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The entire world is still filled with interesting, exotic, and dubious places. Within the twenty-first century, when you can clean down your KFC chicken breast with a Starbucks vente frappucino in Beijing, it is refreshing to re-discover the awe and secret of travel. This is a perfect book for a two minute crack whenever your spirit needs boosting. Whether you will find Jeremy Bentham's mummified corpse at University College London; the Beer Bottle Temple in Sisaket, Thailand; and also the Canadian Potato Museum in D'Leary, PEI, you can go back to your drab, dreary existence with the guarantee that the World is " not only queerer than we suppose, but queerer than we can suppose". Buy this publication! Revel in the places that you've seen! Experience the places that you'd like to see! You won't be disappointed., I bought this for a 30-year old nephew whose county count was, I believe, pushing 40 with regards to a year in the past, and I think it may meet even him. (He’s the hardest to buy for person in the complete family! )

I read a short description of the book in the travel section of the SF Chronicle a few several weeks ago, and made the purchase based on that. Well, that combined with my sister verifying that her son might actually appreciate this book!

There are numerous hundreds of places and things described over about 450 pages, with most together with a photo, and the balance a drawing. I actually think the only things without a graphic are the short, “Also in or near…” entries. Individuals graphics add interest and tend to draw you in, encouraging you to definitely read the piece about whatever is depicted graphically.

The particular book must weigh something such as 2 pounds – just guessing – meaning you will possibly not be likely to group it in your trolley suitcase. Nevertheless , it’s easy enough to take digital photographs of any entries you may want to have easy access to on a trip. It’s printed on heavy paper, and I like this the pages are a nice, very light buff color, much better ones than stark white. Level being, it’s aesthetically a very nicely put together publication.

Because I bought this as a gift, I have looked through it strongly but have not read it cover to cover. The particular entries appear to be written for a variety of readers and travelers, but certainly far from the lowest common denominator. It’s not a typical travel book! I do not find every entry to be about a exciting item, but a great many are, and possibly none whatsoever are dull. Even things which may not appear of particular interest based on the heading ending up proving to be interesting when you get into the text. That said, there are items about things I possess no interest in seeing, at the. g., “Lake Monsters of the USA, ” but there don’t appear to be many of that sort of thing included. As with " Pond Monsters, " even if you (or a recipient) aren't prone to visit many of the places described, I think for many curious people this would make for an interesting read even without the travel element.

It's not a perfect book, and I avoid think any one publication can be ideal for all readers, but I do think it's very good and I can easily recommend it for anyone who might be potentially interested. Offered the quality of the contents and of the physical product itself, I am very pleased with the price. Effortless 5 stars and advice!, This book exceeded my already higher-than-average expectations. It can gorgeously designed and JAM-PACKED with interestingness on every page. The page styles are complex and varied too, so it's fun to flip through and land on random areas about odd, wondrous places and artifacts halfway around the world (or in your own hometown! ). So the act of making all the way through the publication feels like the kind of finding and adventure covered in the content itself. Amazing.

I pre-ordered this because I was already a huge fan of the website and made a decision to support the project. I figured at the very minimum I'd have a surprise ready for the holidays. Yet I am absolutely keeping this for myself, and can buy another copy for just one of my family members soon. The book encourages you to definitely venture out and explore, and reminds you that in this period of Google Earth and Twitter there is certainly plenty of mystery omitted there that's waiting to be happened upon., Atlas Obscura is a fascinating website, with some interesting stories, obscure facts, cool locations, and typically vivid (or at minimum plentiful) imagery.

The publication, regrettably isn't a great medium to capture the website's content; perhaps on the Kindle even less so. At best it's more of a coffee desk book, in which you may flip to a page at random and few paragraphs about something you probably didn't know before.

Posts typically course a few paragraphs, or simply within minute or reading time, so that it is hard to read this from cover to cover, with no logical progression of the book's content (except for grouping my continent). Exactly what is wonderful about the articles online is that they may typically quite somewhat extended and thread several high resolution images in to the article, instead of one small one after you've read the content. From the website I stumble on places I really want to visit, but from the book I'm only left with mild amusement.

I'd love to support the website, and that's why I bought the book, nonetheless it really didn't feel like it was your best they could have done., Seems using atlas obscura site for a few years for trip planning purposes. It can the only place where you can find a wide range or really interesting places that will not be crowded with vacationers and frequently places never mentioned in any other travel guide, but greatly worth seeing. The posted book is a fantastic addition to the site. Although the title is heavy to lug around during real travels, the book provides tons of ideas for planning your next trip to any part of the world. The book can be used to get ideas for mystery, murder or sci-fi novel given the number or really odd places it describes.

Suggest to authors for next edition is to upgrade the index system by numbering all the places on the map so that it's much faster to obtain the description of the places. In addition, please write the name of the country under each story; it will make it much easter to figure out exactly which place on the chart I'm reading about.

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