He’s so hesitant to characterize anyone in a negative light that the relentlessly polite praise becomes repetitive.

The overwhelming experience that permeates this text is one of a boundless enthusiasm in technological discovery and a question for the natural world. The period in which Darwin practiced his naturalistic profession was like a scientific Wild West. Therefore much was left to be discovered, that anyone with talent willing to operate hard could stake his claim in whatever professions he chose, and the opportunity for eureka moments was practically limitless. This was definitely not the age of specialization, and Darwin’s breadth of knowledge in all matters of natural research is truly staggering. Another quality of the man that comes shining through is his impressive modesty. When speaking of other researchers, he’s not afraid to say, “I was right; he was wrong, ” when it comes to his general career success he speaks like the theory of evolution was something that just chop down into his lucky lap.

Of course, that’s not the case. Darwin was a singular genius, wonderful success was the result of a tenacious work ethic. This autobiography is a fitting memorial to this brilliant man wonderful myriad achievements. Every Darwin admirer should read it., This free version of "The Autobiography of Charles Darwin" for the Kindle is put together well while offering readers some fascinating insights into one of the most influential thinkers in human history. Since Amanda Dawson noted in her review, this is the version edited by one of Darwin's kids. The unedited version is much more colorful. Regardless of that, this is an outstanding resource. It's free and, unlike many public domain books, it's crafted with each other well. There are no dangling sentences and odd paragraph breaks. Recommended despite not being the complete version., even though " Appear inside" feature of the book as presented revealed chapter headings and a TOC there is none in the reset item We received. Smaller and more serious print-type face and not even pagination! An extremely cheap effort, but I trust all the relevant words are there. Sometimes the " feel" of the book gives it substance... I guess I acquired what I paid for... cheap.

Some get what We had ordered, which was based on the look inside. Deceptive indeed., This specific is a brief bank account of Darwin's life, mentioning his childhood and schooling and how he emerged to join the trip of the Beagle. It is not technical, but he does list all the books he published. It is amazing how much work the man got done, especially considering that he suffered from illness throughout the final half of his life., I may be completely wrong, but this must have been abridged version. We didn't bother to check, but there seemed a lot of holes in the timeline. I've read a couple bios, but it was especially fun reading his own words. He's has very a great personality; honest and almost easy going, with a warm attitude toward others. Given his candor, We wonder if either this individual scrubbed more negative comments, or it was finished him by his son, who edited it after his death (I believe I remember that from the intro). A good read., It was a real pleasure to read this guide. It truly felt like the legend himself in his frail voice is narrating his life tale. It's a very brief book and it talks to the ingenuity of Charles Darwin to deliver the message in a most concise manner. A new lot to learn in this guide and it still left me humbled. LOVED THAT!!!, It is interesting to see the words of a man who still has such a big effect on the world today., Reading the memoir that Darwin had written for his family, two qualities of the man stick out above all others. The first is his intense humanity--indeed, his lovability. He is modestly self-deprecating in a totally uncalculating way; his devotion to his father, wife, and children shines through, as does his compassion for suffering animals; wonderful recollections of childhood, youth, and young adulthood are quaintly idiosyncratic (he doesn't bear in mind and record "big" events so much as amusing or curious little ones that lodged in his memory). He comes across as an incredibly good guy.

Second, he is a scrupulously honest thinker. He abandons his early Christianity (although he admits that he was never very fervent) because his understanding of natural selection guidelines out the possibility of a Paleyesque divine design in nature, and this individual rejects the idea of eternal damnation since it seems to him hideously unjust. (The bulk of his religious reflections are found in pp. 85-96. ) He is devoted to the empirical method, carefully collecting and collating a long time really worth of data before pulling conclusions from them. He or she especially notes, he tells us, data that seem to run contrary to his ideas, because he knows how easy you should "forget" such inconvenient facts. And he takes great delight in his technological work. Curious that Darwin laments on at the very least two occasions that your dog is lost his youthful flavor for poetry, art, and music. His love of the natural world surely is as artistic as scientific.

I highly recommend this autobiography to all folks thinking about the on-going fracas over evolution. It goes a long way to revealing the real man too often demonized by polemicists.

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