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I actually expected to see more of a tie-in with the first anthology. Despite the fact that various characters from the first stories did appear, it seemed they did not all act similarly to their original stories. Two of the best character types in this anthology became Bridget and her great aunt and their crazy play ( loved some of the lines they made their actors recite).

The first story, Map of a Lady's Center, was slow to get started with two new main characters being introduced, with only marginal acknowledgement of the former leading character types (the Duke and Duchess), who left the house party within the first few pages. The fight it out then only appeared at the end of the far too brief finishing to tell the hero to move away from his property as soon as possible -- without allowing either the hero or the heroine -- his own family member to try to explain. Also, the story ended abruptly with the hero and heroine just deciding to get married. -- no idea if they snuck out with their tails between their legs or if they confronted the Duke of what. Also, there was never any other mention within the two other stories in regards to what happened.

Hot Fake on the Cold Night -- Okay story, but found the supporting characters such as the great aunt and the woman youngest sister, and the strange play, far more interesting.

Snowy Night Together with a Duke -- Let down in this one as I had hoped to see a glimpse of Charlotte now 's family, especially Trent and his time-travelling better half, as well because the young brother, Henry. Charlotte was totally out of personality here., This was a little boring. Not even Katherine Ashe could pull it off., Collections of stories are usually uneven. 1 author may be motivated to write along the given story line while another is not.

All three of these integrated a sexual encounter, plus some seemed tacked on to the story to fulfill a requirement. Apparently, those societal restrictions of that time period that assumed a couple would indulge in sex if left alone for 10 minutes weren't so ridiculous after all.

The Linden story, " Map of a Lady's Heart, " was my favorite. Typically the H and h were mature, if a little hypocritical, and their story was the most believable.

The Rodale entry, " Hot Fake on a Cold Evening, " was very predictable and consisted totally of drawn out " he can't possibly love me--no, wait--maybe he/she does. "

Ashe's story, " Snowy Night with a Fight it out, " was the one I liked least. HOURS spies are not my favorites, but this one had so many improbabilities (the heroine is an perfect little angels soul devoting years to caring for the poor while getting up early to run long distances) with more " he can't love me--no, wait--" plus major physical problems, nobility spying for the crown to stop a thief, etc ., made it just about as silly as Lady Bridget's play back at the fortress.

The play was one of the more interesting aspects of the book and I out of cash my long-standing rule of avoiding books with people pretending to be discussing swans to read this book., December 1816, at the Kingstag Castle house party in Dorset, Britain.

MAP OF A LADY’S HEART by Caroline Linden

Just before the friends are to arrive for the house party to lift Lady Serena Cavendish’s spirits, the duke and duchess of Wessex have to depart in a hurry. The duke is the Cavendish sisters’ old brother, and Viola Cavendish, a distant relative, must chaperone in addition to overlooking the affair. Viola is the duchess’ personal secretary nevertheless she is in charge, as the girl’s mother, the dowager duchess is under the weather. Viola has to see that Serena, Alexandra and Bridget do not misbehave, which also pertains to the girls’ great-aunt Female Sophronia. A snowstorm seems imminent, and Viola can not shake a feeling of impending doom… Wesley Morane, Earl of Winterton, has finagled an invitation to the part of ask the duke to have an old atlas. He is also hauling his petulant and recalcitrant nephew Justin, Viscount Newton. Wes hopes to anständig in Justin, who shows all the signs of becoming a full-fledged rogue, and with the amount of young females present, it won’t be an easy task. Wes has to practice what he preaches, but upon seeing the fetching Viola, he becomes somewhat distracted from the purpose of his visit…

Caroline Linden had the daunting task of writing the first story, setting upwards the story and the environment, introducing the character types, and does so superbly. I had been particularly impressed with how well she “got” Bridget – an original creation of Maya Rodale, even though they are certainly not “those American Cavendishes”, Bridget’s spirit is all there! – Ms. Linden has written a wonderful Regency Christmas; she describes Kingstag Castle in lush fine detail; the ambiance is warm and inviting, even taking into account Bridget’s ridiculous play. Bridget is upwards to all sorts of mischief, and her play suffers many minor disasters, all quite amusing, while Serena is not as miserable as everyone feared; why is that?

Typically the romance between Wes and Viola is definitely gorgeous. This progresses steadily as smiles are exchanged, common pursuits are shared, and the attraction is mutually recognized, and every little now palpable. It’s all so romantic and lovely; amusing and cozy; and superbly written; a fresh perfect Regency novella.


In Maya Rodale’s novella, Lady Serena’s mommy, the dowager duchess, had thought a home party would cheer up her daughter and maybe find the woman a suitor, even a husband. Serena was jilted by the duke of Frye and Serena had been raised to be a duchess. The dowager duchess has even invited Frye, in case he changes his mind, but Frye has also invited his friend Mr. Greyson Jones, a diplomat of sorts. Grey had publicly said that Serena was too perfect, and that being jilted made her more interesting. Grey prefers interesting women… Serena must act as hostess, and one must not forget one’s manners, even if Grey attempts her patience. What she doesn’t know is that Grey has loved the woman from afar for a long time, but he is not an aristocrat, what’s a man to do? But when Lucian, Lord Gosling (yes, you may think of one bearing the same last name; you can trust Maya Rodale to give us a few giggles! ), so God Gosling captures Serena’s attention; he is perfect. In addition to that can spur a man on!

The mischievous Bridget and the excessive Lady Sophronia are upwards to their usual shenanigans, while love blooms during Bridget’s ridiculous play, and there are several laughters to have there! And i also loved that we get to experience a Christmas between the townspeople, also stuck at the inn. There is always fun to be had with Maya Rodale!


Lady Charlotte now Ascot and Horace Chapel – duke of Frye – are both on their way to Kingstag Fortress, separately, but a snow storm forces them to visit the Fiddler’s Roost Inn and wait for the roads to become passable again. Horace is to use his childhood friend Freddie, God Fortier, and they both do covert work for the Crown. They have a villain to apprehend, and when Frye views Charlotte, he must conclude his cover is not blown. Charlotte came from Philadelphia to comfort the woman friend Serena Cavendish after Frye split up their engagement. Charlotte hates that Frye did that, but she has always loved him.

Katharine Ashe’s story is a delightful conclusion to this anthology, and the woman writing is as wonderful as ever. There are some incredible plot changes, and – be still my heart – what a poetic declaration of love! Who wouldn’t burn! This is a charming and tender romance, while Frye and Charlotte relatively bicker their way to acknowledging their attraction, and then act upon it in a most unusual and quite amusing way. I loved reading about Charlotte’s time in Philadelphia, and I would have loved to read even more about it. Make positive to read A Take note from the Author, as Ms. Ashe relates some rather startling historical facts pertaining to her character types.

I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy with this book.

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