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Simply finished reading this latest book by the modern day hero, David Wilcock. Typically the Introduction as well as the second 50 percent of the book alllow for wonderful, exciting reading, also for long-time addicts regarding Cosmic Disclosure and Knowledge Teachings on Gaia. Nevertheless David takes a genuine risk in including a good autobiography that occupies pages 27 - 240 (Chs. 2-13 for Kindle readers), a risk that several will conclude doesn't in the end pay off. As one early amazon reviewer suggests, readers new to David and the revelations regarding his " insiders" may possibly well be discouraged and deterred by the extremely detailed, frankly depressing account of his formative yrs. The best advice regarding most readers may be to see the Introduction, and then begin again at page 241 through typically the end of the book (Chs. 14-25). David's life-story chapters quickly get bogged down in a sad series of bullying and self-sabotage episodes, all recounted in painful detail. Frankly, it's a drag to see. David might have covered the essence of his misery more concisely in a new single chapter or perhaps a few sentences: the exceptionally brilliant child of creative mother and father, David's life fell apart whenever his parents divorced; he or she began to gain excess weight and stopped caring about his personal appearance; as a new consequence, he was made their victim mercilessly in the general public schools of Schenectady, NYC as the smart, fat youngster; eventually he stopped typically the bullying by the nick-of-time application of fighting techinques methods, but he was still an outcast; the few friends he made were callous jerks who bullied him more subtly under the guise of friendship; he got addicted in order to booze and alcohol very early and quite in a big way, which only worsened his / her life; the few brilliant spots included some ladies who, despite his general appearance, were attracted in order to his " beautiful blue eyes" and the possibility discovery of ABBA, not allowed listening in his household since " disco"; he joined SUNY, referred to as a notorious party school at typically the time where he had been bullied again and obtained even more heavily in to drugs and alcohol (but no sex); his lifestyle was finally overturn simply by two events - his / her sociology professor's discussions regarding the Cabal/Secret Government, and his (imaginary) near-arrest on medication charges; he began participating in AA meetings, but fallen out prematurely, probably replacing his addiction to medications and alcohol with a good addiction far more fortunate for all of us all - UFOs and conspiracy theory theory. This gets us all to Chapter 14, exactly where the book proper starts, and it's instantly a new glorious shot in typically the arm (as it were) for the flagging readers. Most, but not just about all, from the material here may be familiar to normal viewers of his Gaia shows, and will certainly whack the minds of newbies who succeed in slogging through this far. Here's a new brief recap of a few key disclosures:

- The solar system may possess been designed as a new kind of “spiritual advancement” farm, with its greatest goal apparently to bring beings in form (bodies) back to Source/God - this is suggested as opposed to verbalized
- An advanced protection main grid was installed around typically the solar system (over just one billion years ago), after which the super-advanced contractors mysteriously disappeared
- There used in order to be a huge earthlike planet (named Marduk) between typically the orbits of Mars and Jupiter (now the asteroid belt)
- Humanoids on Marduk warred with other advanced cultures, but apparently not together with humanoids on Mars since suggested in David's TELEVISION series, as well as the planet Marduk was destroyed, with Roter planet (umgangssprachlich) all but destroyed in a different catastrophe (both half a million yrs ago)
- This catastrophe shut down the protective grid, enabling negative entities to typically the solar system
- The “souls” (or perhaps the bodies? ) from the warlike Mardukers were recycled into more human being bodies on earth, seemingly mixing with the humans already here but distinguished simply by their gigantism and seemingly by their extended skulls (or perhaps these usually are an alternative species? )
- A unfavorable group of extraterrestrials got advantage of the destruction of the protection main grid to invade and essentially conquer Earth (300, 1000 years ago) – our picture of Satan is mentioned to look like a few of these beings
- The reptilians are said to give food to on negative emotions (fear, hatred, terror, etc . ), which is called “loosh, ” (Robert Monroe had been the first author in order to write about this concept in his " trips out from the body" accounts, not mentioned here) and this is their intention in order to make the planet since miserable as possible in order to feed themselves with this specific loosh energy
- This is one or more reason why life about Earth has been generally fairly grim and miserable throughout human history – typically the more misery, the even more loosh to eat (drink? breathe? David doesn't say)
- Typically the former Mardukians (though this specific is not made extremely clear - there appear to have been another later wave of " fallen angels" ) - had entitlement issues and also have dominated the rest regarding the human population since royalty and the monetary elites
- In late WWII a big portion of the German ruling elite relocated in order to vast warm underground caves under the Antarctic glaciers
- The US dispatched a war navy to conquer the fresh German Antarctica, under Commodore Byrd (1947)
- The Antarcticans just about all but annihilated the United states war fleet, and since a result, the ALL OF US President eventually caved in and signed a treaty with the Antarcticans
- The new business American and Antarctican allies established a “secret room program” in place now and the elite wanted to trigger WWIII after which they will re-emerge coming from underground bunkers to a new new world " purified" of all of its surface inhabitants
- Fortunately, somebody upward there likes us and the world's atomic circonspection were taken down simply by ETs/ higher density beings, some of whom established up massive spheres in our solar system seemingly as a means regarding restoring the ancient protective grid
- An " alliance" regarding those opposed to typically the Cabal and reptilians will be fighting back (and ideally this will not demonstrate to be a case regarding " meet the fresh boss, same as typically the old boss" )
- The sun system is entering a new long-prophecied high-energy cloud area that has the capacity to trigger an " ascension" (hence the book's title) of humanity, or at least the greater worthy portions of humanity who else follow the advice in order to " just be nice"
- Typically the precise nature of this specific " ascension" is not clear, but David appears to envision it as an swap of our physical types for that " rainbow bodies" attested to in Tibetan Buddhism, or as fresh spiritual bodies predicted simply by Paul (" and typically the dead shall be raised incorruptible" ).

