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Through Gross Anatomy I used a number of atlases, including some 3D software, but none can compare to the Netter Atlas. I would rarely find myself without the image that I needed to illustrate what I was reading in a text. Every image is beautifully colored with organized labeling. The Netter Atlas fell brief in two areas, however. First, I had been somewhat dissatisfied with the amount of skull images available in the text message. Yes, you obtain the timeless color coded illustration of the skull therefore you get fantastic views of the major foramina with a listing of what passes through every one of them, but i found personally the need to search the web for many of the structures I needed to know for class because they were not available in the atlas. Also, i was not very impressed with the Student Consult Access, I found that the interface was ugly and difficult to navigate. On top of that, i was mistaken in that I thought I would have access to the Netter 3d anatomy software, however there were only videos of the 3d anatomy software that I did not find very helpful. It seemed as if the Student Consult Access was a marketing afterthought. These types of flaws aside, I feel that anyone studying anatomy cannot go wrong by purchasing a Netter Atlas., Phenomenal book that has a myriad of physiological diagrams, pictures, and brands. This is a great reference material during your anatomy lectures and through the life long your medical school. I sadly did not put it to use much, because my lectures already had numerous allusions to Netter's Atlas, but We would definitely recommend it for the aesthetic learners., I love this guide, I put it to use every day as a Medical student in Gross Anatomy. We purchased the international book because its cheaper and NO different from the regular USA version. If you are a medical student and want the latest Netter's atlas at a lower price. Acquire this book now, not after to get started on the course when. Great review for Cadaver lab as well as it has multiple perspectives and some CT/ The image analysis., I purchased this copy to be used during my deployment to Afghanistan. This is minimally changed from the Hardback copy We purchased at the starting of med school again in 1990, with simply a handful of new images/supplements which enhance the guide, but one can never grumble about the quality of images Outspoken Netter left us. Whenever people stop by the department to borrow it(which is frequent), the common adjective, "wonderful" is most frequently espoused.

Quite simply the best anatomy guide I know of, and as a radiologist, I acquainted with many text that avoid commence to compare, and at its current price, a bargin which shouldn't be passed by, as it has a place in every physician's catalogue., THE reference in Anatomy for Healthcare providers. This particular atlas is amazing with beautiful anatomical drawings with color codes to help you study and memorize every bit of the human body. The illustrations are wonderful and are really helpful for integrating the material and concepts of anatomy. Highly recommended for anybody studying Human Anatomy!, Great drawings, expected of Netter, but it just doesn't have as many angles as I would like. As a medical student, an understanding of the nearby buildings is crucial. Most atlases are aware of this and provide a variety of different points of views of the same area., This really is apparently a classic textbook held in high regard. I got it for anatomy and i quickly discovered my mom's much more mature copy from when the lady used it for her anatomy classes. I think the illustrations are excellent. They are stylized for an extent so compare to actual specimens when you can, Pros: The guide itself looks beautiful. Detailed pictures, plenty of fabric to go through and shows up very well put together.

Cons: I didn't buy it for the book. We wanted to obtain access to student talk to to study before I start medical institution, but the day We attempted to register online to access the website, I wasn't able to because they are altering to a "new Student Consult Experience". Yes, they literally would not let me put in my sign up code and there is no given estimated day when I'll be capable to. It just claims "a couple of weeks. " Why they wouldn't let purchasers of the codes register and use the old "experience" in the meantime is utterly beyond me. What idiocy and awful treatment of paying customers.

If if you're like me and wish to get the student talk to accessibility, then ensure you check studentconsult. com to see if there's an option to actually register.

EDIT: I received access as of 4/1/14 (today). Honestly, the online learning materials are not much help at all. The "label quizzes" simply cover up 6 of the 35ish labels on the page and uncover them when I click on it. And there always the same 6th. Imagine putting post-it notes over 6 labels on each page of the book. That's just about all it is. Feeling unreasonable for wasting my money. The book continues to be beautiful, but I can't help but have a bad taste on my teeth with this silly online learning. Got away a star for this terrible online learning.

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