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1st, let me explain that I am an inveterate stock picker and market timer. And, as a hobbyist, Trying to find pretty good at it. But as a responsible husband and daddy of two, I'm not reckless enough to believe that my family's future should hinge on my continued ability to pick the right stocks and suppose when the market is going to turn the next corner. Besides, the crisis of the fall of 2008 shook me. We want to invest the bulk of the family assets in a way that might not be as exciting, but is much more reliable as far as securing our future lifestyle is concerned. That's what led me to the asset allocation approach. We searched a few titles for a primer on the subject and finally found this. It's crystal clear in explaining resource allocation and how it works. It goes beyond that, too, in explaining rebalancing, how to get assets in several accounts to reduce taxes, how to find the right purchases (stocks, bonds, real property, commodities, mutual funds, trade traded funds, and so forth ) at the lowest cost, how to tie our investments into our long lasting financial plan, etc., and so forth And the case studies really hit home. Exactly what really struck me, though, is is no simpleton's guide to investing -- the stuff that's covered is actually pretty superior, but I can't think about it being explained any more understandably than it is here. I might wholly recommend this book to any or all the do-it-yourselfers out there. You know, I would even recommend it to those who have financial advisors, since this publication could make you a much more informed buyer of advice during these times when it's challenging to trust anyone with your money. The chapter on how to grill an advisor before you hire one is worth the price all by itself.
[5 stars], An entire and thorough review of information pertaining to Asset Allowance. More info than one could want. A great book., One of the best Dummies books I ever read., Practical guide for starters., This is a very well written book packed with good and useful information. The book emphasizes the importaces of asset allowance and rebalancing. I would have liked a few more examples using some MS Excel functions in the book but as is it deserves to they have of every serious investor., So as to allocate anything, you must first have something to allocate. Asset Allowance for Dummies is evidently directed at investors with portfolios of 0, 000 to 0, 000 or more. The book relates to portfolios of less than 0, 000 as "small portfolios, " and wonders aloud if those with small portfolios should even bother with individual shares at all. Just buy list funds, the book suggest.

For those with enough assets to play with the big boys, the book may be helpful for all the reasons already mentioned in other posts. However you must do the exercises, which is often substantial.

The book offers little guidance in picking person stocks to allocate to your equity classes (Healthcare, Consumer staples, Financials, Power, Technology, Telecommunications, and so forth ). "So how do you choose a good stock? " the book ask and recommends, "Investing for Dummies (5th Edition)", by Joshua Tyson. I agree. Investing for Dummies is easier to understand and should be read before tackling Asset Allowance for Dummies.

Happy investing., If you know nothing about resource allocation, you'll know next to nothing when done with the book. Positive it explains risk and how using asset allowance can reduce risk, and so forth. When it comes time for details, these are no place to be found.

Wouldn't it be great if a book on resource allocation had some recommendations on, let's say, ASSET ALLOWANCE???
Wouldn't it be great if a book that talks about using asset allocation to produce non-correlating investments actually told you which asset classes are non-correlating?

Sadly this book is little more than an outline. In the finish you will have no further aid in determining which way to allocate your assets, and which have been successful in the earlier, that you simply might consider for your specific situation, etc.

Right after reading this book, you'll know the true dummies were the authors.

AND avoid the Kindle Version. The graphics are all turned every which way, should be small in size to be readable, and a visual embarrassment for the publishers., Would recommend to anyone who is willing to choose their own common fund investments rather than rely on others pay more

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