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As far as culinary skills go, Now i'm just an average guy in the kitchen. For years my wife has done almost all of the cooking, because she's better at it and much faster than I feel. We typically divide the duties with me at night outside at the grill (if the meal requires anything to be grilled) and the woman inside doing the real work. Because of some work schedule changes, I've had to up my game a bit in the kitchen, but I still just consider me personally a B student in the kitchen.

This cookbook completely changed my " average" image though. Seems baking bread with the original edition of  Artist Bread in Five Mins per day   since January 2011 and I have literally become renowned in my neighborhood and at work for preparing amazing bread. One by one I've had fifty percent the dads in my neighborhood over and taught them how to bake amazing bread.

It couldn't be simpler.

For the basic recipe, you mix fungus, salt, water, and flour in a big tub and put it in the fridge to increase and cool overnight. Then a next day you can start preparing. Bake however much you want, and then leave all of those other dough covered in the tub for upward to two weeks. You never have to kneed or punch the dough. And besides the initial rise, you merely need to let the formed loaves (I always bake more than one) rest and un-chill for about a fifty percent hour before you cook them.

I can create a batch of bread in less than ten minutes. I store all my ingredients in plastic storage area out in the garage, so I just grab what I need and bring it into the kitchen. I always mix the double batch recipe that they describe as the " 6-2-2-13 rule" in one of the sidebars. Doing this I have plenty of dough to make loaves for my family and make enough to take to share at work.

I rarely make the dough and bake it on the same day, because the dough is stickier and harder to work with at first. Despite the fact that you CAN form and bake the loaves following your initial three hour rise, it's a lot simpler to allow the dough cool overnight before you try to bake with it.

The results are amazingly beautiful and delicious (and cheap) loaves of bread. I wish I could post pictures here, but I may think I could add images until after the publication is released to people in October.

The publication has a great variety of recipes. I love making the deli rye and pumpernickel. Or if you prefer the simplicity of the master recipe, it's easy enough to stick with the master recipe and just slightly modify it by adding other elements. You can include fresh rosemary to make herb loaves. Our wife's favorite is for me to add a glass of sunflower seeds before mixing. Another favorite of mine is to alternative dark beer for fifty percent of the water through adding a cup of grated cheese and a glass of chopped fresh jalapenos.

I think what I like most about these tested recipes is that they have a very wide perimeter for error. It's fairly hard to botch this up. Plus it's very easy to modify the recipes to match your taste. If you like the taste of yeast, then use more yeast. If if you're watching your sodium, reduce back on the sodium. If you discover that the bread is coming out too dried out, add merely a touch more water and cut again a half a cup of flour at any given time until you find your perfect combination.

Another simple thing to do is start with the master recipe and just add your chosen seeds to the top before you cook. Sesame seeds are my favorite. Flax seeds are also delicious. It's such a simple way to completely change the flavor of the loaf, all with the same batch of dough.

Once you feel comfortable with the fundamental " master" recipe, it is rather easy to branch out to the other recipes in the book. I've enjoyed all of the recipes that I've tried: whole wheat, semolina, English granary with barley malt and malted wheat flakes, and more. They're all amazing.

Just what do you need to get started? Not much really, but I came across that some extra accessories like a baking natural stone, pizza peel, and parchment paper made things go better for me. I've put together a list of items in this collection:


Maintain it cheap!

The best way to keep the price down is to choose the software program items at a big store like Smart & Last. Individual yeast packets at the grocery store are most likely the most expensive ingredient (about a buck per packet). It's a lot cheaper to obtain a pound of yeast for under at Smart & Last. Same goes for the flour: buy big hand bags of flour at Intelligent & Final to save money.

For any of the difficult ingredients like rye flour (which is almost impossible to find in my neighborhood) I just buy it here on Amazon. Anything I can't find here at Amazon I can find pretty easily (but not as cheaply) at King Arthur.

What's new in this edition?

I've been using the original version of this book for years. The " New" edition has some nice new changes.

