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The amount of times have we all set ourselves up for failure by setting a goal(s) and never reaching them? It's always so much easier said than done. That's where this book comes in. Tal Gur uses his own life journey to illustrate how to established a goal, surround yourself with like-minded folks to help you stay responsible and ultimately achieve that goal. No more wishing and talking and never getting anything done.

This specific book is perfect for anyone and everyone that is wondering why or where these are in their life. Igual references real and attainable ways to remain focused to complete your goals so that you can ultimately 'walk the talk' on all of the things you wish you had or will accomplish in your life. In case there is anything to take away from reading this book it is the fact its never too past due to incorporate another goal or complete another item on that bucket list!, Merely reading the description of The Art of Completely Living was exciting, as it is a examine of what is to come. From the start, and through every page Igual Gur candidly and humbly shares his “hero’s trip, ” the one that is similar of the quest explained by the great United states mythologist Joseph Campbell:

“The hero’s journey always commences with the call. Some way, a guide must come to state, 'Look, youre in Sleepy Land. Wake. Come on a trip. There is a whole aspect of your consciousness, your being, that’s not recently been touched. So you’re at home here? Well, there are not enough of you there. ' And so it starts. ”

Igual Gur invites you into his life and attracts the reader into his or her own life fully lived. He lights the way, step by step, adventure by adventure, building on skills and ideas learned on the way. Our lives are an ongoing history, as new and yet unknown opportunities beckon. Stating “yes” to fully living takes courage and openness.

So many people live lives of monotony and boredom, dependency and prevention. Yet we are now living in a unique and dazzling world, a universe of limitless possibility and beauty. How is it possible to be bored? We each have the seeds of success within us and if every one of us all acted on this one-of-a-kind items, the world would transform overnight. We have many callings in this great adventure of life, as we dance to our own beat in tranquility with others about this wonder-filled planet Earth.

Are you ready to totally live? In order to bring joy into living? Then stop going through the motions and get this book, savor it, apply its teachings to your own soul’s calling, and be enlivened. Then reveal it with others!, I have read so many textbooks and sites about environment and reaching goals in order to have the good life. Several people write about these ideas in the abstract- I usually end up wondering how the process actually works for mcdougal and why it doesn’t ever work for me. I used to be endlessly frustrated- I wanted to see the actual process, step-by-step, and so i could understand it.

Tal Gur’s The Art of Completely Living was exactly what I actually was looking for. Not only does he break down the goal-setting process into mini-steps, but it’s so much more interesting than that- he or she tells his amazing and inspiring stories that help the reader visualize how he put each step in action. Tal has received one incredible life! Here are a few of his biggest and many exciting accomplishments:

- Immersing himself in Australian culture to master English (and have a lot of fun! )
- Completing an Ironman (in only 5 a few months of training)
- Leaving a secure but soul-crushing office job for traveling the world and becoming location independent
- Climbing out of almost , 1000 in credit card financial debt to being financially independent through online entrepreneurship
- Learning salsa, Muay Thai, and surfing
- Having a spiritual and creative rebirth

My favorite parts of the book were all the compelling stories- I actually couldn’t put it down! I felt like I actually was there with Igual in Ceylon (veraltet) surfing at dawn or drumming at the Midburn festival. Right now I’m inspired to established goals, but my new goals probably going to be bigger goals than I could have dreamed before. I’m ready for serious adventure!

Aside from the stories, the bigger messages will be with me forever- that we can have the life of our dreams despite the fear we feel. We don’t even need to overcome our fear- we can just acknowledge it, feel it fully, but also keep moving and living fully. Tal’s success appears to come from next his intuition, and he is able keep following that intuition by constantly sensation and then releasing his fear. This guide made me personally reflect on the own fear I have in my life and how it has limited me. After reading this book, I have recommitted to a scary career move that I have been putting off for a while. I’m so grateful to have this book as my guide for designing my very full life. Thank you, Tal! My only problem is that I want to know when he is writing his next book!

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