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Written well. I liked that she actually did the girl research FIRST by managing Amish families and eliminate the myths. There are a lot of Amish fiction novels that are poorly written. Amish fictional novels should be correct when addressing their beliefs and life style. A person wouldn't write about other subjects without intensive research. I give her thankyou for doing her research... and look forward to reading her next novel (#2 Undercover Amish series). One final note, Ashley is shows that she is mindful, and respectful of their culture such as dressing conservatively, asking, authorization before publishing. There are other top Amish writers like Beverly Lewis, Suzanne Wood Fisher, and Wanda E. Brunstetter and if she continues to do her research; she will be just as successful., I felt like We was reading someone’s personal diary – and that is exactly what you will discover too in Ashley’s Amish Adventure! What an adventure as she was embraced by an Amish community – remaining friends with some of these people today! She had the opportunity to live with a few families, and was eager to learn what their community was really like! It is not often that you have a true windowpane in to what it would be like to be Amish, or have the opportunity to read the again stories that lead to several excellent novels! Excellent book!, Many people want to put " Amish" people in a box. Many individuals think any female within the head covering or a lengthy dress is " Amish". Many people think all " Amish" groupings are alike. None of which are true. I had been raised in an Anabaptist group. We all have a bit of the kindred soul with each other. Nevertheless I learned something in this diary of Ashley Emma's. I am glad I read it. Give thanks to you, Ashley Emma, for sharing., Basically could, We would have given this 4. 5 stars! This is an enjoyable book. It makes the Amish lifestyle become more understandable as Ashley Emma shares her experience while living among the Amish. I would encourage you to get this book, When you read it, keep in mind that this is not really a Alfredia Fiction novel. This really is Ashely's journal that she retained during her visits with the Amish. You are doing learn some things about how they live and what is important to them. Likewise Ashely shares some pictures that she took while there. Overall, the publication is enlightening as it gives a more realistic view of the Amish people, We enjoyed it., I found this author to be very different from any other I had read about the Amish. I am doing reading Amish love reports and exactly what I knew was not at all factually true. Ashley opened my eyes and gave me a new appreciation for the plain life style and their faith. After reading about her visit, it made me want to continue looking over this series. I received this as a arc copy and happily volunteered to review it., Throughout my life, whether driving through Ohio, Pennsylvania or Maine while seeing the Amish buggies, I possess always had a keen fascination with knowing more about the lifestyle and ways of the Amish. You will find a quality to their lives that I think we all envy. Ashley Emma's sharing of the girl first-hand experience in A good Outsider Living with the Amish has scratched and satisfied that curiosity and my wish to step into their lives. I cherished her photographs and sensed a part of the girl week living with this community of people. I enjoy the openness she got into her experience and enjoyed all of her descriptions as if I had been a privileged guest. I believe I am not alone within my curiosity so We wholeheartedly recommend Ashley's Amish Adventures for all readers., A most interesting glimpse into the life of an Amish Community in Unanimity, Maine. The author invested some time there with different families and this book is a documentary of the people times. The Amish are recognized for their simplicity in life as well as their faith. This guide will take the reader into some homes, a church service and a 'singing' that occurs at 6 PM.

A number of the things that I discovered when reading this publication concern the variations between Amish communities. I didn't realize that there was an Old Order Amish and a New Order Amish. The way in which in which they do the laundry was also interesting to me. A treat is a time for bonding which sounds like an outstanding way to live. God is taken literally which explains some of their customs. Faith, family and food are the key points in their lives.

Thoroughly loved the pictures in the book. And, the main one of the ice house was most intriguing.

This publication will allow a reader a first hand glimpse into the life of the Amish community in Unanimity, Maine..

Highly recommended., Offers an honest view that few ever are granted to know. Pictures are great as they give visual look at the previous text. Quite unique and I've never seen before. Can't await any followup books.

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