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I wish to tell future readers with this book in this way. I read it first when I was 14 or 15. I believed it was a book how to smartly fight a war. Then I re-read it when I was 28 and it occurred to me that it might be an instruction book how to navigate an honorable life. Years passed and We recently found it at the bottom of any box in my closet. We read it again at age 56. I realized it offers more to offer. In case you read this book, you will actively have to replace Sun Tzus' ancient phrases and placement of hierarchy and apply those to modern situations and people. Family, bosses, neighbors, employees and the list goes on. It is my perception that this " manual" can help solve minor and major disruptions in life if used properly. It is a publication meant for good., The particular other authors have translated the original text (incorrectly in many aspects) and then make use of it to demonstrate what those translation imply in today`s business phrases. Gagliardi is the sole the one that actually found out a complete system within the text. Looking over this book along with his other rule books (9 of them) which are his most complete work will make you question if any other institution of strategy is actually what it claims to be.

I had to throw away the work of other two authors, one has 50 strategic regulations, the other has six. All they do is take Chinese and adapt it to business language. Consider yourself partially aware of what strategy if if you dont read this book along with the other 9 rule books. Begin with this one and try the initial rule book and you will question any other source of strategy., Great read didn't get first 3x I read but when actually get into to it it feels right and is awesome must read. Either this paper pack or that hard copy which just like a bible has all kinda books written inside and hard copy well over 1000 pages easily huge wanna good read get that one like - worth then read papers back explains the artwork and paper breaks it down like dummies for the art of war I'm disabled long and short-term memory y experienced read. So much. Yet I retained it ultimately well most part. Yet if not into all that reading which I have had over a your rather than even half way done get paper again it maybe 100or so pages. Easy read. Required me an 1-1/2 to read and I don't really read so easy to see over and over so I can keep in mind it. Something everyone needs to read regardless of life job or faith., Flipping through it We glean bits and pieces of an organized mind. I may easily understand why this book has existed for more than 2000 years. My objective is to read it slightly at a time so that I take in some of the beliefs. I will be not interested in war but I am serious I how men think and plan, this should be an excellent guidebook., Training from this book can help you in many facets of your life. Not just war... but so!, This can be applied to daily life, to operate life and of course if you need to consider over another country. Fantastic read if your a military history fan or just like a good tactical book., The book is short but interesting. Is actually written in the style of bullet points. Is actually not hugely practical for today's times, but it is very interesting to see the wisdom of someone from 1, five hundred years ago and the guidance they gave to deal with war in their time., This publication is relevant nowadays in both the private and public sector. The future and current leaders of today should read this. As an officer in the fire service this book hit on some key areas. The rating I gave was fair and appropriate. Enjoy.

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