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This guide seemed to promise me personally a novel approach towards coping with competition panic (I’m a nationally competitive amateur athlete). I wanted to like this book. I was excited to start it. The reviews were excellent, as well as the author seemed to be someone who could speak from authority.

Halfway through the book, nevertheless, I was in serious problems. I found myself re-reading entire sections, trying to puzzle out the author’s which means. Finally, I decided to place the book down regarding 48 hours and come back to it, assuming that perhaps Required to take the breath.

Heading back two times later--feeling that I could approach the book with fresh eyes--I decided which it wasn’t me, but just that this book had been a hot mess.

Ulmer starts from an excellent premise: fear is something of which is inescapable, and rather than be repressed or even ignored, it has to be accepted, and embraced. This is an excellent approach in many circumstances, especially when discussing typical anxieties about social circumstances or performances. The approach is hardly novel (as she claims) however it is not one that is often discussed, and it certainly needs more exploration in popular books like this.

Ulmer has several excellent seeds of believed with this book. However, these people are buried in the tremendous amount of chatter, clumsy metaphors, outright contradictions (you will solve your own relationship with fear in some hours, but later brings up that it may take much time), and occasional segues into personal balances which often didn't appear to relate to the point her text is trying to make. At random intervals, a zen history or koan is thrown in. Sometimes at an appropriate place, sometimes not.

My impression of Ulmer is that she is someone who else chose to write this book after an experience with zen--as a method or even with an instructor--that resonated with her very firmly. In a rush to get her excitement about this experience on papers, this wounderful woman has put down 3 hundred pages roughly of nearly stream of consciousness writing that is occasionally baffling, sometimes illuminating, but mainly frustrating to read.

It could have been good in case her editor had accepted their very own fear and got gone through this book with a much stronger palm. You will find a good message inside “The Art of Fear” but if you can find it, you probably have already heard it., It's easy to remain in your lane your entire life and get the expected results. Concern is something to be scared of, the two proceed hand in hand. Kristen Ulmer's book challenges someone to look at worry differently, to develop a brand new relationship with it, plus switch lanes. Who knows where it will take you? Somewhere better, We hope. I've read the criticisms of her guide, how it isn't original, etc. Whether that is the case or not really (and does it matter? ) her ideas are usually compelling, her anecdotes plus words prompted " aha" moments for me, and he or she showed me another method of living life --- by giving the very original examples of how this wounderful woman has lived hers --- as well as the courage to look in my relationship with worry differently. I'm not the fan of self-help books, they are usually the page or maybe more of details and 150 pages regarding filler that I are able to do without. Her book held me interested and involved all the way via., Ulmer writes like she skis: fast, witty, participating, interesting and never boring. I thoroughly enjoyed each page. Plus, after 10 years of living through several of the worst stuff ever, she helped me crack out, reclaim the method I did previously think and sense 10 years ago and enjoy life again. Thank an individual Kristen., Very different way of looking at fear than what we have been usually trained. Instead of seeking to overcome it you need to embrace it. I completely agree with this train regarding thought. Fear is something you will always feel plus that is not a bad thing., Great book! Kristen's knowledge on the matter of Fear is quality. I enjoyed the metaphors and stories and frequently stop to think which employee is speaking out in each moment. Thanks regarding the tips Kristen!, We have been fortunate to find out Kristen for almost the decade. I can tell you she practices what she preaches plus it works! I had been therefore closed in by worry that I had practically completely isolated myself from people. Using the procedures of this book she was able to acquire myself, a 58 year old hermit, to fly halfway around the world, solo, to Kathmandu, Nepal, a town that makes me personally think of the crazy, wild West. I then proceeded to go on a Trek to Everest Base Camp. It was such an incredible encounter which i went back the next year and proceeded to go on a trek round the Annapurna Mountain Range. So long as I have the implies Let me travel as much as I can more of my life. I would certainly never have done anything at all remotely related to these experiences had it not really been for the procedures she teaches in this book! Once again, she practices what she preaches and it works! The lady woke me to a good entirely new World where the future is unlimited.

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