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Great book, explains what is actually going on with your body with anxiety. It did not touch on OCD in the mind though which I endure from which may be caused from anxiety. I am positive those feeling go away it time. Depression can be part of the anxiety. Depending on the severity of your emotional health condition is and how bad your anxiety is, you may still want to see professional help. The author of the book only got one panic attack, because he was familiar with them, so prevented himself from having alot. In my case I have had alot of stress and anxiety attacks wanting to figure all this out there and lead to depressive disorder and hypochrondia,. I ruined my health alot worse wanting to figure it all out. I finally obtained this book and wish I would have got it along time back. Everyones history with emotional and physical health is different. So see the book, but as i said, it can be not be the permanent solution., I can't express how thankful I actually am to have found this book. I felt like my life was eternally helped concerning anxiety and panic. I had finished up at the ER more than once over just anxiety and stress thinking I had been having a heart attack. Sometime later I found this book & after only reading a few chapters I actually was helped beyond calculate! I later finished the book and would recommend it to everyone on the planet to read and really pay attention to what the writer Paul Brian is saying. I avoid see how any other book about panic attacks and anxiety could top this book. In my opinion, it can the ultimate book for help and no-one should have to look any further!!! It's been a few short years since i have found the book and i also still feel the effects and impact it's left in the life!! Thank you Paul Brian so much for writing this guide!, I recommend this book to anyone with anxiety and panic attacks. It gives you back a lot of hope if you lost any and started to assume that things won't get much better for you. I have been a sufferer for 16 years and this guide gave me personally back a lot of hope. He shows you how to believe again as well as how to live along with your anxiety. If you don't learn how to live with it create it your good friend how could you ever get better? You must learn how to face your fears as he said and just explain to it, " whatever, show me the best you got. " Allow it know whose boss. That i knew of all these things but I actually didn't know they would actually help you get better so just ability to hear that these things are a part of curing yourself helped me. I fell sleeping so fast the other day after taking advice from one of the chapters where he chatted about how to rest. I is just not spoil it for everyone here but do get this guide!!!, I purchased this book on kindle over 4 years ago! It took me personally reading it 4 or 5 times before it finally sunk in, and i also have to say that it is THE answer! I have been completely free of anxiety for over three years now and will never come back to the craziness again, even after having just eliminated through a traumatic time. I just re- purchased this in book form for my daughter, who wants to major in Psychology in college. Right now there ought to be more professionals in the field who know how to better deal with this than moving out drugs and delivering them home. Hopefully my daughter will be one of them! Thank you Mr. David for this book!!, As a therapist who recently had my first real nervous breakdown I actually can't say enough about this book. It has allowed me to tremendously and I actually hope it will help me continue to help others. I'm not out of the woods but I at least see some sunshine. I have been stuck in personal pity and fear for per month just waiting for this to go away. Now I actually am beginning to gradually live my life again irrespective of my feelings., I actually will make this simple, this book will help you with anxiety far more then any medication. It will help the debilitating cycle that goes on in your head when you are suffering from anxiety. I actually looked everywhere for help and I found it finally with this book. It takes time it's not going to happen overnight but this guide will the help you are serving for!!!!, In case you are like me and have grown tired of feeling anxious and panicky, this guide is as good as it gets. John David has CLEARLY been around the block. Likely to cry at some points and laugh at others because you'll relate so closely! He doesn't swamp, fen, marsh, quagmire you down with medical jargon or empty "power of positive thinking" text messages. He's just blunt, sincere, and sometimes harsh. In case you're a sufferer, you might need a little of harshness!

In conclusion, no book I've read has better represented the inexplicable pain of tension. He gives desire and you will feel comforted after realizing others have gotten before the other side of this tunnel!, I read this book during a time of high anxiety. It made me cry. Typically the words the writer wrote were feelings I had been experiencing. Typically the recommendations to diminish my anxiety worked. While you are going through a period of anxiety is feels comforting to know you're not alone. I actually would recommend this book to anyone with anxiety issues.

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