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We have thought that evolution was the best explanation for the similarities among lifeforms since I was a young child, always it looked that the many many books arguing evolution were simply stating what was assumed and obvious. Nicely... once again, the entire world is deeper than ever I dreamed. This book views what's happened in research and explains ideas and new discoveries plainly and interestingly (even to myself a non scientist). The great book to learn and think about. Mcdougal also wrote "ParasiteREX" and "Microcosm" both landmark excellent books., If you are of a scientific bent, and enjoy detective stories, this is the book for you. It's not written in a " whodunnit" style, but it follows the path of experts ferreting out the " whodunnit" of evolution. The particular pieces of the problem are chipped out of rock and fit with each other, by diligence, luck, understanding and sometimes coincidence.

The particular book does include biology and science that means it is (in my opinion) unsuited for those with just a passing interest in this subject. A possibility super technical, but if you don't have the backround or deep interest to follow it you're likely to get a headache and have absolutely your eyes glaze over.

This book is right up my alley and following the science of it was fascinating and fun., Zimmer is the best!, Carl Zimmer brings the organizational skills of an experienced journalist and surprising literary talents to provide an exquisite, upwards to date, narrative on the evolution of tetrapods, emerging from the water as amphibians and returning as cetaceans. In this book, he reports on the latest fossil discoveries, the prominent scientific researchers and the direction of their scientific analysis with style, and more significantly, great clarity. Some portions of At the Water's Edge are not easy for armchair paleo-buffs to comprehend, but Zimmer really does an admirable job describing the function of mesenchyme cells and hox genes. What I enjoyed most relating to this book, was the way Zimmer follows the trail of scientific finding, documenting just of facts, like a well-tuned investigator novel. It's a convincing tale of interaction between paleontologist, geneticists, geologists and embryologists over many years. New fossil specimens demand a reworking of the evolutionary chronology. Our knowledge about the origins of tetrapods, our ancestral forbearers, is enhanced through the process of discovery. Just what I enjoyed most about Zimmer's work is the sense of objectivity and balance that comes from the third party perspective of a journalist. While Gould, Eldredge, Conway-Morris, Fortey and Bakker provide paleophiles books of great personal insight and keenness, At the Water's Advantage is very satisfying in is actually precise reportage. This is Zimmer's first book... I hope he's started another!, Great book, however you have to have a magnifier, Zimmer is the best research writer., I've read many books by Gould and by Dawkins, so I'm familiar with the illustrations that illustrate the functions of evolution and natural selection. This book provided a view of some more examples, but with mare like a point of view of the investigators trying to decipher fossils they've discovered, and using their knowledge to predict where more fossils of intermediate kinds may be found., This specific book works with two of the greatest transformations in natural history. The first part deals with how fish developed their body to live on land and the second explains how some mammals altered to return and reside in the water. Mcdougal explains how evolution, both micro and macro, works and gives us a small great how Darwin's idea of natural selection altered how we thought about life on Earth.
The book not only tosses in a few new ideas, like earlier fish might of got both gills AND lung area, but but also shows how paletontolgy, ecology, genetics and embryology are being used to solve the secrets of macroevilution that biologists have recently been trying to uncover for years and years.
Carl Zimmer knows his stuff and knows how to make clear it without confusing the readers.

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