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I truly loved this book. We intended to get started on reading it today for a few hours and finish it through the rest of the week. My brain, though, thought otherwise. We read the whole book in one sitting. And purchased #2 in the series (which I shall start reading in a few minutes).

An engrossing read about high-school-aged kids taking college-prep classes who have them dorming in, of all places, an old asylum owned or operated by the college. 3 of those -- Dan, Jordan, and Abby -- become close and, therefore of sleuthing and curiosity, more associated with the history of the asylum than any of them thought possible.

More serious themes (growing in the foster system, homophobic parents/coming out, family hidden away) are present, but the book never appears preachy. Instead, all are cleverly entwined with the kids' discoveries regarding not only the asylum, but each other.

Typically the addition of black and white pictures detailing the asylum's sordid past made it an even better read., These books are just addicting!! Amazing guide with a carefully woven web of mysteries that the author feeds you slowly that gets you inevitably tangled inside the mystery. This book follows the forest Asylum guide in its storyline and intenseness. It presents to consumers to the edge of your seat in every turn. Even I those final chapters where you generally know what's happening, something tricky still pops upward. I definitely recommend this series to any guide lover, especially those that enjoy a good puzzle!, I could not put this book down. The a very interesting mystery for young adult readers. A single problem; it was pretty difficult to read because of the style the author utilizes. Its almost too " slangy. " I had to see sentences over and over again because it didn't make sense what was going on.

In general; buy this book for your teens!! It's a cool idea and addictive to read. Have patience while reading it... Kuddos!!!, We like trying new authors and recommending books for young readers. The guide was purchased because the cover reminded me of Miss Perrigrines Home for Pecular Children and Empty City by Ransom Riggs. Riggs gathers pictures from flea markets, paper shows and collectors. He weaves and creates very " out of the ordinary", unusual, fascinating stories using the pictures for inspiration. Riggs is a great author. The similarity was that Roux also had some eerie pictures of actual asylums featured available to support her history line. While Riggs two books were obvious dreams, Roux' s story was believable. I really could picture the dorm rooms at institution and feel the chilling, heart and soul penetrating darkness in the off-limits basement of the asylum. A trio of university students went to the locked basement away of curiosity, then could not stay away although they knew it could suggest getting kicked out of school if caught. Might be the past is still alive or maybe it can not living, just following so close behind that cold, wet breath can be felt on the back of your throat. Do the dead have the ability to textual content eerie messages on your cellphone? Is madness inherited? Don't give up and read the ending. Wait, even if impatiently, flipping pages for the final outcome. Prepare to be lost in the Asylum. The final. Or is it?, I saw the last book in this course at a local book shop and flipped through it, reading a passage or two. It looked like something I would enjoy therefore i started with book one on my Kindle. GEEZ - I stayed upward through the night to read it, but left the ultimate section to read in the morning. It was better to read the ending in the light of day. I definitely will read the whole series. This is a book that Sophie King would have been proud to call his own., A great read with a stable plot that retains you interested and leaves you guessing until the very end. I took my time reading the first third of the book, but was not able to place it down after that point. This is not to say that the first third of the story is boring by any means, but by this point, I became fully committed to the characters' welfare and desperately desired to see Dan proven innocent/sane and have all the pieces fit with each other, somehow. It can get a lttle bit grating at times due to childish squabbles among lead characters, but given this is a tale about a bunch of 16-year-olds, it's reasonable to assume that it comes with the territory. (I suppose this is one of the downsides to being an adult reader, somewhat than someone under twenty one, who is most likely the author's target audience. ) Overall, though, it is a well-rounded novel and I look forward to learning much more books by this author., It is a generally well written "who done it" with a few story flaws. The main character types are likable and generally believable, if you are willing to accept that exceptionally smart kids can handle repeatedly doing incredibly silly stuff. Also (Spoiler Alert) a primary premise of the book is that the lead characters, to varying degrees, are possessed by ghosts. This technique is not presented in a convincing manner. My final point is that the character who "did it" is in the story just enough so that we remember who he is, but we have no idea of carefully he has been through until the last few pages when it's revealed that he's undergone a dramatic change. This comes off as a "Scoobie-do ending". With a little more effort this could have been a much better book., Not just a horrible book, but not high quality, either, by any stretch. I was involved in the storyline and wanted to learn who the true baddies were, but the writing and the character types left a lot to be desired. I probably won't be reading the second in the series.

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