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Atheism for Muslims by Hersker Wadi is a very thought-provoking book that explains the author's personal accounts of we were young in a religious household and culture and what it was like for him to let go of his seriously rooted beliefs. I've read a lot of the well-known atheist authors from the late, great Christopher Hitchens to Daniel Dennett to Richard Dawkins, but none of them expressed what Wadi did in conditions of the feelings of loss that is involved in isolating oneself from one's idea. Wadi even used the renowned Kubler Ross model to deal with suffering (five stages of dealing with loss starting with denial, anger, bargaining, depressive disorders last but not least acceptance, not actually in that order. I actually may even have obtained the Kubler Ross order wrong. ).

I can relate to this in my life because unlike Hitchens or Dawkins, I actually am not content as an agnostic. I would like to believe. I just lost someone very treasured to me some time ago and I actually would give anything on the planet to embrace the reassuring concept of an afterlife but I just aren't or rather I continue to struggle with the improbability of it all. That is a awful loss compared to the rest of my family who all believe that this person is somewhere with the angels.

Kudos to Adam Wadi for being brave enough to publish a book that will cause a great stir in his community., Adam Wadi chose to start an examination of his Muslim faith given to him as a child. The examination was thorough and turned him into an atheist. This particular was a hard journey for him for several reasons, one of them being that the traditional Muslim approach to non-believers is extreme and violent. Clearly, he undertook this journey because he believed seeking truth was essential for his personal contribution to humanity to be a positive one. He wrote this book, then, not only because he knows how hard this journey is and feels his experience will help others who might want to set out on the same journey. It is clear also that he wrote this guide because he believes that an examination of faith based faith and tradition is of particular importance at this moment in time for the future health of our species and the survival of our planet. In particular, he shows his concern that the talent and intellect of too many of the Muslim faith, trapped in the words of an ancient text, may be going untapped in a world that sorely needs their contribution for the advancement of humanity.
For the non-Muslim reader, this book is a great ground-level textbook for comprehending the history and current worldwide status of the Muslim religion and culture. This is in no way a harsh book; its tone is measured and educational with a warm coronary heart., As an ex-Christian atheist, I'm not the focus on audience for this guide, which is very clear from the title. I actually already strongly believe that ALL religions are false. The author is very positive in his criticism of Islam, sustaining that anybody can consider whatever they desire as long as they value others. The best part of this book is the authors' printing genuine scriptures from the Quran to show how difficult they are to understand and how they confront each other, even though Islam maintains that the Quran is God's word. Muslims believe that the Quran is perfect and are not able to be altered or even criticized, even though there are passages that say that later passages supersede earlier ones. Also the hadith, written years after the Quran appeared, describe or interpret and expand on passages in the Quran. Also, there are thousands of different understanding of what those cruche scriptures really mean to say, many have to be interpreted as to context of WHEN they were written.

With 55 chapters this author addresses everything from God, Quran, Muhammed, other prophets like Jesus and Moses and Adam, hadith, women, children, sex, slavery, homosexuality, terrorism, treatment of non-Muslims, apostasy, sharia law, evolution, science, and polygamy in connection to Islam. He surface finishes by explaining how residing a life without religious beliefs can be managed.

I actually can only criticize that he is being too easy on Islam. Since this author grew upward in a loving family that practiced " moderate" Islam, and he may perhaps be male, he seems to have no knowledge of what a lot of Muslims, especially females, face growing up. Hannah Shah in " The Imam's Daughter" grew up in England of Pakistani parents. She claims Muslim children had to memorize the Quran by rote in a language unknown to them, punished severely if they did not perform adequately. The lady was horrifically abused by her Imam father, received no support from mother or siblings, and threatened with death by her father and brother for apostasy and had to sever all contacts and move from area.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali (" Heretic" and " Infidel" ) almost died from a genital mutilation sanctioned by her grandmother at age 5 and had to defect from her country to avoid an unwanted arranged marriage, she has 24/7 security for her protection because of death threats since leaving Islam and talking out. Muslim apologists say that these are " regional" or " cultural" problems, not typical of Islamic. I say the culture is Islam, the problem is blindly following the Quran and listening to false sermons, authors like this need of talking up for logical analysis of this " holy" book. As long as Quran/Muhammad criticism or not subsequent sharia law or leaving behind Islam calls for physical punishment, the radicals will always drag on nonsense to justify violence. Ms. Ali's book cites 5 tenets of Islam that are incompatible with modernity and reprehensible to humanity. May those you need to be ignored like Christians do with violent Bible passages, when the Quran and Muhammad are averred to be perfect and untouchable? They can be temporarily ignored, relatively like Turkey does, nevertheless the future looks bleak, torn apart by this " religion of peace "., I possess read several textbooks on this topic mostly from a Judeo-Christian approach. It was nice to achieve the opportunity to hear yet of another perspective on this topic from a viewpoint not too commonly seen - Islam. This book offers yet another insight to what I find has been most difficult for many, no matter religious backdrop, and that is the leaving of a tradition embedded into the psyche from childhood. Adam does a great job of not leaving the non-Muslim out of the dialogue as he will do a nice job referencing the problems from all Abrahamic views when appropriate. I admire the courage Adam experienced in reaching his choices about the spiritual. From what I have seen (which is limited) I actually am sure it was extremely challenging. If for no other reason, I recommend this book if you are a fan of the memoir. The personal story interwoven into the topic creates a convincing read.

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