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I just lost 20 pounds in four months doing a KETO based diet. JUST read this book... so helpful. I'm a low carb/primal/paleo (can we invent any longer labels nowadays? LOL! ) I have not consumed grains, beans, much fruits for 6 years. No more have any chronic respiratory problems BUT I never lost weight.. maintained - somewhat but never lost. I was eating too much necessary protein - who knew? I started to research lower calories and learned about adjusting my macros and keeping an ingredient log on FitDay. com (oh sure I caved and started logging my daily foods) and lost the weight fast. Some weeks I gained a pound nevertheless the next week I lost two... what they say in this guide about water weight fluctuation is true. I only weigh once a week. NOW I feel finding out how to maintain... I exercise moderately which means my new macro calculations are about 3-400 more calories from fat a day. Bummer Man... now I have to eat more Kerry Gold rechausser and organic and natural coconut oil while keeping my necessary protein and carbs the same... oh well LOL!

Don't tune in to the naysayers! Oh yea, the only real reason I gave this four not five stars is because canola oil is mentioned as part of the good oils... no no no - new research says that Canola oil (or rape seed oil as it is called) is rancid stuff and coconut oil is hardly mentioned at all and should be. I make espresso every morning with a tab of butter and a tab of coconut oil and blend with my " Smart Stick" - a little cinnamon, a couple of tabs of chia seeds - amazing treat. The book was published in the year 2010 so it makes sense that the current research on oils is not included. Other than that - wonderful... another low carb bible to add to my library. Love low carb/keto living... thanks for well researched information gentlemen., There are so very many in depth and everything inclusive reviews I see no reason to parrot the actual have all said, but I'll say that I agree enthusiastically. Jimmy Moore's review in particular is a gem!

Since a person who is intrigued with this subject and who eagerly devoured both of Gary Taubes' books, this one offers yet a deeper and more clinical study of the technology of low carbohydrate eating from two doctors who have been immersed in this field for thirty years. This is most definitely NOT a book for the everyday reader thinking about following a low carb diet. Rather, this is a book that is to be recognized and appreciated by someone who has a great deal of personal interest in learning more about this subject and who likes the deeply scientific explanations and discussion, and additionally, a person who has already done a reasonable bit of reading with this subject. This book is most definitely targeted at someone with a scientific and medical background, specifically doctors, and there are things that I experienced to read a few times to fully comprehend and take in, but if you have the inclination and interest, this is a very rewarding and enlightening discussion that is quite unique in the present low carb literature. One would be tough hard pressed to deny the absolutely overwhelming and glaring evidence arguing for low carbohydrate diets when the vast body of proof is presented as compellingly and evidently is it is here. Low carb's undeniable brilliance as a way of eating is nothing in short supply of amazing to read about in all its historic and fascinating glory. The own personal observation and experience (also success) with eating low carb made me with vaguely formed ideas and I was self-identified as perhaps a "carb sensitive" person, and yet I couldn't put it all together in phrases of how it ultimately afflicted me until I read this book, which covers this subject at great length. Carb sensitivity is apparently a matter of degree within every person, and I now understand the hows and whys of its effects on me as related to my own independent observations over the years. It's now clear why a low carb diet works so superbly and simply for me (when nothing else works) and why it has so vastly improved my health in myriad ways.

Another discussion was that of individual variability, which explains why not every diet works for everyone equally, why some avoid gain weight on a high carb diet and why some can lose weight equally well on a number of00 diets. One shoe certainly does not fit all, and then for some, only one shoe fits!

Despite my own success with weight loss and a healthy body eating low carb, I still had this nagging get worried about fats in particular, especially in light of the deafening chorus of low carb detractors out there who railed endlessly about the dangers of excess fat. My insecurity relating to this aspect of low carb eating has now been totally put to rest because of how fully the writers make clear the body's use of fat in all its aspects. This alone make this book a valuable asset.

As it was when I was reading the two Taubes books, I continue to be dismayed and disgusted by the narrow mindedness and yes, dishonesty of the general scientific/nutrition community. Typically the word "sheeple" comes to mind, but it's even more than that. It can about politics, money, effect peddling as well. It truly is nothing short of amazing how so many of us lay folks away in the trenches can quite evidently see all the evidence for what it is and relate it to the own experiences, and because of this we attract such a different conclusion from the so-called "experts" with regard to the worth of low carb eating. Many, maybe even the majority of the diet gurus continue to march down that same old highway chanting their tired mantra of low fat/high carb/grains great, all while totally ignoring or at least remaining oblivious to decades of increasing obesity rates that are the result of their recommendations. Do they never connect any dots or examine the evidence? In the popular media, it is just a continual frustration to hear them continue to hawk diets packed with the very foods that keep their patients overweight, increasingly diabetic and unhealthy. Virtually everything I come across which is not written within the low carb framework is jam loaded with misinformation and downright untruths, proclaiming as appealing, healthy and effective the very approaches and strategies that were long ago shown to be just the opposite. Old habits and beliefs die hard, apparently.

So if you have previously done a fair little of reading on this subject and thirst for a deeper, more thorough knowledge and comprehension of the history and actual body mechanics of low carb nutrition, then this is unquestionably a book you will need to read and enjoy. In addition, it gives you you with a huge new database of ammunition which to make your own case and defense of low carbohydrate nourishment! Overall a very interesting, enlightening, comprehensive and well presented discussion that delves deeper than anything I possess yet to come across in this field. Regardless of the rather very high cost this book, it is really worth owning., This is a smartly written book that contains A LOT of good information. I found it to be one of the most thorough in phrases of the science and the physiological why's and how's of low carbohydrate eating. I feel in the medical field and speak a whole lot of the science/medical language in this book. It can solid, complete and can be a little cumbersome for the everyday overdue night read. I took it a chapter at a time and on several of them, read it two times simply to let it all sink in. It reads sometimes such as a nutritional book. If you are buying more everyday overview and a step by step how-to in low carbohydrate eating this may well not be what you are looking for. I would recommend this guide, however, if you would like a thorough, clinically solid explanation of the benefits and processes of low carbohydrate eating. I also appreciated that the writers have additional side night clubs that allow the reader to really look into the biochemistry or skip it and move on while still keeping pace with the book. Lots of useful resources listed in the references for further study as well., This specific is a very extensive book, and as the two authors state.... is actually really geared more towards health professionals. Gives a lot of insight and detail. Almost reads like a text book in some ways. bit great information. I was known to this book with the Amen Clinic.

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