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I actually bought this book beneath my mother's amazon bank account so I'm posting this like a 22 year old who had to consider typically the ATI TEAS test for entry into nursing plans. Overall, I think this guide worked well. The studying, math and English language sections prepared me extremely well for the test. In comparison to the test, typically the book's science section has been good. I felt just like I obtained some questions about the test that typically the science section touched about but didn't delve extremely deep into (mostly regarding with the endocrine system), but a majority regarding the science questions can be answered by studying and studying the book. I love that typically the book gave 3 practice tests. I tested me personally before I started studying and after reading typically the book. The question wording and question types in this book were very related to the actual test thus I thought that was a plus. Also the actual analyze might've been easier than the practice tests. On all three practice assessments from the book I obtained from 80%-85%, but about the actual test I obtained a 91%. I don't know how much of our past education played a new role inside my ability to be able to do well on typically the test. I recently managed to graduate from college or university with a new health related degree, nevertheless I do feel that without having this study guide I actually wouldn't have done as well, it allowed me to brush up on subject areas I had formed forgotten as well as teach me things I actually never knew (mostly related to English grammar section). I probably studied more than a period of two weeks on and away, but if you haven't been to be able to school or taken class in a while (especially if science isn't your strong suit) I definitely recommend using this book and studying way ahead of time. Compared to the cost of other books, this one is a bargain for how well this prepares you.

I published this long review due to the fact when I was searching for a book to examine with there were unable many detailed reviews or many books to select from because this version of typically the test is really new (they started giving it this yr in August). I desired to be able to be helpful for typically the next person like me personally. Hope this helps!, This is the only study guide I actually used, and I received a 92. I recommend using the first practice test as a starting point to determine what you need to study, then spend some time studying before taking the second and 3rd practice tests. I actually really liked there have been explanations for the correct answers. It worked effectively for me and have already recommended it to be able to several others., Yesterday, I actually took my TEAS analyze after using this manual for approximately three weeks, and i also am pleased to be able to have earned an 88% with a national percentile rank of 97.
First off, allow me to say I recommend exactly what the others in typically the comments say as well. Get one practice test 1st and see where you stand. Then use typically the rest of the substance to train what you have missed.

So let me personally give you all a quick breakdown of the areas in this book.
Reading: the reading section is extremely general and will be something that I would suggest studying and practicing for applying only the practice assessments in the back. The particular reading questions on typically the TEAS test and in this book are highly related. Focus on the author's purpose / tone. In addition to always manage to identify the kind of writing like a narrative or expository work.

Math: The particular questions come in this book are a little a lot more difficult compared to kinds provided on the actual TEAS analyze. I felt that this book highly prepared me personally for this section [I scored a completely c: ]. A number of things I found crucial to remember are conversion units for metric (the TEAS test offered SOME of the conversions nevertheless do not rely on these people being there) as well as the regulations for multiplying and dividing fractions. Since statistics will be tested, albeit very slightly, I would recommend you study the regression charts and lessons for positive/negative skew.

Science: This will be by far the toughest section on the actual test. Learners should adequately review their own A&P I&II notes along side of this book. The book focuses highly on anatomy and neurological process, as well as very basic chemistry. A few subject areas I would recommend for students to reflect on are: the elements and anatomy of eukaryotes / prokaryotes, ionic and covalent bonds, the products regarding both mitosis and meiosis, and DNA replication.

The english language: the English section is just not as difficult as typically the other sections, but when you are being rated out of 24 queries, it really is imperative that you do well and report as many points possible. Test yourself with adobe flash cards the most frequently misspelled words, prefixes and suffixes. Know how to be able to find the implicit definition of a word using context as well. The book actually allowed me to the most when it came to subject-verb agreements and pronoun-antecedents.

Inside conclusion, this can be a wonderful manual that will wrack and plumb your brain for all of you information you should have learned as much as this level. It is very short and 'to-the-point' in evaluation to the other examine guides available. Certainly think about picking up the official test guide from ATI, particularly when you're still completing up your pre-requisite courses. But if you're usually an adept student along with your pre-requisites finished who wants a very straight-forward review, I actually highly recommend this guide more than the rest.

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