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It feels right. Enough said.

Simple but tackles a complex situation very well. Highly recommended and we'll worth the money, Thats how I felt... like I can go to war! This book amps you in a " in your face", but quietly way. Everything in life will come down to your mental state, you need to coach it for success, in order for you to be successful. This book moves you through so much, and uses personal example, such as that from a world class superstar... that was everything to me! Read this book, not once, not twice, but each and every time you sense the blues, it will stir you up and get you back on the right track!, DC Gonzalez has craved out a career writing The Art of Emotional Training.
Several say he's become a unofficial spokesperson-some might even say
a symbol for writing that is innovative, demanding and different from the
mainstream. If you practice - his ideas established off a series of delightful emotional explosions.
This individual is expressing powerful concepts in word combinations that are unexpected.
He shares deep information as if almost concealing them in plain view, so don't rush,
read carefully, and you will see just what I mean.

A question lingering among his fans is when can we expect the next book.
I recommend this book for all ages,, The techniques in this book are not simply for Athletes, I will be most assuredly NOT an athlete, but I found the ideas and techniques found in this book to be very helpful when playing a personal level and as a professional educator.

I am always looking for books to help me be the best I can be, and also that will help me help my students reach their full potential. This guide is unquestionably one which I will keep and refer to often. The book is a concise mental training guide written in a unique and powerful way. Inside the book, Peak Efficiency Coach, DC Gonzalez shows a blend of top performance methods, sports psychology essentials, and Neuro Linguistics Programming (NLP) mental training technologies that are both effective and motivational.

This book is designed to increase your self belief, your self confidence as well as your mental toughness. It guides you in developing skills and insight that will help you attain new levels of success and private development. Whether you are looking to improve your acumen on the field, running a business, in personal life, or like me a mixture of 1 or more of them--this book can help you reach those goals. It's designed to help you succeed.

I was looking forward to utilizing more of the methods outlined in this guide, and I'm also looking forward to using them with my students. Higher School students have notoriously low self-esteem, but I believe with some of the techniques outlined in this book i will be able to help them be the best they can be., This guide is a great motivational read with a powerful storyline. The author, DC Gonzalez does a great job presenting a compelling guide into winning at the inner game. I almost read the entire book in a enthralling sitting with the concise, encouraging and actionable style.

The stories and examples in the guide truly make you look within yourself and look at your own thought processes. It is true that "attitude is everything". I especially enjoyed the stories involving Leo-tai and his mastery level understanding and practice of the emotional game. Additionally , I liked the parts concerning "imagineering" and how powerful the imagination can be if you apply it in one's life.

I also found the story about Pelé to be engaging and demonstrated the potent strategies outlined in the book. It is wonderful to look inside the mind of any champion and see what drives them. What drives them? The answer is passion, self-belief and the will to make it happen!

It is true that the internal will reflect on the outer. It is time to forget about fear and doubt and visualize your optimal future for it is a preview of what's to come in your lifetime. To control you mind is to control your life - and the others around you. Dare to be that emotional and spiritual warrior!

Since an avid reader of inspirational and how-to books, I found this a great addition to my Kindle library and I cannot wait to share it with friends. If you want a emotional edge, read and put into practice the potent lessons espoused in The Art of Mental Teaching - A Guide to Performance Excellence. This is an empowering source of everyone!, In sports and in life in general we your time majority of our education and training efforts on the physical and technical skills needed to succeed. Inside "The Art of Emotional Training" DC Gonzalez shows us how to improve performance in any area of life by improving emotional toughness.

I've read probably hundreds of success books in my life from renowned authors such as Anthony Robbins and Plug Canfield. DC Gonzalez's guide is one of the very beneficial I've ever read. Inside fact any one of the book's chapters is well worth the purchase price. Gonzalez teaches an array of mental training techniques. The three that I found most helpful were overcoming your fear of disappointment, improving performance by handling your anger, and the significance of believing in yourself. But Gonzalez doesn't just tell you how to proceed - he tells you how to do it efficiently. I've found his most useful tip to be, how to use focused breathing to manage your emotional outlook. I've already used this technique successfully to control my feelings during some conflicts.

Many success books can be a tedious read. Not "The Art of Mental Training". Rather this book is a simple read, and Gonzalez uses his rather unique military, police, and martial arts background to keep the learning interesting. I found myself wanting to keep reading as much to learn about his experience as for learning the next technique he was teaching.

All in all this is a super guide to add to any success catalogue.

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