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I was interested in this book as I live in this part of the country, and also have spent quite a bit of time in present day Astoria, Oregon. Much here I did not know - however, disappointed that the book ended rather suddenly, and at least on the Kindle edition, indicated that I was only about 60 some % through the book - the rest was all sources and notes! Nevertheless, good read up to that point - just thought it could have been wrapped up in a more satisfying way by taking it further into future history of the area and how it impacted the settlement of the Oregon Territory.., Typically the author did a great job researching and writing about this historical journey. I gave it about three stars because the finishing to this adventure is boring and a bit of a let down. I know it's history and you can only tell it the way it happened but it was anticlimactic. It's still worth reading. I love reading about early people and their lives. You might too., Although I do enjoy historical books, my interests usually set you back historic history (usually European or Egyptian). That being said, I have also read some early American history (Lewis and Clark exploration, mainly) but I had never heard of this pursuit and settlement driven by John Jacob Astor. This is why I chose to read this particular book. This was very interesting, sometimes scary, and really brought out the complete insufficient communication that explorers had in that time period. Add that to all the problems and mishaps that occurred makes you ponder how anyone survived or took the time to make information for future generations! Typically the story, itself, ended rather abruptly nevertheless the notes that followed as well as what happened to all the people involved, added to finishing off the whole story., It truly is well written and has a great deal of information. I was interested in this book because I have had a beach house near Astoria for fifteen years and never really realized much about it's historical past. I have walked in the sites of the Indian villages and via out the town of Astoria. I take my motorboat out into the river all-around Astoria and mix the bar on good days and nights Salmon fishing. Amazing to think how much difficulty it was to get a deliver across the bar in those days. Most interesting for me personally was that of Mister. John Day. In Oregon we have 2 streams and a city called after him. This guide states he had psychological issues and really was a nut case., I want to learn the history of places that I have lived. This was an amazing book. Historical but never dry. Loaded with information about the beginning of Astoria and the history that led upwards to it. An incredible tale that has been lost to most of us today. Apparently in the middle of the 1800's this was a well known story that has sadly slipped our consciousness. The events had a significant effect on many parts of Amaericas growing up. Things I didn't fully appreciate until I read this guide. Thank you Mr. Stark!, An exciting read sucked from various source material, or as close at that gets. The text is well-compiled in narrative form, switching between land and sea excursions as well as the founding of Astoria, a proposed trading hub on the west coast. The main players are well drawn and memorable as they face grim difficulties at almost every turn. Peter Stark also offers memorable asides that almost feel out of place - for example, I never imagined learning so much about the habits of beavers - yet provide interesting information. Growing up in school, I would learn about the fur trade and trappers, yet never realized the way it was trained the great wealth and in fact empire at the rear of this trade. Even if you are relatively new to U. S. historical past, you will not be lost diving into this particular slice of the times as long as you know about the very basics, including the War of 1812., I have never heard of the expedition created by John Jacob Astor and Thomas Jefferson to create Astoria in the Pacific Northwest. The guide tells us why..... the expedition came too soon after the successful trip by Lewis and Clark and this trip was not quite the success. This specific book gives an information to the exhaustive journey north and west from St Louis and the choices and errors made by men who really knew little about how tough the land can be., This book details the attempted conquest of all the land west of the Rockies for rapport by the John Jacob Astor Company.
It also tells why the town of Astoria was named as it was.
The unintentional consequences are that a very rich man attempted to corner the hair trade west of the Rockies but failed. However, his overland expedition team uncovered a new the southern area of trail over the Rockies that eventually became the Oregon trail.

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