The wild second half of the book nearly makes up regarding the depressing first 50 percent, but that is a close contact. Why this long, disappointing life story? Just speculating here: David may possess realized that the final 11 chapters were simply not enough for a new full-length book (at least not those we have been utilized to from him), or he may have discovered the opportunity for any general public catharsis irresistable (and who else can possibly blame him). At one point (pp. 228-29) he blames his / her early behavior on typically the elites: " My lifestyle had fallen apart, exactly as the power top notch had hoped it would. " Maybe, but this doesn't register quite that way. David writes that the long bio area is necessary to demonstrate why he's become a new fighter of cosmic bullies and bad guys, and that does make some feeling. As for David's longing regarding a " rainbow entire body, " he is yet in order to discover Advaita philosophy which may address his leftover questions. Read David's fresh book now for its fabulous second half; essential reading, whether it's fact or a new mythology (and perhaps they're typically the same thing)., Another brilliant and enlightening book simply by David Wilcock, that ended far too soon. For any who don't realize, Wilcock bears a great bodily resemblance to Edgar Cayce, probably the best psychic we've ever seen(Nostradamus could be as good, but your dog is too confusing for me to understand), and healthcare intuitive. Caye said that however continue his work in a new more enlightened age, and whether Wilcock is typically the reincarnation of Cayce or not, he is certainly informative the world today together with his unceasing work, about Gia TV, and through is many excellent textbooks. This one is his / her latest, and it's an additional step up the ladder to finding out exactly who we humans are, and where we're going. Wilcock's writing is down in order to earth and as readable as a John Grisham novel, and with Wilcock's subject matter, even more exciting.

One thing that David has done in this specific book, would be to give a new glimpse into his younger life, and how having been bullied to the point of a hospital remain. Being a girl, I never experienced bullying, and so i can't imagine how dreadful this must have already been. David learned self-defense which is a far better thought that just having general public service messages about not bullying. These stories enhance the wholeness of who David is now as a good adult and just how he may bravely explore the 'bullies' running our world nowadays.

I can't say I was deeply in love with the lengthy chapters on David's upbringing and drug use, yet I provide him credit regarding honesty. If true confessions are not your cup of tea, skip to the best component, that i explained below. Is actually well-worth the price regarding the this book.

My personal favorite subject in the book is will be the stories regarding the ancient builder race and all that they are yet to left behind. Buildings manufactured of a glass-like construction that have been close to for millions(? ) regarding years. Some are about the moon, and a few are in the rings of Saturn. There's a new book called the Ringmakers of Saturn that's uncommon and very expensive yet worth it. Anyway, typically the moon is full regarding mysteries and supposedly, this was an 'ark' regarding the giants who resided on Tiamat, the very earth between Jupiter and Mars. This race had been so warlike, that these people either blew up their particular own planet in their particular war with their celestial body overhead, Mars, or someone more did it on their behalf. They will used nano-technology to develop typically the moon and carry it in to our solar system so they really could leave their planet before it blew up(probably by their own hands). I can't help but consider that our very own elite would do the same, leaving behind the rest of us all on a doomed planet.

These 18 foot titans, then waited before the dust settled, and then took place to earth which now had salt water about it, proper care of Tiamat's surge, and a moon that made tides leaving earth much more dynamic. After that these giants came down to earth to survive and made themselves a new slave race out regarding the locals( you may see pictures of all of them herding around the smaller humans in the Sumerian tablets). Of course there was reptilians who had gone subway to escape the turmoil them had caused, and have been fighting together with the Tiamat survivors ever since, with humans as typically the cannon fodder. David offers really gone away a great deal of history for me with his research, and testimony from insiders(Brilliant Pebbles), which is why I read everything he puts out.

This a breakdown of typically the first few chapters so you can see how informative this book really will be.
Chapter just one: Introduction(David shares the earlier life of his mother and father and how this affected him growing up).
Chapter 2: A Battle Against Darkness(David describes the influence of typically the Rock & Roll scene from the 60's and just what those Beatles and Gemstones songs were all about). With the Viet F?rnamn war raging, American youngsters rebel.
Chapter 3: Touching The Infinite. (Carlos Castenada appears about the scene with his / her Joker books, awakening typically the idea of another reality surrounding us).
Chapter 4: Darkness Plus Light(As David grows up and asks questions of his / her father about the source of the universe, his / her minds starts to awaken to cosmic feelings).
Chapter 5 May ESP Save The Globe?: (Jones Town massacre had been examined. I had no idea that 700 survivors who else ran into the bush might have been killed by typically the US Military, or that the British Black View commandos were having 'training' exercises in the area at that time).

There will be so much more to this book, which I'm certain I'll reread as I've done David's other textbooks. Between this new book and Wisdom Teachings about Gaiam TV, David Wilcock has got to be the most interesting author/speakers/researchers regarding our time. Just since Edgar Cayce started us all on the road in order to enlightenment, also is Wilcock helping us see that there's more to this reality that we can also imagine.

The book ends with the Twenty-fifth chapter known as Blueprints of the Long term. Learn how the pyramids are connected to typically the Bible and just how Heaven simply might be our long term on Earth in a new new Golden Age. I ordered this book in January and possesses exceeded the expectations. Many thanks David Wilcock for sharing.

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