* Dumbbells & Measures: All of the measures for the ingredients are now outlined in tables. Instead of just listing the proportions in cups, they are listed in U. S. devices (cups, tablespoons, etc. ), metric units, and also by weight. The most exact measurement is the weight, because regardless how firmly or lightly you pack your scoops (resulting in different quantities), the weight is what it is. If you pack your cups densely, then 13 cups of flour is often more than is intended. But if you measure by weight, it doesn't matter the amount of cups you scoop.

* A lot more photos: A picture may be worth a thousand words. The original edition had good photos, but this one has even more. They will really help.

* A lot more recipes: The authors have a very active website with a thriving foundation of fans. They've done a nice job in this edition of adding some extra recipes suggested by or inspired by these fans.

* FAQ: This particular edition has a great list of Frequently Asked Questions who have come up on their website.

* Gluten free: They've added a complete chapter of gluten free tested recipes.

* Tips & Techniques: They've expanded the items of the Tips & Techniques chapter to provide even more helpful items.

* Improved index: The authors' description mentions an increased index. The advanced reviewer copy that I have doesn't include the index yet, so Items just have to take their word for it. I believed the index in the original version was fairly strong, so I'm excited to see what they've done to improve it. Sadly the table of contents is still really bad. It just provides the chapters without the details. (Was pumpernickel listed under The Master Recipe or Peasant Loaves? Gaaah! )

I am obviously a huge fan of this technique and these tested recipes. I've personally coaxed a bunch of my friends to buy the first version and try baking for themselves. I've also given many copies of the first edition as gifts to friends. It's been a blast to see regular guys like me learn to bake amazing bread for our families. A new bunch of us even got together and had a huge " Dad's Cook Sale" to raise money for one of our kids' sports teams. This was a huge success.

I'll see if I can post some photographs in the below (you can't connect to them in the body of a review like this).

Give it a try and also have fun with it!

CHANGE: I've updated the link to the gathering of tools. Hopefully Amazon preserves the link., If you've never seen the first version of this book,   Artisan Bread in Several Minutes per day: The Finding That Revolutionizes Home Baking , then spend a few minutes reading their reviews. Then, if you select you like the reviews of the original version, come back here and buy this updated one instead.

The updates are welcome improvements over the original. There are some obvious improvements:
* A couple dozen new recipes
* A chapter of gluten-free recipes
* More color photographs

Less obvious changes, but more important to me:

2. Recipes now include weight measurements for flour! This particular is important in my opinion. In the first edition of this book, when measurements were only given by quantity, I wasn't always sure I had been getting the right amount of flour, and would sit down and exercise weight calculations by hand. Now, the authors have done the measurements for me.

* The authors have learned a LOT from their readers! They will have a regularly updated website where readers post questions and comments and recipe variations. The authors have incorporated much of this info into the new edition. For example , the "tips and techniques" chapter has been significantly expanded to address a variety of issues who have come upward over the last many years (such as "What will i do about changes in the dough towards the end from the storage life? ").

Even if you have the first edition, in case you spend in this new one? This will depend. Here's how I look at it:

2. If you are an avid follower of the authors' website, then you are probably "up-to-date" on subtle tips, new tested recipes, and so on. So, this publication might offer little past your original purchase. Nevertheless, it does nicely integrate all the old materials along with new information gathered over the last several years.

* Have got the old book, but do not the actual discussions on their websites, then you are likely to appreciate all the new information packed into this new edition. Buy the new version, and pass along this version to bring in a pal to the "5 minutes a day" strategy to baking bread., I've been baking delicious crispy crust bread with this well-known and easy breads recipe for about four years and was delighted to be able to gift idea this new book to my daughter for Holiday along with the Danish dough whisk so the lady and her family can also enjoy freshly baked breads everyday with non labor intensive recipes. I also ordered the Kindle version for myself so I more than likely have to out my kitchen-stained well worn imprinted recipe each time I needed to make bread bread. This book has many many bread recipes of all sorts which are made from their basic Five Minute bread bread recipe which is wonderful, so easy to make with just four elements and the 4# blob of dough can be kept in the bread container in the fridge until you want it. Lots of beautiful photographs of numerous bread. This book would make a perfect addition to any good cook's bookshelf!

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