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We first encountered Jeff Goins through his website while researching ways to produce money online. My first impression is that he was another web " Guru" looking to sell myself something. I wasn't amazed primarily as I sought over his website. We saw an " artsy" type who I didn't seem to be to hook up to right away. I am a scientist and tend to be analytical in my thinking. We didn't dig too strong during that first web site visit. I did see that he was offering his book for the price tag on shipping and handling.
As an die hard bibliophile, as many of you likely are, this caught my attention. Getting the jaded soul that I am I discovered that he would plug up the shipping and handling to protect the manufacturing costs of his book. So I ambled on over to Amazon and saw that it seemed to be a reputable book and that it wouldn't be released for another month. I discovered that I could spend the . 95 without the true sacrifice and gone ahead and ordered it. I thought that was that, and i also would see it in the mail in a month or so. Boy was I ever wrong!
Thus here it is 33 days later and We must say that We completely misjudged Jeff. I had my blinders on and might have missed some real personal growth had Rob not knocked them off my face. So what changed my thoughts, you ask? Well the first thing is that We received an email from Jeff the same day that I ordered the book with a link to an entire version of the book in PDF format. So I wouldn't have to wait a month after all to get started on reading it. That was nice.
I also received a link to a writing challenge called Our 500 Words. Jeff challenges you to write at least 500 words each day for 31 days, and he emails you a fast every day to get you going. These aren't namby-pamby prompts, but ones that make you think and push you out of your comfort zone every day. As a scientist We write and review information every day, but these are technical reports. Would We be able to keep up with 500 words a day on matters more concerned with the human element than chemical elements? Merely one way to find out - start writing. Properly I finished the challenge two days ago and my total word count number was over 41, 1000 in thirty-two separate articles. As it turns out there I guess I really do have a lot to say. In case you haven't tried the challenge do yourself a favor and start it today. If you are not careful the last day of the challenge may be the first day of your new writing career. We now own four of Jeff's books and my mind is opened even further each time I read a number of his work.
Jeff is a real inspiration as well are those he presented in The Art of Work. I have read the PDF version and get motivated in so ways by all of those who Jeff writes about. We believe that we have all experienced each a number of the trials that many of these people have gone through in the seven stages of discovery. For myself the book really performed a great job of identifying those stages, and then making them relevant to me through real world experience of each day people like myself.
Jeff managed to somehow break through that armor I keep around me, and also to get myself thinking and feeling outdoors of the box. He or she managed to do this with a number of e-mails that truly challenged me to be the person. We have never met Rob, but I am really glad that I tripped into his website that day over a calendar month ago. Get this book and commence a brand new journey towards your true lot in life., As someone who has already been functioning in what seemed to be " my calling" for over 2 decades, I pondered if Jeff Goins' latest book might have anything much to offer me. Not really because I'm a know-it-all but because I pondered if I had passed my prime or top.

Believe me when We say it had plenty to offer.

Not only performed this book rip to shred some erroneous thoughts that have been long standing in my life, it presented what I believe is the view of life, work, purpose and most important of all legacy.

Occasionally I discover the mistaken notion that doing is more important than becoming. After reading The Art of Work I've been reminded that who I am becoming, through both the good times and bad, is what matters most. Additionally it is what people will bear in mind.

Exactly the same is true of you as this book plainly brings to light.

I believe that the takeaway from The Art of Work will be unique to each individual who reads it. At first, I thought it might be for individuals in their 20's and 30's but, as We read along further, I noticed that since it was speaking to me that was not the case.

Here is the stand of contents for those who might be interested:

Introduction: Typically the Cancer That Couldn't Stop the Triathlete
Part One: Preparation
1. Listen to Your Life: The decision to Something Old Not Fresh
second . Unintentional Apprenticeships: The Teacher Appears When The Student The very least Expects
3. Painful Practice: When Seeking Isn’t Good Enough
Part Two: Actions
4. Creating Bridges: The Leap Of which Wasn’t a Leap
5. Pivot Details: Why Failure Is Your own Friend
6th. The Portfolio Life: The New Kind of Competence
Part 3: Completion
several. Your Magnum Opus: Exactly what Legacy Looks Like
Conclusion: The Work is Never Done
Appendix: Your First Actions Down the Path

I found each one of the stories used in this book to be pressing and inspiring. We were holding all well told by the author. And, what We liked is that they didn't detract from the key message of the book. They weren't additives but instead used to provide essential points which We appreciated.

My favorite chapters, during my first reading of the book (and there will be more) include: Pivot Points, Typically the Portfolio Life, Your Magnum Opus, and the conclusion.

I think I related most to the last history of the book. The successful man, in the eyes of the world, on retiring discovers yet another purpose. When questioned what his most important work was it was not that which introduced him the most money but instead that which introduced him the most fulfillment and had the greatest impact on other lives.

I would like to be like that man.

This is the second time that I've read one of Goins' books on the brink of what experienced like " retirement. " Darn that guy. He or she keeps derailing my programs to chill out and become a beach ass for the next twenty plus years.

Secretly (or not since I've now shared it with the world) I am thankful for the ways this young writer, who continually matures with each book which he writes, challenges me to view life a little in a different way and re-access things.

His / her book Wrecked really flipped my entire life upside down. We have never recovered to be honest. The Art of Work has caused a great stirring as well.

It has allowed me to to reframe much of my entire life, up until this point, in ways I had not before considered. It has also pretty much caused myself to ditch the " live like a hermit" retirement plans. Although uncertain what the next pivot point will be, I now know very well what to look for and am continuing to create my collection in the meantime.

In case you hate your job, feel unfilled in life, ponder what your purpose is or if you even have one, this book is a great help to you. And if, like myself, you have wondered if your greatest days are behind you it also will help answer that question as well.

Just be prepared to do some work if you want to discover your " calling" or " purpose" because anything at all of value requires a little elbow grease!, We keep attempting to like this book but there is something that rubs me the wrong way. Probably it is folksy, helpful (somewhat condescending? ) tone. Maybe it is the underlying assumption that anyone can be successful following his methods. I avoid know. I am not just a white, midwestern, small community male and I performed not find this helpful or inspiring. I gamble there is something helpful or useful in here but I every time We pick it up and read We am so defer that I roll my sight and set the book down. At this time I can't be more specific since it has been sitting collecting dirt while other books have been read and re-read (You Are a Badass comes to mind). Thus, obviously this is simply myself and my experience and yours might be different, but this review is about what my experience was and I failed to find what I was looking for here. Thus don't hate on myself if you had a different experience, I am just relating mine., Typically the Art of Work is not your usual pep-talk, feel good, self-help book. Rob Goins uses real world examples of how people found their calling. That aren't the usual superstar successes. These are stories of regular people who made a choice to make a difference. Some were winners, some multiple-time disappointments. One of the examples, concerned pivot points. In the history, a new company was getting along okay until the economy developed problems. As a last-ditch try, they made a minor change in their business model, and soon outgrew their earlier income levels. Art of Work is not just about business, it can also about human spirit and taking a chance. It's about doing the sort of work that matters, and finding what you are called to do. Art of Work has made me re-think a lot of what I thought I knew about jobs, and recommend the book to others.
I liked Artwork of Work so well We acquired our grown son his own copy.

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