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I will be a 30-year PGA expert and have read numerous golf instruction books about virtually every aspect associated with the game. This relatively short book on chipping, pitching and other facets of the short game is probably the best I've ever read plus, in fact, helped me greatly with my personal short game that i had been struggling with the past few years because of lack of playing moment. Other than for any position beginner, this book may absolutely help any degree of golfer if you consider the time to go through, understand and practice the mechanics that are set forth within this book. Very very good instruction that will not take hrs of the time on the training tee to use in your current game and save some strokes., Pretty incredible simply how much our short game improved inside a matter of hrs. I understand now exactly how little i knew about wedges and chips/pitches. Inside 10 minutes at the practice green i strike a high, soft pitch to a pin about 15 yards away.... did not that before, always depended on a bump plus run. First time inside my life that i actually feel like i am about to gain some strokes on the short game., Utley's ideas have recently been circulating around the game for the last 10 years. I have been a good Utley advocate with our own players, and am was slightly biased because I actually played golf against their younger brother. Stan will be passionate about his undertake the short game, and the text is clear, to the point, and well-written. The excellent drawback within the book will be that in the type of golf instruction, it is lacking more visuals. Full-page, multi-frame super slo-mo associated with what precisely the body and club are carrying out throughout the shots might be tremendously beneficial plus would catapult this several star up to five easily. Still a must for any instructor or coach., This book is straightforward, concise and effective. To me, the method that Utley promotes was very easyu to implement and commenced saving me strokes right away (and with no training -- the spring provides been so cold plus wet that there was no local destination to practice the short game).

Utley's approach may sound counter user-friendly to how many people strike chip and punch pictures, but that is component of what makes it thus effective. To include Utley's training into your short game, you most likely may have to completely modify your chipping swing (this is not almost since difficult as it noises -- it's just a issue of paying attention to what he wrote plus following his direction), which often means it will be impossible to slowly stop using the Utley-taught swing and drop back on your old habits.

I'm an 8 handicap and already had a fairly decent short game. I think this might be a great publication for any player together with a handicap higher compared to mine, and for any kind of low-handicap golfer who does not already feel their personal short game method will be their biggest strength., This particular book is great with regard to mid to high problème golfers in my thoughts and opinions. I am a lower handicap golfer and whilst I have incorporated a few of the techniques explained within this book such as the revolves move and hand action he describes at duration. I simply cannot get comfortable chipping and pitching through a square to shut down stance. I enjoyed their simplistic approach and I actually will take away a few of his pre-shot routine as well as other course management strategy this individual discusses but don't see myself going all inside on his technique., I've enjoyed the game for 50+ many years with a "sure hope this gets close" short game. The things i "know" about the short game I've educated myself, learned from statement or gleaned from 30 or more instructional textbooks. I'm sure you've been there more than once... buy the book with very good intentions, struggle through the 1st 25 pages of "overlap X and Y after that decrease the angle associated with blah, blah, blah". The particular book goes on the shelf with the relax of them and it's back to "hit and hope". This book was entirely different... brief and to the point with instruction that I can call, without exaggeration, game changing. A couple of suggestions... read the publication all through and then move back and pick up the details. Won't take lengthy because there are simply 4 moves that may forever change the way you approach the short game. Suggestion 2... to tie everything together you may need to see what you go through... go on Youtube (put Stan Utley in search) plus watch Mr. Utley strike some shots. I produced some notes (4 ranges on in index card) and visited the training green. It took all associated with 20-25 minutes to have this together but the development was nothing short associated with remarkable. If you usually are serious about your game and wish to get better, buy this book., I liked the simplicity in the publication. No overly complex golf swing mechanics. Stan allows you to take good thing about what you have completed that is the full golf swing and appropriately in a new natural way modify this slightly for the short game.

You need to read the book or key passages many times to get it but when you do and get this with your muscle memory, this is very simple.

I personally like the idea of applying only 1 club just like the sand wedge with point out a 11-13 degrees bounce for everything around the green. I used to earlier use more compared to one club and the reasoning becomes difficulty. We 1 club you know very well what the club is intrinsically in a position of doing and that enables you to swing with much less contradicting swing thoughts.

Combining his lesson with  The Inner Game of Golfing   Tim Gallwey's book on the Interior Game of Golf may most certainly help you take your current short game to the next level.

Enjoy the short game!, Quick and to the point together with his concepts. Mr. Utley definitely knows what he's talking about. Love their concepts. Don't really like all the extra stuff about seeing the shot plus planning, but I'm positive it's helpful to starters. Love the quick facts in Chapter 10 that summarize everything.... very helpful when you need to move back and read anything!

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