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I purchased this book for a " Sexuality and Culture" topical seminar and thoroughly enjoyed the content. We invested in average a week in the class each book so not a lot of time was spent with each text. However we were in a position to discuss quite a bit and apply the concepts to daily life and many of the issues surrounding transgender politics, mostly the issue of bathrooms since this is the hot topic at this time. Overall an outstanding guide that discusses various matters surrounding trans-bodies and what it means to be transgendered (as approached from many different angles). Salamon's articles are clear and also to the point but at times things get just a little muddled and becomes a little difficult to understand at times. A number of the chapters read easily while others are reminiscent of Judith Butler (ofcourse not a bad thing). Salamon's book opened my sight to numerous things that I had not previously considered and I would recommend this book to any person who wants to expand their knowledge of the materiality of the transgendered body and deeper concepts to ponder when making a discourse with others., Because a transwoman, books about transgender theory typically make my skin crawl with the anticipation of the author's short-sighted and lesiva stance. We get conquer up alot by our critics plus they come in all ilks, academics integrated. Gayle Salamon requires a fairly meandering perspective using the phenomenolgy of Merleau-Ponty (ofcourse not Hegel) and some psychoanalytic theory from Freud to critically deconstruct the sometimes polemical views of others dedicated to trans-embodiment and which means. I found the book to be a bit uneven - it sometimes resorts to the linguistic density of Judith Butler and at other times (especially from chapter four on) is perfectly understandable and logical. Salamon appears to use critical theory and the dialectic to extract appearance from essence ala Horkheimer and Adorno, surgically getting rid of the masks of bias from the face of existing separatist and essentialist theories. The book really does introduce some interesting concepts and arguements which hopefully will stimulate new thinking about what trans-people mean, especially to feminists who refuse to take responsibility for our existence. I do believe that the author places an over-emphasis on libido and sometimes drifts into spiritual territory that exists on issues the plane of a dream-scape. Education and ideas in support of the gender-possible are always appreciated, although the paradox lies in watching a debate unfold over our directly to can be found, something that we already take for granted. I do recommend this book with the single caveat that it isn't specifically about trans-folks but a serious assumptive and philosophical persepctive about the subject(s). For a 1er on being transgendered look to Kate Bornstein., I disagree with some of the criticisms in the prior review since this is one of the very clear-headed, lucid, and radical books We have read on this subject in the last years. For anyone of us who have worked in the trans community for a long time, this book actually gives us all so much of what we have been requiring. It demonstrates what we are about has everything to do with concept, and that we need theory and philosophy for our lives. There are so few books that really stone you in this way, and Gayle Salamon's extremely smart readings of Freud and phenomenology and the body image open myself to new worlds and make me see that intellectual work is very nutrition for the soul - which is the body after all. Here is a really perspicacious and radical writer who thinks carefully about what it means to be a body in this world and how we become one. Exactly how rare is that!

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