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Yet again Mr. Black comes contacting. I read an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. The author keeps unpeeling Mr. Black's, aka Aidan's layers and allowing us all to see a lot more of the person he is. Loyal to his lovely lady to a problem! I used to be going to run through section of the story here, but there's no way to do that without letting a reader of the review know too much of the story. A person MUST read this yourself to be able to enjoy this series on your own. I am going to only say that if you are enthusiast of Mr. Black, you will not be dissatisfied he is showing his inner strengths!

Charlotte Byrd has led us through this series quite skillfully. Presently there have been some areas of the series that I felt could have had more depth, but now that we're seeing Mr. Black and knowing how he's feeling about not only his love, but his life, I'm very enthusiastic about reading the upcoming books!, Aiden just keeps getting better more enhanced as he grows into a more mature version of himself. Despite major business setbacks, Aiden continues to get closer and closer to Ellie. When confronted with his disappointments, he involves count on her to middle him and support him. As he realizes Ellie's importance to his health, he commences to think about something he never would have in the past - a commitment. Ellie and Aiden appear to prevail in the face of betrayal and uncontrollable circumstances that swirl surrounding them; I cannot wait to see what their next chapter retains in store for them.

It is a voluntary review of an ARC of the story., Holy Smokes Batman!!! This installment has more twists than a pretzel and a scene or maybe more of steam and an awwww ending but WHOA! Ms Byrd has received me completely turned around and twisted in knots and now Need to wait around for book 6!!

In case you haven't started reading this series, it is a must read!! Do NOT NECESSARILY overlook this steamy, attractive, compelling, twisting/turning and surprising storyline, I'm in love with Aiden and Ellie is a wonderful match for him, they are so much fun to watch! I received an Advanced Reader Copy of the book and I am voluntarily reviewing it.

Nicely Done and Bravo Charlotte now!!!, I voluntarily reviewed an ACR copy with this publication. This story and plotline was great, it was dramatic, shocking, and attractive. This installment was better than book, it had less character speak lien about themselves and more story. I am fascinated to see what develops in the next book with this series, Charlotte Bryd has evolved the characters in the girl story in this instalment very well and has turned the plotline benefit down. So I desire it just keeps getting better., I received an ARC of Auctioned To Him 5 for my review. I can't believe the problems Aiden and Ellie are having. Nothing is working out for OWL. Ellie's friend Tom isn't what he seems. He's more serious than Blake the Snake which is saying something. Aiden and Ellie have their love for the other person to hold on to as their world crumbles around them. Fantastic ending! I can't wait to see what happens to them in the next book. I love this series., I received this book as an ARC, enjoyed reading it. A great deal of twist and plots for Ellie & Aiden. Just when you believe that everything going to change for them, its back to crisis and no help for OWL to revive it. Caroline goes thru so much in the section, what a heck of the story line, just wanted to cry.. Love the story line, could not put the book down, read in one night. Can't wait around until the following one comes out. I give this Love Series a 5 stars for an wonderful read. Enjoy your publication can't go wrong here for the read or price., I can't believe what happened.... The continuing problems between Ellie and Mary. The fallout which affected Aiden's potential investor who was to bail away OWL. Poor Caroline unthinkable emotional upheaval for the girl. Ellie stood strong the whole way even when things looked bleak. Aiden and Ellie are again on track and the romance is in full bloom. I can't wait around for the next sequel., Great book!! I enjoyed this book the best out of the series so far really cherished the conclusion even though I have a feeling that Aiden and Ellie are far from their happily ever before after!! And it was actually great that Mr. Dark-colored was included!! I voluntarily reviewed an advanced viewers copy of this publication

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