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, The art of metal gear solid books continues to proceed the pedigree of its previous books in being a new heavyweight tome of idea art. The book consists of Yoji Shinkawa's energetic and flowing illustrations/sketches filled with detail along with the in sport models. Characters, robotics, areas, weapons, items, signage, and glimpses into the unused ideas as well. On these fronts the book offers as well as previous entries of the fine art of series have with the convenience of being sold in domestic markets.

I actually subtracted a star because there's plenty of records within the pages without translation. Aside from the introduction from yoji shinkawa, chapters, and headings everything is in Japanese. The notes with arrows on the illustrations are usually left untranslated and I anticipated them to translate for that market it's being offered to. I think the Japanese releases of previous art of MGS collection provided more information total in their pages compared to what's given here. I am impressed by the printing becoming accessible in the American marketplace but Dark Horse could've done more than the bare minimum on this specific., First off, as a Metal Gear Solid fan, who else doesn't want this. Every thing concept and art from the amazing minds of Kojima and his staff and the beautiful and mysterious style we've appear to know the Metal Gear universe to become. Guns, characters, environments, Metal Gears (!?! ) are usually all here and more than your hearts content, and especially if you're an artist and fascinated in concept design is actually a little bible just about all in its own. Exactly what is that? You want to see a peak on the hidden third level as well as the band of characters, companies, and actual story that will Konami ripped from Kojima's hands? Look no more, friend, it's there, and it's true, the whole thing. As well as a hidden message from Kojima to his followers about his departure from Konami rests on the last page, the final image of our Metal Gear saga. And today for Kojima productions to keep me stuck inside my childhood well directly into my 40's. ONWARDS, I actually love this book!!! That covers everything from surface zeroes to the phantom discomfort it even has idea art of mission 51 kingdom of the flies. That was worth it although I wish it got the concept art for mgo3 in it at the same time but still an incredible book. I highly suggest it for metal products fans, As a Kojima fan, as a Shinkawa fan, as an MGS fanatic - this will be not all it's damaged up to be. I actually was wishing for pages committed to our beloved primary characters, what entered their own design and what not necessarily. Skull Face, Miller, Ocelot all have maybe one or two pages, if that. There's a lot of " cut content" ideas that never made this to the game that are usually very interesting. But truthfully, I just don't believe it's worth the cost. I would recommend this specific only to the serious of hardcore fans who else want their 'complete' MGS fan shrine., Concept fine art is fantastic as always by Yoji Shinkawa and his team. As explained by other reviewers right here the lack of British translation is sad. Spicaily that there is not necessarily a lot of text to translate in the beginning. Can't make it nevertheless feel that there are usually some messing artworks not necessarily added into the book specifically when I have completed the game to its fullest: (no prototype of sahelanthropus; just final end result, nothing on parasite contaminated soldiers, no details about the hospital on mommy base except for half a page... ). Previous installs of the sires artbooks where much more comprehensive. Layout also could have got been improved.

All the above aside, I would still recommend this to any fan of the sires and a enthusiast of Yoji-san's work., Really art book is best notch and very top quality. My problems lies more with the production of the book. The publication is nice large nevertheless feels slightly cheap, such as the cover seems like is actually going to rip away from sometimes when I open it.
My number one problem however is the artwork will be left completely untranslated. These types of pieces have so several notes written on them and would love to understand what they said nevertheless since I can't go through Japanese I have zero idea. This was a huge disappointment for me., An incredible Art Book, featuring fine art from concept to final pieces by the amazingly talented Yoji Shinkawa and other Artist from Kojima Studios, as well as the Konami Team. Its a shame that will some of the ideas never made it inside game, but it does not detract from how incredible they are. recommend this specific book for fans of the series, and fine art enthusiasts.

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