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I've been a nurse for over ten years now and We have seen my share of finish of life issues. I wasn't sure what to expect using this guide but I am very happy to say I really performed enjoy it because the tales FELT so real. It's a collection of short tales of personal accounts and I felt my heart breaking while empathizing with each situation. Throughout the guide I couldn't help but think, "What would I do issue was taking place to me? " This made me reflect again on the relationships I possess and how I should take benefit of every chance to enjoy the little things since life can be so fleeting. You have to really think about death and how it impacts us and people around us. Unless it occurs to us personally, sometimes we tend to easily forget that the grieving and mourning process goes well beyond the week of bereavement we are given off from work. We see people go back to their usual activities thinking they must be doing well but little do we realize that they are still coping with emotional pain and anguish months or years after they've lost a love one. Our society appears to be preoccupied with so many other details that death is rarely given much thought until it personally touches us. Well hidden doesn't mean out of thoughts in this case. Typically the more we can help the other person understand and deal with it, the much healthier we all can be mentally and emotionally. Conclusion of life selections and situations are never easy but I would wish that we can all make the right selections for ourselves and our loved ones when the time demands it. I definitely would recommend this to anyone interested in broadening their perspective and understanding for life. It's definitely worth the read., We don't pay much attention to finish of life issues until we are faced with them. These kinds of stories are thoughtful reflections on encounters at finish of life. These are not the recollections of folks who had near loss of life events. Instead the tales are from the other side of the formula - those who were near someone's death event and possess something worthy to speak about., Not quite finished with this collection of essays. They really allow you to stop and think about what the heck you're doing when you're trying to care for someone whose life is ending. Some of the knee-jerk responses, like not " giving up", prove to be deleterious to both care-giver and the person who is dying. Many essays note that pain alleviation should be primary in looking after these patients, and often it is not necessarily. Nursing homes, by and large, get a really bad rap (probably deservedly so) in general, despite the fact that a number of the caretakers do really hook up and treatment about their patients. All in all, a very sobering collection. Thoughtful, not a screed., As a educator, nurse, administrator, but more importantly, a cousin, wife, mother and grandmother, this collection of personally witnessed deaths, both peaceful and traumatic, emphasizes my personal wishes for my finish of life experience. As her power of attorney and witness to my mother's wishes on her behalf death, I honored the girl desire to die in her bed, just she and I together. She silently breathed away her previous hours with only my touch and hushed words of encouragement and release. These essays served to reinforce those selections made in clear minded, much healthier times. I would recommend this guide to anyone struggling using their own mortality or that of a loved one., Actually I bought this book for my spouse who needed to get the book fast as it was required for a nursing class and was in a rush to get it expedited thus I thought Amazon plus was an improved deal. The girl loved the way the stories were written and only regret was the professor didn't have the class make use of it as much as was first steer away from to in the syllabus. Overall, a good read for academics or for those interested in the subject matter., This book is very mental to read. With each story you get sucked into the life of the individual telling the tale. It really opened my eyes to what the prefer to have that experience with death. With a few of the tales I found them so powerful that I would run around the house having my housemates read them just to see if they will start crying like I did. Other than the content of the guide, the book was in perfect condition brand new. Now i'm really glad I bought this book., Everyone should read this excellent and very honest book about the end-of-life selections we all need to face. Far better sooner than later, especially to ensure it's clear to all loved ones., I have worked and volunteered with people who were unwell and dying for several decades, including hospice for the last 15 years. The stories in this guide still taught me about the perceptions and emotions survivors have while getting together with the dying. The guide was well written, very sensitive and empathic. I can't imagine anyone not learning something from reading it.

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