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Was amazed when I received this guide. It was much larger than I expected. It is filled nearly 400 pages of high quality images and information. It has the exact same quality as a school textbook build and paper wise. Very happy with this purchase. You very easily get your money's worth with this., This specific book is HEAVY. We accidentally dropped it and tried to break the fall with my foot... ouch. The art is BEAUTIFUL! And there is a lot of it. One who is into Fallout could spend lots of time just ogling at the artwork. If you are a fan of the game or of the genre in general you are unable to go wrong with this guide., Undoubtedly the best video clip game artbook I have seen. The thing smells amazing from all of the color ink used to produce it. Very easily about half of the book is full page art printing, with many other pages featuring many different concepts for a particular element/character in the game. We am a major artbook groupie and before this We would say the Witcher 3's artbook was the best, but the After effects 4 artbook surpasses it with sheer content. When you are thinking about buying it, buy it now., This was an outstanding art book, and We am extremely pleased with the purchase. It's 365 web pages of lushly detailed, superbly printed concept art from Fallout 4. I absolutely loved both seeing the germination of things that eventually appeared in the game, as well as the things which were brainstormed for the game but never included.
Three things in particular to note:
First, the detail is excellent. We particularly enjoyed going over some of the web pages with a magnification device . to see all the little complex details of things like costumes, weapons, and robots, and seeing details that could never be integrated in the game without ballooning the already huge file sizes to something impossible to load.
Second, particularly in the World chapter, the book has a genuine Celebrity Wars feel. In particular, the concept art for makeshift shelters made from the wreckage of prewar After effects society is conceptually very similar to Mos Eisley construction from old deliver parts. Some of the costume design and guns seem to be similar, more so in the notion art than even in the overall game itself, between Fallout and Celebrity Wars. That probably isn't very completely coincidental, given that both Fallout and Star Battles take inspiration from some of the same resources, particularly their similarities in the Art Deco stylings of the movie Locale by Fritz Lang.
Third, the personality of the artists come through in the information. It is obvious from their descriptions despite relief of knowing that many of their detailed brainstorms and concept fine art wouldn't make it into the final game that they were having fun just making them. The artists give detailed information about how they took motivation from several sources without copying them outright. Furthermore, they wished to create a game with a homogenized art structure while also having room to go off the walls a little. Overall, their joy in their work is contagious, and it's really as much a joy to read about their creation of the artwork as it is to look at the artwork itself.

- might seem to be steep to get a book, but this is one book that is worth your money., We adore video game fine art books, and this was no exception. I was, however, surprised just how much there was in this one. Nearly 400 pages of awesome world-building., Seems a Fallout enthusiast for a while now, and We have always admired the design work that goes into the games regardless of how good the games themselves are. In Fallout, there is an an whole alternate version of The united states that has to be constructed and shown through what you see in the world. With The Art Of Fallout 4, you get a wonderful take a look at how this was done. From character and creature design to building the graphic design of a very different America, you do have a window into how this world was made. Even for informal Fallout fans this book is definitely an absolute joy. For me, the most rewarding parts came later where the magazine, poster and advertising designs are shown. You can really view the effort in making familiar but slightly different versions of many things we know today., The Art of Fallout 4 is an amazing fine art book. It's over an inch thick, hard cover with high quality papers. The pages are almost card stock the papers is so thick, which is nice. Some fine art books have very thin paper and it seems like you're going to tear it, or it won't take in the ink correctly. This is done right.

The book is most definitely an -art book-. There are a few blurbs somewhere but the vast majority of the space is devoted to the art itself. Several movie/game art books want to retell the tale. Which if you've put in the money on an art book of this nature you don't need the story retold. Nor are there lots of side tracks or stuff you don't want. It's page after page of gorgeous idea art for the overall game. Addressing everything from the outfit design, to the establishing, all the way down to the appliances in the houses, and everything between. Thousands of images of concept art, from matte paintings for establishing of cities and the wastelands down to comic book covers.

The quality of the art is stunning. All that it covers is amazing. The paper of the guide is so good and stiff which it ended upwards hurting my finger after turning the pages on the way through! rofl.

Highly recommend this book. 1 of the best fine art books I own. Extremely much worth the money., Purchased for my boyfriend as a Christmas surprise in 2015. Still enjoy the artwork and conversational aspect of the guide.

Beautifully planned in conditions of content and backstory into game.

Would recommend for those buying nice surprise or collectible to add to your organize!

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