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There are a few points I think it would be great for anyone considering this book to realize:

-This is not a recipe book. This is a cheese-making book with some recipes for how to use the cheeses at the end. The difference? Real cheeses are cultured and take time. The same will also apply to real dairy cheeses, which almost all of us have never tried making before. Numerous vegan cheezy recipes in other cookbooks try to use flavorings to get them to taste like regular cheeses so they are made quickly. Except for a chapter of almost-instant cheeses, do not expect to make your preferred cheese for dinner this evening. Understanding this will set the expectations for this book.

-Culturing will also lead to hits and misses as you learn how to obtain. My previous experience with culturing before this was with sourdough, which has been priceless when starting this book. The first few loaves of sourdough I made were bricks and felt horrible. The ambient temp, humidity, and the culture that you start with (the rejuvelac or fat free yogurt for the cheeses) will all affect how your culturing goes. Do not tightly close the ethnicities. Living organisms release carbon dioxide just like we do, and your cheeses may expand in the container, and the pressure of the gas may even make the pot break. If you are culturing a thick mixture and it never grows, you probably need to wait longer. I suspect many people who did not find the cheeses to be flavorful were not successful in their culturing. Live and learn.

-The ingredients are important and something that I think must be better emphasized in this book (and is emphasized well in The Nondairy Formulary). Just use uniodized salt, as iodine can prevent culturing. Only use filtered normal water, the chlorine from the faucet can prevent culturing. To be safe, only soak the nut products with filtered water too. Rather than buying normal water, I keep a glass pitcher of water in the fridge. If it sits for a few days, the chlorine dissipates. Regarding the yogurt, only use soymilk or almondmilk without additives (i. e. soybeans or almonds + normal water, nothing else), the additives can affect how your cultures proceed. Also, you are more likely to have success with the yogurt using soymilk (versus almond milk). Don’t use nuts which may have been seated around for a long time, if they don’t flavor good raw, they would not taste good at your cheese.

-If there is a nut allergy or intolerance, do not buy this book. A better one for you would be the nondairy formulary. On the other hand, if you don’t have a nut allergy, We find Miyoko’s book to be superior and like that the nuts make the cheeses nutritious.

-If you go into drinking soymilk thinking that it’s going to be the exact same as dairy milk, you’ll be disappointed. But if you drink it thinking that it can be their own tasty beverage, then you can certainly like it. Same for these cheeses. They are not going to mislead anyone into thinking that they are dairy cheeses (unless they are a spread or sauce that is very strongly flavored). The texture is different and in some it is possible to notice a slight nutty taste (which We like). But they are tasty in their own right and do have flavors like the flavours of the dairy cheeses.

Other tips:

-It is achievable to reduce to the time associated with these recipes by using store-bought yogurt and rejuvelac, and nut butters (look for raw or unroasted, as the roasting will change the flavors). However, We found the yogurt and rejuvelac with quinoa to be super easy and it keeps for awhile. We love this yogurt recipe so I don’t plan on buying store purchased yogurt anymore. This fat free yogurt is also clean eating (Versus store purchased vegan, which usually has additives to firm up more). If it is not thick enough for you, strain it in cheesecloth overnight and it will be Greek style (or what Miyoko calls fat free yogurt cheese).

-It is achievable to get away without a high speed blender if you have nut butters. Sprouts supermarket here holds store-made cashew butter, and Artisana brand is available at Whole Foods and Amazon also carries it. Note that the nut butters themselves can be expensive, but it lets you get away with out a food blender that costs a lot more. For nut butters, replace 1 cup whole nut products with ½ cup nut butter.

-Don’t feel like you have to utilize cashews. I think the reason cashews are the preferred nut is really because they combination the easiest. I find the cashews a little too sweet for some of the milder cheeses. I love using Macadamias in the yogurt (though they are even more expensive than cashews). A new cheaper alternative is almonds, though you will probably need a high speed food blender for this (unless, if anyone knows of a raw almond butter-do NOT NECESSARILY use roasted! the flavour will be different). Brazil nuts may also work. Proceed for milder nuts if you experiment.

-I personally boil the nuts before using them in these recipes. A lot of my nuts are derived from mass bins and I worry about insect larvae. I have discovered that boiling does not impact the recipe. Just do not roast them. Nuts beef roasts at a higher temp and can modify the flavour quite a bit.

