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If you're story is " We never have enought time" or " I'm too busy" then read this book and pay attention to from a true master who not only teaches you the actual skill set that launched his incredibly successful job that reaches millions and impacts them globally, but he's done all of this in only a few short years, while being an amazing dad and husband. To read this book and know the man behind it, really is driving this review. He uses his practices and his practices get results. Read this book, apply the lessons and watch your life expand as you have more of you and less of what's not serving you., Pedram is very knowledgeable. Purchased other of his books, fellow member of his academy program and stakeholder of the prosperity program. Just started to read this book and Like it. Little reading every day can make a huge difference at the end. Have this book it will help you enjoying your life to the fullest., Pedram has created a wonderful source of those looking to improve their lives through practicing mindfulness.

The ability of Stopping Time brings together the most modern and helpful research and also the precise product information available on practicing mindfulness in the current hectic world. The mindfulness techniques inside of this guide been employed by really well for me and I recommend them to anyone looking for inner peace, relaxation, serenity and freedom.

We really enjoyed how Pedram broke out a plan into covering 100 times. Examples of days covered include

- Gratitude
- Desk Time
- Stressed Time
- Dream Time
- Digesting Emotions
- Doing Absolutely nothing
- Deceleration Time
- Podcasts and Audiobooks
- Time Audit
- Environment Rituals
- Social networking Day Off
- The Bands of a Tree
- Etc

This guide is packed filled with ideas and suggestions that anyone and everyone can profit from.

This book is sitting down in my tea area and it's a great reminder to slow down and smell the flowers sometimes., Pedram Shojai’s latest book, The Art of Stopping Time, is a treasure trove of suggestions for reclaiming power over your time while moving through life more consciously. Typically the 100 daily exercises ~ or gongs as Shojai calls them – includes practices from time audits (exactly like it sounds) to time with the stars. (the celestial variety, not Hollywood. ) We jumped at the opportunity to participate in a test -panel that utilized 50 of the gongs and witnessed firsthand how valuable these daily practices can be. When I re-evaluated my priorities (Day 1 ~ assembling your life garden) and started to “chunk time” (Day 13) We found that my output in creative writing skyrocketed. To my delight, it is still going strong. The ability of Stopping Time is a treat to read - each gong is merely two, shortish pages or less and the author’s tone is conversational; soothing. There’s no fluff, yet it’s thought-provoking and no-nonsense. As with all self improvement, it will require action and determination.: ) I loved the book – five celebrities, highly recommended. It’s one I’m giving for Holiday this year., This is another life-impacting guide from Pedram Shojai. Urban Monk was a game-changer for me, one of the best overall health and wellness books I'd ever read - so it was obviously a no-brainer to check this one out there. I'm definitely not dissatisfied! They have an incredible capability to take sometimes over-complicated concepts and turn them into easy, practical instructions and suggestions to live a far more balanced, healthy life. Mindfulness practices don't have to be intimidating or complex - simplicity is victorious the day, and Dr . Shojai understands the importance (especially in today's fast-paced world) of producing sure his suggestions are things people can actually implement easily into their lives!, This book is filled with practical insights and methods for increasing the quantity of things we can get done in a day, while experiencing less stress and overwhelm in the process. Inside my work with parents of children with disabilities, the issue of " insufficient time" and the demands of life often pops up. This is the first resource I have discovered that can actually help my patients and families develop new habits and ways of considering about time, so they can reduce their stress and accomplish more of the things they want to with their kids. Since a full-time clinician and mom to 4 kids, I have gained many helpful insights and tools to handle my time more effectively, and also to really feel like I am putting my attention and time into the things I most value. I highly recommend this guide, and look forwards to recommending it at my clinic!, I've know Dr. Pedram Shojai for practically a decade and I am thrilled that he has published this book - it is the perfect companion to anyone who is seeking to get healthier as it will help you discover the time (the #1 excuse We see for why people don't get their exercises in or their diet dialed). Grab it - your time 1-5 minutes a day on the exercises and prepare to convert your life in literally MINUTES A DAY!, This is a must read book!!! Especially in the times we are going through to stay more aware and centered. It will enable you to get much peace of mind when there will not be a lot from it out there nowadays. I have permanently incorporated many of these into my life now. I would say probably over 3/4 of them! They all make perfect sense and doing them is relatively easy and brings such a ease to everyday living. They are all really common sense things that many of us have lost touch with in this fast paced crazy world to residing a happier more content life and after doing them you see every thing differently. Kinda like... " don't sweat the small stuff" Thanks Pedram Shojai, you have actually changed my life effortlessly your honest advice and teachings!!

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