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Creating Your Life Into a Work of Art provides the byline and concentrate of the Erwin McManus' book addressing humans as created creatures. His starting point, a theological commitment to Lord as creator, resonates with my fascination with creativeness specifically that people create, are creative, and must convey themselves. Our creativeness contributes to wildly various types and genres. And yet - somehow along the way some lose a sense of their creativity. This loss manifests itself through expressions like " I'm not creative" or " I wish I were creative like that" or " I may have a creative bone in my body. " McManus reminds us of the nature of art, creativity, and imagination (direct " " ):

2. Art exists to help remind us that we have a soul, the substance of being human, transcendent (p. 14).
* Creativity is the natural result of spiritual techniques (p. 17).
* The only art we can create is that which authentically reflects who we are.... every true artist fights for their creativeness (pp. 18, 33).
* The role of the artist is partly to understand a persons story.... to be an interpreter of individual likelihood (p. 76).
* The spirit feeds on the imagination.... imagination always precedes creativeness (p. 101).
* All art has an underlying narrative for which it advocates; all art is a declaration of meaning or maybe the lack of it; all art is created both for self expression and for the extension of do it yourself (p. 106).
* Design thinking: the procedure is informed less by the product than by the folks it serves.... what matters is how what we create affects and serves humanity (p. 111).
* Fine art has in its galaxy words like creativity, inspiration, beauty, and imagination, however in that same universe are words like perseverance, strength, tenacity, and discipline (p. 140).

At the ending of McManus' book, he or she supplies a series of practices, ideas, if you will, to foster soul work; find our voice; change our perspective, materialize ambitions, become 'great' at our work; be human and reclaim our humanity; and live fully. Read this book if you wish to:
* Understand more about God as Inventor
* Find out how that essence informs who we are as creative beings.
2. Be challenged to step off of the hamster wheel of " I'm not creative" and reclaim your capacity to imagine and be creative!
2. Explore a set of practices and advice on ways to be more totally present, engaged, and mythical in your daily walk., If you think you enjoyed Artist Way or one of the follow ups to it, you will love this more. It will be a great read and very thought provoking., The author so clearly describes the reality that " humans create" --we were created to be artistic creatures and we are all " artists at your workplace. " While some create with words and others with needle and line or paints, the 'creation' of others much more refined, but what each of us makes of our life is always a creative process. We may fail if our personality is not equal to our talent, or if our engagement and performance lack courage or durability. Recognizing that " the only world we can create is the one that demonstrates our soul", and that, ultimately, it is only the " quality of the produce" that matters, each of us will find meaning in every moment and every circumstance., The Artisan Soul is truly their own masterpiece of design. This speaks to the soul with an invigorating echo of positivity and encouragement. This book will challenge you to do some spirit searching and reach for more. That is a great read for the both the spiritual person and a person searching for tools to unlock their interest and purpose., Growing is to live, don't actually believe life isn't more incredible that you know. Erwin has been hands down one of the greatest gifts in my life, and iv never met him. If you see the book, first think that you are more than you think you are, and be willing to let go of any luxuries that may be calling themselves life. You can claim ignorance is enjoyment, but hiding is only going to locking mechanism the beauty that is hidden behind adventure. Exactly why adventure, because you were created to be a part of a love history! Don't get me incorrect, this is not a self help book. If your happy with what you already know, and just looking for inspiration, find another book., I will be now more aware of an artisans soul in myself and other people I meet. This explains my frustrations and lack of satisfaction I find in church. I experienced tied up from conveying my experience in unique ways. Top book if find you have a creative expression in you., Erwin has nailed the message of excellence without requiring perfection without having standard excuses.

Any struggling church community would benefit from people on that community being inspired by this Lord centered and focused concept.

We have been His workmanship., Clarified very deep questions We have wondered about for years... fantastic insight and fresh perspective with an age-old question. This is a must-read for anyone who will or would not think of himself or herself as an " artist. "

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