-It is achievable to avoid using carrageenan if you are worried about it. Miyoko explains her use of carrageenan and that it helps the cheeses burn better. Plus using agar agar and it works fine. 1 Tbsp carrageenan sama dengan 2 Tbsp agar powder = 6 Tbsp agar agar flakes. I’d recommend the powder over the flakes if you don’t combination the flakes, the flakes do not necessarily dissolved in thick solutions.

-I received this book for Xmas and so far make rejuvelac, yogurt (twice, once with cashews and once with macadamias), cream cheese, yogurt cheese, sharp cheddar, meltable muenster, nut parmesan, and tofu ricotta. We have made cashew cream previously in fact it is a great base to sauces or desserts that you might otherwise use dairy cream for (but don't expect it to whip, use coconut cream for that). All have turned out well but again, do not think it’s going to be exactly the same as their dairy counterparts. I currently have air dried parmesan in the works. I noticed that various other people have had issues with this and it does appear like the drying may be taking longer than the book suggests but I am optimistic. Tasting the mixture before it started air drying it already felt amazing. Now is camembert, gruyere, and provolone. Looking forward to trying all the cheeses in this book!, This book is wonderful, but be prepared to have carrageenan powder, xanthan gum (not guar gum), tapioca flour, and agar agar powder on hand. These types of recipes are time ingesting, but tasty and you may well not find a way to begin these immediately until you have almost all of these products. Additionally , you may wish to make homemade rejuvelac and fat free yogurt beforehand.
Aside from this, the quality recipes are tasty and we have thoroughly enjoyed the ones we have tried out. The sharp cheddar is great and that is the one we started out with. It takes more than the 3 to 5 minutes (at least it do for me) to prepare til completion, but once it comes together, it is worth the effort. I'm determined to fix the mozzarella tonight for french fries. I'm sure it will be equally as good. If not, I'll be back to add to this review. From the good book and a lot of work went into the creation of those wonderful recipes. Oh BY THE WAY, there are different types of carrageenan and you may wish to visit some of the resources that the writer has detailed in the back of the book. Amazon would not tell you the variation between the various varieties., We want to cook, and We have been a vegan for decades. This book is, hands down, the greatest surprise that I've had in the kitchen for a very long time. Wow! Where do I start? I made the rejuvelac, which is a necessary ingredient for many of the recipes, the day that I received the book. (I started out it that day. ) Super easy. I also made the yogurt immediately afterwards. Again, super easy. Very good results. As for the cheeses, I've made fresh mozzarella, sharp cheddar, basic cashew cheese, chevre, and marscapone so far. These types of are all very true to taste (yes, I remember the taste of dairy cheese), very easy, and really just in a little league of their own. I will mention that I never buy "supermarket vegan cheese, " as I do not look after the flavor of any of the brands at all. The cheese produced from the quality recipes in this book just bumped my socks off. The husband's too. Goodness! The book is merely fantastic. We can't wait for the girl next book., Love this book! I've already made hard cheddar, mozzarella, tofu ricotta and yogurt cheese. FYI: you will need additional ingredientes like agar agar agar, kappa carrageenan and xantham gum; you can find all those product on amazon as well that serves to as well order the lot., Thus far We have made the brie, basic cashew cheese and rejuvelac. Oh my god- the brie is absolutely amazing, and I need excuses not to eat it. I wasn't certain the cashews were heading to culture with the rejuvelac, but after about four hours it seemed to suddenly (literally) springtime to life.

As others have noted, it's pretty amazing the difference only a few extra ingredients can make; the difference between cashew cheese and brie is a little sodium, a tablespoon of nutritional yeast and coconut oil. I am awed by Schinner's mastery of method and based on the cheeses from her kitchen cookbook I am looking forward to the other recipes.

Having said that, I became popular a star because the ebook formatting is not helpful, especially compared to her pantry book. Whenever recipes are referenced in both the index and in other recipes within the book, there almost no hyperlinks. This means that if one recipe builds off of a foundation recipe- as many do- you have to lookup through the table of contents or create bookmarking. Not completely useless, but more difficult than it needs to be.

Still, I highly recommend this for any vegan looking to make cheese; you will not be let down.

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