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A review of New York from a unique angle.... the water surrounding it. And while you are at it you will learn a lot of details of the history of the area which does not appear in the resources which are generally used for such information. Sailors will be able to experience this unusual journey with a smile while others will get a feeling for the sweetness and the challenges of sailing. This book was such a treat for me I sent it to a landlubber citizen of Manhattan Island. to enjoy, also., I acquired this book because We have been contemplating trailering my sailboat to NY for a 5 day trip of it's rivers. I found the publication very informative, and well written. It is not meant as a sailing guide, even though it does discuss the authors travels one summer along the rivers around NYC. He performed this in several stages, leaving the boat for days and nights or weeks at at time as work and life allowed him to continue his journey. There exists a fair amount of conversation of the pluses and minuses of a catboat as well., The creator, a sociology professor at City University of Fresh York, was raised in the Big Apple and has lived almost all of his life in the area. In 1979 he acquired a 24-foot New England catboat, built on Cape Cod in 1910, and proceeded to fix it and sail it around the Fresh York area.
With this book this individual presents a portrait -- and sketchy history -- of the location from an angle few people know it. Structuring the storyplot as a fairly continuous though interrupted sail from his home in Long Beach, round the southern tip of Rockaway and into Discovery bay, jamaica Bay, then into Upper Ny Bay and the East River, and eventually to Long Island Sound, Kornblum offers both close-up looks at the water and shoreline, and their previous history.
Typically the approach is light and pleasant: Few stories -- whether of the freezing disaster of the privateer "Castel Del Rey" in New York harbor in 1704, knowledgeable black sailors amazed at the British Navy blue in the War of 1812 and jailed in England for refusing to serve from the US, various ferry disasters, or the vagaries of Robert Moses -- last higher than a page or three. The only parts where Kornblum lingers are in Jamaica Bay (its environmental degradation and return), and the dockside tangible industry that built Fresh York's towers and for which the author worked as a kid. Manhattan itself is quickly bypassed though given a loving nod, and there is no going into the Hudson part.
In the typo sweepstakes, the publication does all right, although it says "mechanical break" on p. 156 when "brake" was meant, and I believe I noticed an unintended sentence fragment on p. 143. The majority of egregious, the great A. J. Liebling is identified on p. 103 as "Libeling" (though the name is correct in the bibliography)! A pity there apparently are youthful editors (I don't suppose there is such a thing as a proofreader in submitting anymore) who do not know this great journalist's work backward and ahead.
Another ominous development -- to this reader, anyway -- is that the lovely cover photograph is an unreal composite. Different photographers are credited several portions of it. I find this vaguely disturbing.
The writing is unquestionably four-star quality or better. This my favorite passage: "Up another shadowy bend stood two snowy egrets, with the outrageous yellow boots and platinum punk haircuts. How chic, these mudbank sushi bars. The egrets were spearing for sand pests, moving along the advantage of the marsh with the herky giant steps of students at a party stepping over bare beer cans. "
I give the book only three celebrities because it is slight. Probably an outstanding gift idea for the average non-reader who happens to love sailing or New York City, and also the informal reader who understands little about either, but We would have liked to know more., City University or college of New York Professor Kornblum pays homage as to what he describes as the Ny archipelago. The full city consists mostly of three large islands, a bunch of small islands, and a peninsular. Professor Kornblum takes readers on the tour of the various waterways that tie the location together. Readers visit Metropolis Island off the Bronx Peninsular, Ellis and Liberty islands off lower Manhattan Island, and the Rikers Island Prison as well as several much smaller and less known rocks within the waterways. The author provides historical references and a crystal ball go into the future where nature in today's is fighting to regain a foothold from the vast urbanization. AT OCEAN IN THE CITY is an engaging look at the Big Apple from a different lens as the highways cross waters connecting the location including the "byway" from Fulton St . in lower Manhattan to Fulton St. Brooklyn. Not only for natives, this is a wonderfully different perspective on New York that makes for a leisurely yet educational and enjoyable reading.

Harriet Klausner, This is the account of a sailboat cruise, but somewhat than crossing an ocean the author travels maybe 40 miles from your home, into the maelstrom that is NY harbor. It's a fascinating book, sort of, but I expected more historical past of the harbor, more about what the place is, and less of the author's personal experience.
We expected the former thank you to a review in the NY Times, I do believe -- some newspaper, anyhow -- that suggested it was less an environmental than an historical trip. Without this preconception, We probably would have enjoyed the book more. When you're from NYC, it can worth a read, but there are many better sailing accounts if you want hairy-chested adventure, or to learn something about sailing in basic. There are also better books about ecology of the coastline.
But the style is nice and the author seems like a man who would be a pleasurable sailing companion. That's worth three stars., This specific is a delightful view of some of the best Apple's waterfront. William Kornblum writes well, and We am pleased to meet the family, friends, and acquaintances of his trip. Having explored much of our city, and having studied many of the shorelines from opposite shorelines, We nevertheless learned much from Kornblum's views from his catboat. I also loved his flash-backs, particularly his days as a junior working at the Flow Mix dock. As another reader noted, the publication has a few problems that should have been caught. The A train travels neither through Typically the Bronx nor over Williamsburg Bridge (p. 91). Inside Red Hook, the parish school is within the Brooklyn diocese, not archdiocese (p. 122). When We find errors on matters I know well, We commence to worry that the publishing industry has an issue with fact-checking in non-fiction. Yet, I must say that this book is a thoroughly enjoyable conference of humans, views, and story. I recommend this book as a gift.

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