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I have just finished reading I Am AspienWoman by Tania Marshall. " Reading" is not quite the right word. This guide is not your typical tome with a great deal of tiny text, the type that I have piles and stacks of on my bookshelves that We have purchased over the years attempting to figure out what was " wrong" with me. Books on depressive disorder, books on shame, publications on how to find love, books on being introverted, books on how to socialize, books on your " dark side"... This book is very visual and filled up with images and pictures that illustrate snippets of the words of actual women who express activities that seem very familiar to me. Here is the very first personal reflection in the book: " Around I can remember, I have experienced different, from another earth, time or era. I can remember feeling different, and somehow separate, from very early on... " Of which one simple line totally sums up how We have felt about me personally from adolescence. That one simple line feels like home to me, like there is another human being in this world that gets it. It's the line I've been looking for in my countless personal help books and scholarly treatises with words I have never heard before. That brings tears to my sight. But that's only the first page. There are many, many pages in this book with statements We could have written. We uncovered only recently, in my 50's, that We am a woman with Asperger's. It was suggested to me by a medical doctor years ago that We might be autistic. We spent a lot of time reading about autism and taking online " tests". I related to Nothing of it. We didn't realize that autism in women looks and can feel very different from the common male stereotype. We uncovered it almost by accident, after i stumbled across the author's blog that had a listing of common attributes of women on the spectrum. This checklist is included in Appendix one of the book. Not one of the individual characteristics on its own is all that interesting or unique. Every person has them to a point. For me it was a whole constellation of the traits that chatted to me. After i read the list I just knew. I received a formal diagnosis a few years ago. It explains EVERYTHING. Everything from why I have face loss of sight to why I need solitude to why We can't stand small speak to why I can't stand being touched to why I have to own two cats at all times. It explains why I have been unhappy and it explains the quirky things I really like about myself. I find this book to be comforting, validating, and humming with an electric spark of potential yet to be discovered. If you are a woman on the spectrum, or think you may be, check out this book. Once you learn a woman on the spectrum and want to understand her better, check it out., Educational, insightful, I possess struggled my whole life to make sense of my world, I thought I was the only girl who felt like I failed to belong on this earth! until I read this book I felt like I was alone inside my struggles, and how We view things around myself, now I know there are so many woman out there who have very similar struggles! We are getting more books from this writer!, Beautifully written and created!, Great short testimonials. Desired more information from the author., Still learning, still searching, this was the first book I read. We expect I will refer to it again and again, Tania Marshall has again written a fantastic book that egages it's readers as they learn about the " female profile" of those who have Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). This book has helped me greatly. It is not only reader friendly for those who are not professionals, but it's a great tool for those who are. I wish I could give this book to every doctor and therapist here in California and beyond. We have a copy for my nurses to read at their leisure. They will have learned a great deal and some are buying copies for themselves. When you pick it up, you can't put it down! The female profile, is a fairly new topic of discussion that is of great importance to understanding and recognizing some of the distinct differences between males and females on the spectrum, helping ladies to receive a proper diagnosis and treatment for ASD. The added photography offers this book a literally, " vivid description" of what many women on the spectrum deal with and/or experience. Tania's book, I am AspienWoman, is the " complete package" in just a binder. I highly recommend this book to family, friends, loved ones, professionals and women who take the spectrum themselves. I love that it includes issues that women face as older people, such as relationships, intimacy, and work. Included in Tania's book (to my surprise) are a couple of the severe realities that put women who are on the spectrum at high risk for. In addition to the words of women on the autism spectrum are short commentaries written by some of the professionals who work with them as well as the people who really like them. This, gives this book a lot more personal view into the lives of women with autism. Tania's book is a compilation of her dedication to training people on the female profile and helping women with ASD to know jusy how amazing they are. Once again, great work Dr. Marshall!, I wasnt planning on a picture book but overall I found it very informative and interesting. The book provides excellent resources for women on the spectrum., Excellent Study. I possess waited all of my life to discover who I really am. Thank You Tania!

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