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My 5 year old has benefited already from this book and I only started regularly doing this a couple weeks ago. Just 30mins-hour a day of fun tough get his Mom has improved his impulse control, taught him that losing is OK, and most importantly indicates him how to hold back in playing so that now he wont hurt his peers in the recreation space. It has also been the source of many titters for both of all of us and is also above all a wonderful bonding experience and tension release after having a long day at school and work!, Starts out with a well-supported thesis in defense of physical play and then has specific activities for all ages, from toddler through adolescent. " Playful Parenting" is a great companion book with its emphasis on building connection through physical and emotional contact., We acquired this for dad's day a few months ago, along with "50 Dangerous Things You Need to Let Your Kids Do". Our children are twin 5 year olds. My hubby loved the book, We think he desired to be more physical with the children, but since he took his cues from wimpy little me, he never did. The book strengthened him and today he and the kids play these things every day and use the names from the book. Now my kids look for Daddy as often as they ask for Mommy., Playing with kids should be easy. After all, how hard can it be to determine out how to play with your own child right? As a first time parent that we hadn't spent much time with little kids this book was AMAZING! We lived in a little home and this book gave me so many great delete word supporting my toddler burn off energy on those cold, snowy days. There were enough ideas to let myself keep mixing it up. I appreciated age guidelines so I didn't try something my little child wasn't ready for.
Also i helped my old bones out by buying a gymnastics mat for the floor where we played.
This is one of my personal favorite parenting books! My boys love when we roughhouse with these., I agree with Sandie and Sanjoy. Every father (and perhaps mothers too) need to read this little book, and take its classes to heart. Place in practice, physical play between father or mother and child is vital to nurturing healthy kids with high emotional intelligence, great social skills, and durable self-esteem. There is an amazing story in the book about a sled dog gathering a polar bear in the Arctic. The dog should have been wiped out immediately, but he escapes immediately death by presuming a posture that signals "let's play" to the very dangerous bear. People of the same superfamily (Canoidea), the bear recognized the posturing of the sled dog, and played with him for two days (and killed the dog on the 3rd encounter). This particular suggests that the drive of animals to engage in physical fun (playfulness) runs deep in the genes, deeply innate, deeply inwired. In our age of over-protecting parents (and schools run by lawyers), we suppress this powerful urge that distinguishes old-school "recess" from elegant health club time (and structured sports). Has American society so suppressed spontaneous playful social interaction (the authors phrase "roughhousing") that our nation is socially retarded? I think so. Read DeBenedet and Cohen and see if you agree. If you disagree, write your own book and clarify why!

I was lucky that I grew up roughhousing with my mates and enjoyed it so much, I naturally did the same with my children long before I read this book! It was not my dad (a sofa potato) but my mom (a jock since she was a teenager) that roughhoused with us three boys, taking us to every beach and cave and hiking path imaginable. Therefore this book should be read by active mothers, too. I remember my son's babysitter throwing him or her up really high in air like the cover photograph on the book, and him laughing and laughing and laughing.

We wouldn't call it the "art" of roughhousing. May regard it an fine art, for the cognoscenti--anybody can do it, even a polar bear and a sled dog!, This is a fun book. My hubby watches MMA fights & roughhouses with our 2 year old son. While We love that, I retained having this fear of him going to kindergarten and playing " slap" with an unsuspecting kid. I went searching online for ways to set up boundaries in rough play. That lead me to an an article on the Art of Manliness with referenced this book. In addition to a very educational & perceptive viewpoint of any primal aspect of us, there are actually diagrams of plays to do with your kids. It's like a playbook!
I acquired this as a stocking-stuffer for my husband. He loves it, I feel an educator and a parent and I appreciate the home elevators the benefits of brain development, clear comments about how to be receptive to your child and inspiring ideas about how to interact in this play as a parent.

Also, my young kids (and I) have loved doing more roughhouse play. It has brought us together in a better way and has proven to be a nice release for my children and myself., Upon one hand I'm kind of embarrassed that I own this book - who needs a book that let you know HOW to play with your child? However I really like having a reference when I'm feeling less than hands-on. In the same way that a few well-places party questions can keep guests conversing for hours, The Art of Roughhousing give parents tips that will motivate hours of engaging playtime.

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